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Victoria Boyson: "Deliverance is Coming - He is Breaking Through!"

Victoria Boyson
Oct 15, 2017

Steve ShultzFrom the desk of Steve Shultz:

I really enjoyed reading this prolific article by Victoria Boyson as it is full of God's heart for us, His Beloved.

Before Victoria's article she writes an introduction of her I will keep mine very short.

I will leave you with what Victoria says here as God wants a "revolution":

Our Father says, "This will be a season in which I will convince you of My power and My love for you!"

The Father tells me we can trust completely that He is in control. No matter how things look, how shaky things can appear, no matter what things look like...understand that God is in it. God has assured me that He will not be content with business as usual. He wants a revolution. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

Enjoy! And thanks for forwarding this to your friends! They can subscribe here.
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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
The Elijah List & Breaking Christian News

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Intro by Victoria Boyson:

I'm sending you a chapter from my latest book, Revolution: The White Horse Rider, which is a visionary explanation of what we are experiencing in the supernatural realm at this time. I feel this will bring some understanding of what we are experiencing on the earth right now.

Our Father says, "This will be a season in which I will convince you of My power and My love for you!"

The Father tells me we can trust completely that He is in control. No matter how things look, how shaky things can appear, no matter what things look like...understand that God is in it. God has assured me that He will not be content with business as usual. He wants a revolution.

Watch as He uncovers evil and brings it to the attention of the world. He's uncovering things that have been hidden for some time. They've planned to undermine Him and plan our destruction...BUT GOD! God has known about it all along, so do not despair, because HE IS THE ONE UNCOVERING IT.

He wants to start a revolution. It takes a lot to do that, so rejoice when it appears that the enemy has won and the Church has been abandoned. God loves us and HE WILL NOT abandon us. Determine in your heart that no matter what you see, you will not fear, but you will stand with Him and TRUST in His plan for restoration to come to us.

God says, "I am in it! And when I am in it, I am in it to win it!"

No matter how things look, He will not stop until our enemy is completely uncovered and uprooted. He will not let things lay half done. He will complete the work He began in this world. He will shake it and the enemy will not even see it coming.

The Father has baited our enemy. He's made it seem to them that He does not see what they are doing. They are convinced they will get away with what they're trying to do, but it's all a trap. He wants to uncover the good in men's hearts. He wants justice: full, complete and reliable justice. And He wants vindication for the innocent. Justice is not complete with out vindication, is it?

He is invading every area of life: Church, government and our hearts. He desires that we see and learn that even the impossible is possible with Him. He says, "You are Mine and I take care of My own."

He will uncover, recover and restore and it starts now. Anticipate the evidence of His hand on your life. Give Him your whole heart. Declare that He alone is your Lord and you take orders only from Him. Walk boldly in increased vision and trust in Him. He is truly worthy of your trust.

"When He looked at her, Beloved felt overwhelmed by the power of His unspeakable love."

You are bold and unstoppable Kingdom-warriors! You will take territory for Him and your heritage will be the spoils of the wars. You will climb mountains and destroy wickedness in high places because your God is Who He's said He is and He can be trusted to work miracles through you!

Fear nothing – trust God! I am praying for you!

Love and blessing,

Victoria Boyson

Scorched, Desolate Ground

Taken out of the physical realm of earth, Beloved was in a place she'd never seen before. She stood alone on what seemed to her a vast sea of scorched, desolate ground. It was resolutely the most barren place she'd ever been. The sky above was filled with a dusty orange haze, permeating the hopeless atmosphere that filled the desperate place. She was sure nothing ever could nor ever had grown in such a spiritless land.

Unsure of why she was there, she knew this realm was the spirit-realm hovering over the earth and she guardedly observed her surroundings with the effort of a vigilant surveyor. Reassuring herself that the Father would never permit any harm to come to her, she tried in vain to let her instinctive guard down.

She saw movement on the horizon. Something very small and dark seemed to be crawling toward her on the ground. Relieved, Beloved heaved a panic-eased sigh of relief. "It's only a spider..." she whispered to herself. "A little larger than usual, but only a spider."

Still, her spirit continued to deduce a keen sense of alertness in the surroundings, but she was trying to convince herself there was no need to be alarmed. Yet, as she watched the horizon, a few more eight-legged creatures followed the path of the ones preceding them. Curious, but not alarmed, Beloved noticed farther out on the parched dry field even more spiders.

Her hard-won peace was very soon bruised by the rising realization that it wasn't just a few large spiders, but was quickly becoming a horde... all headed toward her. Rapidly, the scene before her changed to one that equaled the alarm in her spirit. She was suddenly being overrun by black, wiry, tittering spiders.

Beloved did not know what to make of what was occurring and was unsure if she was truly in danger. Suddenly, she realized it was, in fact, millions of spiders running, racing toward her, all around. Soon, she could see nothing now but arachnidian, and they were almost on top of her. Quite shocked, she quickly turned in an attempt to run away, but soon realized she was running with them, not away.

As she second-guessed her impulse to run, she turned back in time to catch a glimpse of something that took her breath away. Shocked, Beloved froze for a moment, trying to see more clearly what she hoped she did not see. She stopped and gazed into the distance from where they appeared to have come.

Beloved gasped.

She now realized the spiders were not running at her, but were running from something. They were running at a terrified speed from an enormous, rolling cloud of thick heavy dust and smoke that was fast approaching! Beloved watched in terror as she felt physically frozen, unable to move. She was stunned by what appeared to her as a massive, rushing dust cloud, preparing to engulf her.

White smoke exploded repeatedly from the cloud as if it were alive. Rolling powerfully toward her, she instinctively felt the rage of the inferno it possessed as explosions of energy within shifted its force like a steering wheel, steadying its path.

As fear increased amongst the spiders all around her, Beloved's weak hold on peace was dissipating. She was now overcome by dread, fearing for her life. Just as she had braced herself for the inevitable end, she saw a vague glimmer of something emerging from the depth of the cloud.

Beloved fixed her eyes straight into it. Trying to convince herself she did, indeed, see what she had thought she'd seen, the emergent revealed itself again.

The Horse and the Rider

Yes. She was sure now. She had truly seen a human form rising from the center of the billowing mass. Leaping and bounding in the raging inferno of monumental dust and energy was the figure of a man.

The closer the cloud drew, the more clearly she saw the image of a man riding on a powerful, massive horse, bounding toward her with such force it shook the ground as it landed. Over and over, like the power in a great engine, the horse and rider closed in on the dreadful spiders. Again and again, they gained ground and Beloved realized they, with all their might, would soon be upon her as well.

In her mesmerized state, she'd not taken the time to answer the questions of her own heart, but instinctively started to run away as earnestly and desperately as the hopelessly tormented creatures had. Running breathlessly for her life, Beloved did not know how long she had run before the creeping realization passed over her that it was utterly fruitless and she began to slow. Her curiosity grew beyond what she could hold back...she must know.

Who was riding the massive beast?

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Suddenly, as she tested her thoughts, a refuge seemed to appear out of no where and Beloved climbed atop a great rock seemingly provided for her safety. Bounding to the top of the rock, she leapt with intensity and, catching her breath, turned impatiently to watch the massive cloud with horse and Rider approach. From this vantage point, she no longer considered fear. Her entire being was filling now with the wonder of the reality pouring out before her.

Truly, it was He. She knew His form and ruddy-brown hair. And given away by His steady resolve, she well recognized Him and was instantly filled with relieved anticipation. Joy consumed her entire being. She was overcome with rapture, for riding on a massive white horse came a king, her King! Wearing a thick gold crown, His hair blown about from His erratic charge, creating the thick cloud as He rode.

His Eyes!

She stared intensely. "His eyes, I must see His eyes!" Suddenly, Beloved saw His face, reddish-brown, peering from beneath the fog of smoke and dust, and in an instant her heart jumped in her chest. His eyes...

Piercing her like lightning striking a lifeless soul, it was then she realized how much death had penetrated her life on earth. His eyes possessed the treasure of Heaven, the glory of the domains of His Father. Ferocious, fiery eyes, He was the terror of Hell – the unstoppable Fearsome of Heaven's realm. And HE had come to earth...

She had seen Him before, yes, but not here. She'd not seen the fire of Heaven in this desolate, dark spirit-realm and He took her breath away. All her fears vanished, replaced by the intensity of every dream she'd ever dreamt coming to a sudden and powerful reality before her.

"My Lord!" she felt herself scream with all her might into the tornado of dust approaching her. Turning to her in response, she saw hundreds of watchers surrounding the Lord, appearing to her like glimmers of light reflecting a celestial glow. Now she could see again the angelic who filled the sky all around Him.

"This will be a season in which I will convince you of My power and My love for you!"

His ride continued violently, dust exploding, while flashes of fire followed all around as He rode. Like a violent storm, He made His advance toward the parched, dry fields of the earth. Charging to meet His accusers, and those of His well-loved bride, the Rider approached.

Generating a massive storm as He entered earth's atmosphere, sundering the strongholds tightly held by the enemy for generations, He broke through their intensely strong grip as though it were nothing. Devastating the earth's surface with the great noise of its massive hooves, the white horse and Rider thundered through the dry, dense earth.

His Words

Followed by the horse's forceful gallop, Beloved saw words emerging from its hooves each time they landed. Like swords penetrating the hard earth, powerful words crashed through the ground like lightning. Beloved knew she must focus on the words.

Again and again, like the barrage from a great army, the words cut through the earth's crust, penetrating through it to its core. It was His Word! They were King David's words. She recognized them from the Psalms.

Over and over, they pounded through the earth. Unshakable in their retribution, they tore into the depths of the dust; "But the wicked will die. The Lord's enemies are like flowers in a field – they will disappear like smoke."

"The wicked draw their swords and string their bows to kill the poor and the oppressed, to slaughter those who do right." On and on the words struck the earth like the fist of God, "But their swords will stab their own hearts, and their bows will be broken."

Reaching out like tentacles underground, the light-filled words penetrated the earth with the truth of the inescapable retribution of the Lord of Heaven's armies. "...the strength of the wicked will be shattered..." until Beloved felt faint from the intensity of their power.

Collapsing on to the rock where she had been standing, she held herself in check. "Don't," Beloved coached herself. "You're not going to fail Him now! He needs you!"

On and on He rode over the earth, generating strong earth-shattering quakes throughout the earth. Beloved was girded in strength by the unseen force of her Holy Guide. As she steadied herself, she wanted to imprint the image on her mind.

All around her, she felt the demonic forces of evil scamper in terror as He rode. It was their terror she'd felt. They had expected this all along and yet, they had grown lethargic in their watch of Him. Filled with the dread of doom, they could only flee in terror as they were shaken by His sudden approach. Flooded with panic, the scourge of spiders felt the force of His Words pounding into the earth.

Riding over the surface of the supernatural field, Beloved watched as He was joined by many others. Those who'd been martyred for His sake rode with Him as He drove His massive army over the surface of the earth.

He Will Breakthrough

He rode ceaselessly until, at last, He felt He'd covered the vast territory and came to an awe-inspiring halt. Surrounded by a glory cloud, the White Horse Rider appeared as though riding a celestial nebulous glow, with fiery clouds and swirling mists of purple, red, blue and bright fuchsia rolling continuously in and around Him. Endlessly, the sounds of crashing water flooded the sky. He seemed to break through the barrier of the earth's realm as easily as stepping through a door. (Photo via Free HD Wallpaper)

As lightning struck out from Him, the sky continued to break with cracks of thunder. The nebulae swirled around Him like a grand group of creatures breathing in and out. Fire-like stars burst in and through Him as He stood radiantly regal in the midst of the natural realm's sky.

Robed like a bear, with the mane of a lion draped around His shoulders and chest, His garment trailed behind him, blanketing the great, white, warrior-horse He rode. Flowing like fiery blood into the nebulous surrounding him, the Rider steadied His steed as the great horse grew fiercely impatient after its charge.

Intensely anxious to accomplish his task, the extraordinary beast beat his hooves upon the ground again and again, releasing even more powerful earthquakes into the earth. As clouds of fire burst from His nostrils as he heaved, he bared his teeth like an animal ready to strike.

Atop the head of the White Horse Rider was a tremendous gleaming crown mounted like a sky scraper of golden towers and His eyes were flames of white fire.

When He looked at her, Beloved felt overwhelmed by the power of His unspeakable love. Excerpt taken from Victoria Boyson's book Revolution: The White Horse Rider. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

Victoria Boyson
Speaking Life Ministries


Victoria Boyson is a powerful and genuine prophetic voice. She is the founder of Victoria Boyson Ministries and Women of Impact Ministries, a ministry dedicated to raising up an army of women who will impact and revolutionize their world. She is a passionate speaker, operating in extraordinary authority to awaken the Church to their victorious reality. Through revelations of the Holy Spirit and the Word, Victoria is breaking down strongholds which have kept the Church from fully realizing the great commission. Based out of the Houston, Texas area, she is called to awaken and prepare the Bride of Christ for the end-time harvest and compel His Church to embrace a passionate relationship with their heavenly Father. She is the author of The Birth of Your DestinyHis Passionate PursuitAwakening: The Deep Sleep, and God's Magnum Opus: The Value of a Woman.

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