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Ana Werner: "God Says: Hope! 2018 Will Look Different!"

Ana Werner
Dec 29, 2017

December 29, 2017

"God Says: Hope! 2018 Will Look Different!"
Ana Werner, Kansas City, Missouri

From the Desk of Larry Sparks:

Steve ShultzThe Lord is doing a powerful work in the earth right now, raising up new prophetic voices. The kind where their words don't "fall to the ground."

Ana Werner is a new prophetic voice that we definitely should be listening to. She lives in humility, walking the talk. She's a seer with both the word of the Lord and the integrity to back it up. I consider it an honor to know her and in turn, publish her work. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

Larry Sparks, MDiv
Equip Culture



"God Says: Hope! 2018 Will Look Different!"
Ana Werner, Kansas City, Missouri

As we are approaching 2018 and shutting the door on 2017, I believe the Lord has a word for this new year. This year WILL LOOK DIFFERENT! Some have experienced extensive amounts of breakthrough in the year of 2017, but there are others who are still waiting for breakthrough. It can leave us disappointed with the closing of the year while reflecting and thinking, "But I thought it would look different God."

I want to encourage you, as I heard the Lord say about 2018, "HOPE! This year will look different!"

I prophesy that it's a year of REASSIGNMENT. Not new assignment, but rather "Re- assignment." I heard the Lord specifically speak on encouraging Believers to "resign up" for the assignments He has already given you. It's not time to quit in defeat, but rather gain new insight, momentum and focus.

The start of the year always launches us into the threshold of hitting the reset button. It's a great time to refocus and discard the things that unnecessarily consume our agendas. He has already released an assignment for you in this season, but He will give a grace and impartation to do it well.

Creativity...Press Forward!

New ideas will spring forth. I heard the Lord say, "I'm releasing the creative juices," specifically over these assignments. Creative and new inventive ways of completing the assignment He has given you will be released.

Also, the strength to PRESS FORWARD AND NOT LOOK BACK will be given. The task is at hand. Let your faith propel you forward with your commitment to trust Him—and that you WILL complete what He has showed you. He is for you, not against you.

A Year of Bubbling Up in His Presence

I was taken into a vision recently where the Lord showed me a prophetic picture for 2018. I saw Jesus seated at the banquet table. He leaned back in His chair and rubbed His belly in contentment. He was full of joy and bubbled up with laughter.

This is the year of "bubbling up" of His presence. Out of the place of intimacy, deeper encounters will be released in new measure. Get READY! The Church is about to understand the revelation of the weaponry that JOY truly is against the arrows of the evil one.

I then saw a bubbling brook and Jesus spoke to me about the RAPID FLOW OF HOLY SPIRIT pouring out that is about to hit the Church in 2018. Whether the Church is ready or not, Holy Spirit is going to come in a wild way that is uncontrollable and not tame.

I saw in a vision some people on the side of a brook, watching in wonderment, as the rapid waters swept in front of them. Others dared to dip their feet in. The two parties both displayed wonderment, but only one experienced the flow. To watch from the sidelines is a completely different experience than to dip in and partake in Holy Spirit's flow.

An invitation is being extended to us for 2018 to come partake in deeper and wilder Holy Spirit encounters. The unexplainable ways of God will provide opportunity to either offend the Body of Christ or increase our hunger for more!

Lastly, I heard the Lord whisper these three phrases over if it's for you, I encourage you to grab onto it as your promise from God and be encouraged:

• "2018: A year for divine alignment."
• "2018: A year for restoration of families"
• "2018: Releasing the sound of increased rejoicing."

As we wrap up the year of 2017, let us look forward with JOYFUL EXPECTANCY to the year ahead of us. God is on the move. HALLELUJAH!

"You become my delicious feast even when my enemies dare to fight. You anoint me with the fragrance of Your Holy Spirit; You give me all I can drink of You until my heart overflows." (Psalm 23:5 TPT) (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

Ana Werner
Ana Werner Ministries

Email: click here

Ana Werner and her husband Sam, are the Associate Directors of the Heartland Healing Rooms in Lees Summit, Missouri, and are also founders of Acacia Ministries International. Ana travels and equips people internationally on seeing in the Spirit, moving in the prophetic, and healing ministry. Her transparency as she shares on the realities and experiences she has in Heaven, bring Holy Spirit, the love of the Father, and the power of God into the room when she speaks.


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