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"Revelation from the Library Room of Heaven"

by Shawn Bolz
Jan 28, 2004

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"Revelation from the Library Room of Heaven"
By Shawn Bolz
web site:

This was an experience I had in 1999. We published a form of it a few years ago. I wanted to bring it back out and go into more detail because of the relevance for this season.

I was caught up into a trance in which I saw a vast library in heaven. The main room was divided into three sections: past, present, and future. It was a very busy place with angels and saints who had already entered into eternity. It was not like an earthly library where we try and stimulate a quiet somber attitude. It was a place of action! People were reading, writing, and discussing the material. I looked around trying to take in as much of the room as I could see.

The Book of Life

There was one book that was constantly referenced in the middle of the room. It was living and felt like it had its own consciousness because the power of what it contained was so intense. I would describe it as a computer that had the knowledge of the process of God's love in our temporal time frame. It was the Book of Life and there were angels and spiritual beings all around it. The pages rolled out like a scroll in many directions. I don't know how to explain how this worked but it was amazing. Scrolls of light beamed the information from the living pages into their hearts and imprinted on their spirits.

The Lambs Book of Life didn't just have names in it. It was the actual revelation of the testimony of Jesus and His reward. It categorized how He showed His love to everyone and who responded. Not only showing the bride's one time response but every response that each person individually had made towards His divine pursuit over their lifetime. It was the most amazing book ever written because it was being 'penned' by the glorious Holy Spirit at all times.

The Section of Library of the Past

When I could bring myself to look past this process I began to survey the various sections of the library. I first noticed the section on the past. I saw angels extracting books and bringing them to Earth and delivering them to people so that we would have wisdom and impartation from the past - what God has already done on the Earth.

I realized that these books were not like books on earth. They were actually prophetic revelation that when imparted onto the earth would act as an expansion to someone's very being. There were people who were given a book and it would inspire them to teach or write about great revivals of the past or spiritual happenings so the revelation of God that had already been revealed in other generations would be built upon- great truths of the past rediscovered. There were books written about men and women of God throughout history and various moves of God on earth.

As I watched this unfold, I saw numerous old historical documents beginning to surface on Earth that had been hidden away. Nevertheless it was now the prophetic time for them to be revealed. I knew this was an "end of the age" experience that proved we are living in the day of the Lord. The importance of what was being re-revealed, but with new and expanded comprehension, spoke of the Kingdom of God coming upon us. I could feel the magnitude of some of these testimonies that caused a deep yearning in me for Jesus to return.

Revelation of the Ages

There were also teaching books that angels were giving different people and they would rediscover teachings that had been all but lost or had never been fully developed! Very soon we are going to see an emergence of teachings that builds a much better context for us to understand Christian history and the different church ages as seen through the eyes of heaven. Revelation will come to many who will be able to interpret historical events and bring great light on societies of the past.

The Library Section of the Present

Then, I was brought to another section of books. I looked upon the section of the "present." In the "present" section there were spiritual beings sitting at tables watching the movement and impact of Heaven upon the earth and writing history with the Holy Spirit's interpretation as it transpired. Many times the books they were writing were also given to people on Earth. When individuals received these books they would be filled with understanding and wisdom about the state of the church and the condition of the world. It was giving them a global perspective of how Jesus was being revealed on the Earth and they would fellowship with His burning passion to inherit His reward. Again some people were furnished these understandings to be a trumpet to herald them through their teachings and the writing of books.

The Library Section of the Future

The last area I was brought to was the "future" section. There were divine guards set up and I wasn't allowed past them. I had to look from afar because I was not in heaven at this time to receive revelation from these books (to my disappointment). Most of the books had seals or locks on them. There were dates on the locks, and I knew that some of these books could not be opened for some time! But others were to be opened well in advance of the events taking place.

As I looked around there was a table skirting the boundaries of where I was not allowed to pass. At the table was a man reading a book from the future section and I walked up behind him and peered over his shoulder. However, he closed the book very fast and a seal appeared on the book as he got back up and placed it upon the shelf. He didn't say anything out loud but I felt a rebuke from him. The fear of the Lord touched me and I began to shake because I had acted with presumption. I almost came out of the trance but there was great mercy that flooded me for my immaturity. These were Holy books that represented the Kingdom touching the Earth and I saw two guarding angels over them. (Later a close friend of mine named Jill Austin called these "The Guardians of the Glory.")

The Future is Written In Heaven

Then as the mercy and love of God was warming me, a spiritual being came to me and motioned me to come into the section on the future. The guarding angels almost scared me too much to pass them, but this spiritual being had so much kindness I knew I would be safe. He brought me to the first of the many shelves of books that were closest to the middle of the Library. He stood next to me and pointed at different volumes

I looked up at the shelves and there were names on some of the books. I recognized many of the names he pointed out so I new they would be written in the near future. Some were the names of authors that I recognized, but others were the names of the books. We need to understand that although these were books in heaven they were not necessarily written books on earth yet. The names of the books were all either historical events, or God's moves on His church, while others were named after people and places. Few people were allowed to get near this section. If they did get near them, only a small number of books could be written because the seal was part of the heart of God that was too holy to touch.

A little bit of understanding hit me (I will not go into detail about this here, but will just say an example of what I saw was a book that said "The Testimony of George Bush" and it was a prophetic testimony of our own US President and works he would accomplish for God that will be written and published as an encouragement especially to the evangelical church). There were many such titles, and they had timing on them that when activated would be broadcast worldwide.

In This Library Room was Charles Finney!

After looking at many books, the spiritual being that was with me motioned me toward the center of the room again. He led me to stand next to some men who were already in eternity. One of the men was talking to two other men. I heard the Holy Spirit say "That is Charles Finney" and I grew excited inside! I haven't read much about Charles Finney, but there was the glory of our abiding God pulsating from him. His eyes were filled with the revelation of Jesus and the plans of God!

He was talking about revival and telling the two other men "What God did in my day was awesome, and many of us were privileged to experience great outpourings that are now looked upon as revival. But there is a release of glory from heaven coming that will bring such a complete revival to America that it will far exceed any revival ever known in any country."

America is Close to Revival

"The church in America is full of doomsday prophets proclaiming an end to America, but they don't understand that the country is only a few hundred years old and still in its infancy. It has many destinies to play out, and God is going to reactivate the covenants of the forefathers in the land, and America will start to grow and mature. God has both hidden and obvious purposes for America that will unfold over a long period of time and this coming revival is going to activate the plans of the Creator that were promises at the forefront of the nation's history." He spoke of a coming year and said: "This is a gateway year that will help build the gate from heaven to Earth. The Holy Spirit will whisper strategic things into the land through churches, music, media, events, and then soon these things will be shouted from roof tops!"

At this point I saw a calendar that had various years on it. There were 8 future years (not in succession) circled and names of cities next to different years. The first year only had a few major cities, but each year that was circled had more and more cities until there were too many to list. I could see a cloud off in the distance of this vast library, and I realized that it was a cloud of angels with glory swirling around it. It was the angelic host that would release these things on Earth. There was constant movement in the cloud. The scene was truly beyond description.

Charles' Message to Me

Then Charles Finney turned to me, (I didn't even know he knew I was listening), and he shouted at me face to face "One Nation Under God!" "One Nation Under God!" "ONE NATION UNDER GOD!" he said this ten times. Some kind of deep impartation came with his words and rested in the bowels of my spirit. I had a knowing that Jesus has an incredible plan to build the church in America and bring revival to the lost. He is going to bring a picture of His body all over the world through America! I knew that intercession was going to go forth on the Earth with new strategies for America.

I Saw a Vision of Holiness Hitting the Air Waves

I then saw the spirit of Holiness released from Isaiah 11. I saw it touching media and broadcasting services. I saw God ordained messages broadcast through the media waves into the earth. God is about to claim His ownership in radio stations, TV, and movie theaters. I saw that He wants a satellite that man has made by His inspiration. I saw a special anointing come on these tools to bring the message of holiness and the cross unto salvation.

After I saw the Holy Spirit change the atmosphere of the air waves with waves of His anointing hitting the media. I saw it cause power bursts that would literally destroy in the natural some of the secular equipment used by organizations of the world. There will be some days of disturbance that will hit multiple media centers and these will be signs that the Forerunner Spirit is going to come upon these very industries.

Commissioned Back to Earth

At the end of this vision I was looking at the Book of Life again. The spiritual being that had been with me in the Library Section of the Future came over to me once more. He had books in his hands and he started to push them towards me. I thought he was handing them to me so I stuck out my hands- instead he pushed them into me. As I took them in I was sent back to earth.

I was sitting in my chair and God spoke to my spirit saying "I am releasing books from every section to expand people! The Library room of heaven will be known on earth! It will bring a manifestation of my government being established. Many leaders will be visited and the difference in what comes forth in their communications will be evident."

By Shawn Bolz
web site:

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