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Johnny Enlow: "God is Greater! The Soon Removal of Kim Jong-Un and the Napa Fires"

Johnny Enlow
Oct 26, 2017

October 26, 2017

"God is Greater! The Soon Removal of Kim Jong-Un and the Napa Fires"
Johnny Enlow, Santa Clarita, CA

Steve ShultzFrom the Desk of Steve Shultz:

Here's an encouraging word by Johnny Enlow.

Johnny is one who keeps pace with signs in the heavens and signs on the earth. He's what I call an "Issachar prophet" – one who is gifted to know and understand the times and seasons we are in.

In this word, see how Johnny wraps many words together based on what is in the news today.

It's good to have at least two or three prophets that YOU FOLLOW who prophesy like this. Chuck Pierce is one of those. There are a number of others of course, Cindy Jacobs, Rick Joyner, Jennifer Eivaz, Charlie Shamp and MANY more.

When you listen to and pray through words from Issachar prophets, it will keep fear from arising in your heart over the "scary" or "mystifying" events that are happening all around us.

Read this word by Johnny and be encouraged.

P.S. note that over a year ago, Chuck Pierce was passing out golden-color stakes to put in the ground at the locations of many Vineyards. He said, "The VINEYARDS need to be protected." Derene and I received one of those stakes from Chuck, himself, and we pounded it into the ground at a Vineyard VERY close to us. With that in mind, read what Johnny Enlow says here about Vineyards!! (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
The Elijah List & Breaking Christian News


"God is Greater! The Soon Removal of Kim Jong-Un and the Napa Fires"
Johnny Enlow, Santa Clarita, CA

Word for Korea and My Recent Trip

I just arrived back from South Korea after many wonderful meetings there, and after prophesying the "soon removal" of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. Thanks for the prayers and encouraging words from many of you. Keep the Korean matter in prayer as it is more complex than it looks with questionable elements including, perhaps, North Korean spies in key places in the South Korean government. God will be greater than all the intrigue and it is time for a "one Korea" – accelerating into its advanced Kingdom destiny.

Napa Fires

Here on the home front, many have asked about my view on the devastating Napa area fires. First of all, "comfort, comfort" to all who have suffered loss of any sort from that shocking wind-driven firestorm. It truly was unimaginably horrific.

I have identified several pieces of the puzzle but am still looking to put them together correctly. If it proves to be arson (investigation still ongoing) we know there is a natural cause and effect to that kind of wrongdoing and that would be the obvious spiritual lessons from that.

Global Warming?

Could it also be "global warming" related as many are saying? Perhaps, but I did some research that shows devastating fires have been happening in California for well over a hundred years and that last year there were actually 1,100 less fires than the average for the last 20 years (8,137 average fires per year). The Napa fires, though the deadliest ever in deaths and destroyed homes in California, were very similar in location, size and behavior to the Hanley Fire of September 1964. The region has a natural alleyway for fires to pick up extreme behavior.

However, deadly and large fires have a lengthy history in California. In 1889, the Santiago Canyon Fire burned over 310,000 acres. In 1923, the Berkley Fire destroyed 584 homes. The 1933 Griffith Park Fire killed over 50 fire fighters. The 1961 Bel Air fires destroyed 484 homes, etc. Furthermore, the world annual death rate from natural disasters is down sharply from 27 per 100,000 in population in 1900, to consistently under 2 per 100,000 since the 1990s (16 per in 1949, and 5 per in 1980). Advanced warning technology is clearly one of the reasons that deaths are down from "natural disasters" but many have been falsely reporting that natural disasters have increased and that it is due to global warming.

Vineyards that Protect

If there is a silver-lining and phenomenon from the Napa fires it's this: many vineyards served as a natural fire barrier. There were many pictures and reported examples of how the fire "went out" as it hit a vineyard border! Furthermore, of the 330 official wineries of the region, 283 had no damage with less than 5 having significant property loss. Besides the great spiritual truths that can come out of this reality, perhaps the "planting of vineyards" can be used strategically in the future to mitigate the destructiveness of runaway fires. Spiritual vineyards and wineries (Holy Spirit, life in the Spirit) protect you from destruction, but now we know that so do natural vineyards!

God is Greater

My conclusion to it all is that God will again be greater than the record fires (many other places as well) just as He has been to all the recent disasters. It is yet another opportunity for the sons and daughters of the King to arise and shine with love, generosity, compassion and with words of hope.

The World Series

Now, a very interesting World Series begins between the two most recently devastated states (Texas flooding and California fires) as the Los Angeles Dodgers face the Houston Astros.

Meanwhile, stay ready for the game-changing GOOD spiritual flooding and fires that are incoming. Only satan and those too close to him get devastated with these. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

Johnny Enlow
Johnny and Elizabeth


Johnny Enlow is a social reformer, international speaker, spiritual mentor, and author of The Seven Mountain Prophecy, The Seven Mountain Mantle, and Rainbow God. He and his wife Elizabeth are focused on awakening individuals to their call to provide practical solutions from the heart of God for every problem in society – until the real God of all of life is displayed in the seven primary areas of culture in all nations: Media, Arts and Entertainment, Government, Family, Religion, Economy, and Education.

Johnny Enlow's Itinerary:

November 10-12, 2017
Global Fire Ministries Event: School of the Prophets
Global Fire Center
325 Walla Court, Murfreesboro, TN 37128
For more info click here

November 12, 2017 (4pm and 7pm)
The Belonging Co
601 4th Ave. S., Nashville TN 37210

December 10, 2017 (9:00am & 11am)
14900 W. Van Buren St., Goodyear AZ, 85338
For more info click here


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