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Katie Souza: "Go Up and Ascend! Your Strategy—Straight from Heaven"

Katie Souza
Nov 4, 2017

November 4 , 2017

"Go Up and Ascend! Your Strategy—Straight from Heaven"
Katie Souza, Maricopa, AZ

Steve Shultz

From the Desk of Steve Shultz:

I don't know about you, but I've been so encouraged that people younger than me (I'm 62 ) are picking up much higher revelation these days.

We NEED these younger ones like Katie Souza to teach US what God is showing them during some amazing prophetic encounters they are having.

Here, Katie Souza is telling stories from years ago that challenge me to LITERALLY GO HIGHER in Christ.

I want the same thing for you.

Read this, press in, enjoy and encounter God! (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
The Elijah List & Breaking Christian News


"Go Up and Ascend! Your Strategy—Straight from Heaven"
Katie Souza, Maricopa, AZ

I want to share one of my ascending experiences with you. I chose this example because of the subtlety of what happened during the encounter. Several years ago, I was ministering in a marathon conference (one that was several days long) and between one of the sessions I went to lie down on a couch in the hotel lobby. As I lay there, I had a vision. I saw a white envelope full of hundreds of rare yellow diamonds of all different sizes. I didn't know what they represented (money, blessings or people), but I knew that God was showing me a promise. So, the next day, in worship I ascended to get those diamonds.

Ascending to Get the Diamonds

I asked God to tell me what was happening as I ascended. All I saw was black in my mind. So I said, "God, what am I doing, I don't see anything?" He said, "You are going up to get handsful of diamonds." There's the word from God, "Handsful of diamonds." Next, I did a prophetic act, by reaching out my hands to say, "Give them to me, God!"

Then I began seeing little sparkles. Sparkle here, sparkle there – very subtle. No trumpets blasting or Red Sea parting – no clear vision. Then for just an instant, I thought I saw a string of diamonds, almost like a diamond necklace coming toward me. As I was beginning to come out of the vision I asked God, "What do You want me to bring down with me?"

I heard Him say, "Handsful of diamonds!" So once again, I simply reached out and grabbed them. When I got all the way back down, I heard the Lord say, "It's finished." I opened my eyes and my hands, totally expecting to see a big pile of diamonds; there was nothing but the tiniest little sparkle on my wrist. It lasted only a second and then it faded away.

People Are More Valuable Than Diamonds

That vision was many years ago when we only had about five or six people helping with the ministry. However, from that day on we have had an explosion of people join us; anointed, powerful people who have helped us grow. One of those people was Patricia King who became my apostolic headship. God brought other volunteers and staff with gifting, anointing, understanding and wisdom, helps and hospitality gifts. We've had financial people to help us steward what God has given us, and people with powerful supernatural gifts.

People are more valuable than diamonds. If I had gotten a handful of real diamonds, I could never have executed everything that has enlarged this ministry! People made it happen. We are able to do the things we do because we have an anointed worship team, anointed people to serve in conferences, and a powerful media team.

The point I'm making is this: it began with God giving me a promise in a vision. You need to take all the promises you get in your dreams and visions and go get them instead of waiting for years for them to happen.

Don't Let Your Feet Get Stuck in the Mud

God gave me a word for a dear friend, "Her feet are stuck in the mud. She wants to go up, but she can't because her feet are stuck in the mud." After lunch I told her, "I believe I have a word and an impartation for you to break off every hindrance so you can ascend into the heavenly realms."

She began to weep and said, "I have been contending for years. I worship every day, for hours and hours, and I can't get there! I woke up this morning and was overcome. I prayed, 'Lord, I hope Katie will have a word for me that will keep me from being stuck in the mud.'"

I commanded every hindrance to break off of my friend so that she could go up into the heavenly realms. The next day it only took her five minutes and she was up into the supernatural realm!

I impart this simple blessing to you: In the Name of Jesus, I decree that every hindrance that is on you is broken off now! I decree that you are seated in the heavenly realms with Christ Jesus – you have the right to go up. You are going to learn how to operate in this supernatural tool, and you are going to change your life, the lives of your family, your friends, your ministry, you, your business, the people around you, your neighborhood and even the world!

I decree right now: Go up! In the Name of Jesus, AMEN! (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

Katie Souza
Katie Souza Ministries
Email: click here

Katie Souza was a career criminal most of her life, was convicted of a number of felonies and sent to federal prison to serve almost twelve years. While serving what would be her final prison sentence, Katie encountered God in a way that dramatically changed her life. She immediately became an outspoken advocate for Jesus and her infectious love for Him caused many women inside her cell block to accept Him as their Savior. One of the things that Katie is known for are her insights relating to soul-healing, a revelation that explains why so many Believers can appear to do everything they've learned in church and still fail to receive breakthrough in their lives. Once Katie began teaching and writing about the process of soul-healing, she witnessed and heard evidence of thousands of miracles. Katie lives in Arizona with her husband, Robert and their two small dogs. She writes, teaches, produces a television show which is broadcast around the world and travels extensively. Katie and Robert visit prisons several times each year to teach inmates how to hear from God and to demonstrate that they too can achieve what God has promised and planned for them.

Katie Souza's Itinerary:

November 16-18, 2017
The Apple Wine Awakening
(for more information click here)

December 9, 2017
Battle for the Soul Maricopa
PKM Media Center
44927 W. Hathaway Avenue, Maricopa, AZ 85139
(for more information click here)


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