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Mark D. White: "The Spontaneous Move of God is Coming and Will Be Common Place!"

Mark D. White
Aug 18, 2017

Steve ShultzFrom the desk of Jeff Jansen:

I want to introduce to you the life and ministry of Mark White. Mark is a fiery prophetic preacher that moves with incredible ability and power to heal the sick.

Mark has been part of the Global Fire Center in Murfreesboro, Tennessee for many years now and I've witnessed the miraculous demonstrations in his ministry over and over again.

There are many words coming out through credible prophetic voices that point to the amazing season we are coming into. This word by Mark White offers insight into this new season. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

Jeff Jansen, Senior Leader
Global Fire Ministries International


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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
The Elijah List & Breaking Christian News

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The Spirit of the Lord began to speak to me about the coming days of His glory. In this conversation, He spoke to me about the coming moves of God. He brought to my attention the words of declaration as stated in Job 22:28. "Declare a thing and it shall come to pass as you walk in the light."

The words He shared with me were about the seasons that will defy logic. That people will experience the undeniable, the undefiable, the unrestrainable and the unexplainable power of God. He spoke these words to me: "The spontaneous move of God is coming." This will happen even though there is not enough consistent corporate prayer, not enough hunger yet throughout the Church!

John 6:44 says, "No one can come to Me unless the Father who sent Me draws him; then I will raise him to life on the last day." It is not a change of culture that is the answer, but a passion of purpose to reach this generation. The only change really required is for us to be more like Jesus in love and power. 1 Corinthians 2:5 says, " that your faith would not be based on human wisdom but on God's power."

"I am setting My house in order."

This year of 2017 is the starting of altars being full of people seeking God. From Catholic, Church of Christ, Baptist, Pentecostal etc., spontaneously God is coming uninvited and people will come and see the results of God's presence. The answers are in the overwhelming presence of a living God. Even in the hymnals-only-churches, repentance will take place and the public display of the glory of God will be seen! In the streets, in the bars, in court rooms, in public schools, and in colleges – the glory of God will, and I say WILL, get people's attention!

God Breaking Out in Uncommon Places!

Spontaneous prayer will take place in public places, the power of prayer will hit those of the blood-bought Church, and the overwhelming presence of God will move and the people will plead for knowledge of the living God! The power display is not what we RELEASE, but what we EXPERIENCE.

We will see hubs and revivals in regions, where churches will be removing walls of seclusion, and they will be blending in with other churches for the manifest presence of God. The dead will be raised, veterans will be healed, even amputees will be restored of their limbs, and missing peace and joy will be restored. What has started is increasing and in some areas will be as a tsunami. The former and latter rain of God's glory and presence will sweep through the news media. (Photo via Wikipedia)

Around the world, the glory shall cause some to fear and even manifest demons in resistance. But the angels of the Most High God will be seen, and in the next couple of years people will experience the glory of God as unprecedented in history. The lightnings of God will be seen as many miraculous testimonies are shared. In some areas, there will be drought, in other areas rain without explanation. As stated in Romans 8:22, "All of creation is waiting for the manifestation of the Sons of God."

These are exciting days! We are in the days of Elijah! We are in the time to experience Ezekiel 12:23-25, where everything God says will happen and not be delayed. Yes, there will be false teachers, false prophets, and some pastors that will try to lord over God's heritage. But you have not seen what God has planned for this outpouring of the river of God on this earth. Angels will be seen as history has never recorded; miracles will be documented as hospitals will almost be emptied because of teenagers going from room to room with the Word and power of God healing the sick.

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I have seen visions of schools in lock-down, not because of guns, but because of the glory of God. Children wasted in God's presence, teachers crawling down the halls on their knees, as the overwhelming presence of God has the children laughing, prophesying, and some having visions. Others will even weep while releasing the pain of their lives as a cleansing takes place by the sovereignty of God.

Winds of Grace and the Tsunami Harvest

I had a three-hour encounter with God and He showed me how He is setting His house in order by the winds of grace. I was in a wheat field that was ripe for harvest with no civilization anywhere to be seen. But out of nowhere a huge tornado appeared. I looked for cover as it approached me but there was nowhere to hide, no ditch to lay in, and nowhere to find safety. As I laid on the ground, the tornado hovered over me and the wheat field. It did no damage but instead, slowly went over us – ready to harvest fields and I watched the tornado go over the horizon.

"In the streets, in the bars, in court rooms, in public schools, and in colleges – the glory of God will, and I say WILL, get people's attention!"

Then I heard a roar and behind me was another tornado coming my way. I was in the same situation of nowhere to hide or seek shelter. But still, the tornado hovered and did no damage to me or the ripe wheat fields. Then a third tornado came and then a fourth, fifth, sixth and a seventh tornado came. Behind the seventh tornado came a blazing raging fire, with a smoke that was easy to see through, and the fire was encompassing. A blazing overwhelming never-ending fire was seen as far as the eye could see. Then, I came to consciousness from being out in the spirit.

As I sought the Lord for understanding, this is part of what He shared and the revelation given: "I am setting My house in order. The first wind will move people to their places of destiny."

Pastors that should not be pastoring will find their calling and destiny. People that should be pastoring or teaching will find their place in the callings of God. This included evangelists, prophets and apostles. The government of God will increase as the winds of God move amongst the earth. What the first wind does not accomplish, the second wind will, and what the second does not accomplish, the third will, and so shall it be with the fourth to the seventh.

With each transcending wind there will be changes to the Church, His Body, and His representations. The miraculous will become "common place" with the increase of each wind; so much miraculous will take place that by the seventh wind, He said "raising the dead" will be common place. The glorious triumphant Church will arise! (Photo via flickr)

As the fire takes place from this encounter, the Spirit of God told me He will drive people into His presence or out of His presence, or consume them by His presence. The fire had smoke yet it was possible to see through it. This fire is dimensions of His presence that the pure in heart could only see and experience. What we are about to see, not many men have seen, what we are about to hear not many men have heard, but what we are about to experience is of the Lord! The invitation will be to all! (See Joel 2:15-18, 28-32.) (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

Mark D. White
Mark White Ministries


Mark D. White has 45 years of active international ministry in taking the precepts of a living Jesus to a dying world. Being a 1978 graduate of Rhema Bible Training Center, a BS/BM from Phoenix University and a Doctorate in Theology from St. Thomas University. His mission is to minister not only in churches but equipping businesses in the wisdom of God. Mark has written two books and pastored 14 years, miracles and healings happen in every service he ministers.

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