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Andy Sanders: "I Am Restoring Honor and Humility Back to My Church"

Andy Sanders
Nov 13, 2017

Steve Shultz     From the desk of Steve Shultz:

Honor is a very BIG DEAL to God and we see a lot of dishonor happening, for example, in media and in government to name a couple areas. And it's obvious that we are in a time of great shaking in those areas, including Hollywood and even the Church.

Andy Sanders shares this prophetic exhortation from the Lord about Honor:

"I am bringing honor and humility back to My Church again. With a culture of dishonor that we currently live within, honor and humility will be a genuine sign to the world of real Kingdom power."

Andy also has a great word for the elders, as God is restoring honor back to them as well!

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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An Eagle Soaring with Honor and Humility in Its Wing

I just wanted to give an update on the prophetic word that God had asked me to write on the Elijah List, which was posted Sept. 23: America: I am Sending My Eagles Up into the Skies. It was read at Pastor John Kilpatrick's church in Daphne, Alabama, and it went all over parts of the world via the video he shared from the pulpit. I want to bring you up-to-date on some more revelation concerning the eagle.

Shortly after I watched the video, God showed me an image of an eagle soaring over America. A look closer revealed that the wings had something written on them. The first (left) wing God showed me had the name "Honor" written on it, and the second (right) wing carried the name "Humility." God then spoke, "I am bringing honor and humility back to My Church again. With a culture of dishonor that we currently live within, honor and humility will be a genuine sign to the world of real Kingdom power."

"I will release that which has been stolen from you."

These two characteristics working through God's people will be the proof that His Spirit has truly transformed our lives in a tangible way. As Christians, we cannot walk in the supernatural as a lifestyle until we learn to honor those around us and clothe ourselves with humility through all circumstances. Supernatural power without honor and humility is merely a show for the masses. Cheap entertainment masked as Christianity is as dangerous as crossing over into unapproved territory. It is like playing with deadly fire (dishonor). We can no longer feel comfortable while playing with the flames of unauthorized fire.

Honor is Coming Back!

Honor: high respect, to esteem, regard. Honor is coming back to the House of God as a sign to the world!

My father served in the military, and he passed away about three years ago. After the funeral, we went out to the burial plot; it was a long drive and there were a lot of people in the procession. Being very hot that day, there were two people mowing yards in different communities that we passed through, while in route to the plot. The hearse was a Harley Davidson Trike, with a clear glass area pull-behind on it, so people could see the United States flag draped over the casket.

When one man who was mowing the yard noticed that there was a funeral procession going on, he stopped the lawnmower and he waited several minutes until we all passed. There was another gentleman who was a farmer. He was mowing a really big field in a different area with a lawnmower tractor. When he noticed that my father served in the military, he not only stopped his big tractor, he got up on top of the tractor and he stood at attention for several minutes in the scorching heat, until every vehicle in that procession went by. That's honor. That's what God is bringing back to the Church as a sign to the world of who we really are (Christlike).

"The wise inherit honor, but fools get only shame." (Proverbs 3:35 NIV)

Humility: Another Sign

Humility: a modest or low view of one's own importance; meekness.

Humility will be the other sign working through the Body of Christ. The right wing read "humility." God will display His power through the Church by demonstrating humility through our lives. Let me share a story on humility. (Photo via Pixabay)

Just recently, I was flying back to Syracuse, New York and was standing next in line to have my bag checked. This older, big man walked right in front of me, straight past me, deliberately cutting in front of everyone in line. He went directly to the flight attendant and checked his bag. This was done in such an obvious way that everyone was looking at me as one the next in line, while thinking, "Oh my! This older guy didn't just do something like that, did he?"

I wasn't upset, I wasn't having a bad day, but I just wanted to make sure he knew not to do that again. After I checked my bag, I walked over to him and while waiting to get on the same plane I said, "I understand checking your bag is important, but to cut in front of me and all those people and do something like that, really? Is your bag that important?" Then I just walked away, standing off to myself. Within a few seconds, he got up and started walking toward me. I noticed he had a limp—a really bad limp. I then noticed he had a severe handicap. He kept walking toward me, getting closer and closer. I'm now thinking, "Is this guy going to punch me out? Is he going to cause a scene? Is this going to get worse? Should I have said that to him?" Probably not!

He came up, stood right in front of me, and said, "Excuse me, sir. I wanted to deeply apologize for cutting in front of you. I've lost all of my peripheral vision in my right eye and I didn't see you standing there." I realized he had had a stroke or something that basically took out the right side of his face and part of his body. At that point, I felt about as big as an ant...and I felt horrible! I felt like I was just "brought down a peg" that day. I realized my pride raised its head in that line.

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God has a way...and He will humble us. God's bringing humility back to the Church again because in reality, we too often act, sound and live in such a way that we aren't any different from the world. God wants us to be unique and completely set aside for Him through every occurrence in life.

"For by the grace given me I say to every one of you: Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought, but rather think of yourself with sober judgment, in accordance with the faith God has distributed to each of you" (Romans 12:3 NIV).

God Remembers the Elders Who Stand at the Gates

After I noticed the two words on each (left and right) wing, honor and humility, God then showed me the statement written on the tail wing of the big eagle. Remember, this eagle was flying across the Unites States. The tail wing of the eagle said, "I have remembered the elders who once stood at My gates."

The world we live in has a tendency to push our elders aside. This isn't how the Lord works. The world may have forgotten about you and friends and family may have left, but Jesus didn't forget about you.

I hear the Lord say, "I will release that which has been stolen from you." I see the doors of "lost pensions and retirements" swing back open and you will be compensated. To the elders of the land, those who watched over the gates of our cities, you will not die empty, dry and alone, nor will the Lord leave you begging for bread.

"I am bringing honor and humility back to My Church again."

I see life insurance policies that were once misplaced coming back into your lives again. Some of you will discover hidden treasures in areas of your home and properties that you never knew were there. Some of you reading this will discover an unexpected and "rather unique" inheritance, and it will become God's creative provision for your life. I see many pastor/minister widows being remembered in this next season; this is God's way of not allowing them to fall short on their finances. To the elders of our land, God will prove Himself faithful in your latter days.

Some of God's biggest blessings will be reserved for the elders/widows of our land, those who built the foundations on which we stand. There is coming a time in America when foreigners will risk their own lives to get into this country, not because of what the government can do for them but because of what the Church has done for their own elders and widows. It is time for the Church to lead the way in taking care of their elders.

A Distinct Movement will Emerge in 2018

After the eagle passed across the country, I noticed two groups sitting within a church building. On one side, there sat a large group of elders; on the other side, there sat a larger group of Millennials. There was a great divide between them both. All of a sudden, the great divide fell through the floor and the two groups came together effortlessly. The elders, who represent the prayer movements of another generation, took their places once again and they were welcomed by the Millennials. The Millennials, who represent the modern-day worship movements, remained in their places, yet they fit right into the elders' prayer movements.

As the two groups (prayer movement and worship movement) came together, the two assemblies functioned in great power and both were in their proper places within the Body of Christ. The two crowds were working right through the church meetings together and at the same time. The Lord is blending the older pillars (praying elders) with the younger worshipers (modern-day Millennials). This will result in prayer movements and worship movements happening at the exact same time. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

Andy Sanders
5 Fold Media, LLC


Andy Sanders had an encounter with God just before his high school graduation that altered his life forever. He has since devoted his time to preaching the Gospel, writing, and developing authors. He co-authored the Capturing the Supernatural series ( Andy has a BA from Central Bible College and carries a masters and doctorate in Christian education from Freedom Seminary, graduating with honors. His family resides in Syracuse, NY.

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