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Todd Bentley: "Three Partnering Angels Now: Winds of Change, Revival Breakthrough and Harvest Awakening!"

Todd Bentley
Aug 10, 2017

Steve ShultzFrom the desk of Steve Shultz:

Often, when the news gets intense or even frightening, it's a good time to check-in with the Lord and with His prophets to see what HE, THE LORD, HAS TO SAY ABOUT WHAT'S GOING ON.

Here is one such prophecy given through Todd Bentley where Todd quotes the late prophet Bob Jones, and he shares what Bob saw and how it relates to what is happening today!

Be sure to read slowly and carefully through this word to be encouraged at the good things GOD HAS PLANNED FOR YOU! (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)


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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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I have had an increasing sense and a resounding echo in my heart that it is time to "Harvest the Harvesters" in a greater way! This was a prophetic word Bob Jones received over 40 years ago concerning the great harvest at the end of the age! Bob spoke of over a billion youth saved in a movement. We know there are harvesting and reaping angels described in the Bible (see Matthew 13:41-43, Revelation 14:14-16).

Dream Encounter!

"...I realized that the harvest and the raising of the dead were connected to the manifestation of glory"

I had a recent dream encounter in Canada, where I saw three angels working together as partners at the same time. These angels seemed to move like a whirlwind or tornado. I immediately thought about how the three-fold cord could not easily be broken. These three angels seemed to be a witness and in agreement. They were announcing a new season of divine time, awakening and harvest.

Winds of Change!

The first angel I saw was called the Winds of Change. This was a supernatural wind blowing that carried the SOUND of breakthrough and the SOUND of revival. The Bible says that God makes His angels winds, "He makes the winds His messengers, flaming fire His ministers" (Psalm 104:4).

David also advanced in a great victory against his enemies when he heard the sound of the mighty winds (angelic) blowing in the tops of the mulberry trees (see 2 Samuel 5). This angel called the "Winds of Change" was full of miracles, signs and wonders. This was the angel who moves with movements. (Photo by Jennifer Page "Warrior Angel" via

This same Winds of Change angel came to the revival we had in South Africa in 2013 called "Healing Awakening SA." Also, in our recent East Texas Glory Revival meetings in the last 12 weeks, I have felt the stirring of the same Winds of Change angel again. There is a fresh sound and wind blowing in this season.

Revival Breakthrough!

The second angel I saw was called Revival Breakthrough and this angel prepared the Church for the coming harvest! This angel was connected to manifesting and releasing the glory presence of God. I saw many glory revival fires burning, simultaneously, until they became one great fire and all of America was ablaze with glory fire.

Not only were there multiple fires but there were many places and faces that God was using to spread the fire. The Revival Breakthrough angel was key to stewarding and releasing the many expressions of the moves of God that will equip and awaken the Church again.

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Angels that Gather!

The third angel that I saw was called Harvest Awakening. After the supernatural winds of change and revival breakthrough, I saw a fresh harvest mantle come on the next generation. The harvest mantle that I saw was both the power and glory of God. When the people were clothed in the glory of God, they were able to move in resurrection glory and power for harvest.

Times of Refreshing!

" is time to "Harvest the Harvesters" in a greater way!"

In my dream, I saw there was first a great move of refreshing that also came in the wind. I immediately thought back to the day of Pentecost, when there was a sudden SOUND and a mighty rushing wind. This supernatural wind was both Breakthrough and Revival for the Church.

After the dream encounter, I remembered a conversation with the late Bob Jones talking about a move of God that he saw called "THE GLORY." Bob Jones referred to a decade of the GLORY of God! Bob always said that the angels that gather and harvest were moving with the resurrection glory and the power God.

Bob often spoke of his own resurrection after a death experience in 1975, in which he saw the great end-time harvest begin. Bob Jones often referred to the resurrection angels, harvest and raising the dead in the glory. Bob often prophesied about revival of the "resurrection of the dead" ministry that was a great ministry of greater works and miracles (see Romans 1:4). (Photo by Jennifer Page "Brush of Angels Wings" via

After my recent dream encounter with the three angels, I realized that the harvest and the raising of the dead were connected to the manifestation of glory! The glory of God would become such a central focus of this move of God that quite often people forgot about all the other gifts, personalities and talents, because they were so overwhelmed by the manifest glory and presence of Jesus! (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)


Todd Bentley
Fresh Fire USA


Todd Bentley: Healing evangelist, revivalist, and author, Todd Bentley is the founder of Fresh Fire USA. As a teenager, Todd, an alcoholic and drug addict, had a dramatic, life-changing encounter with the saving, delivering power of God. Today, Todd and his Fresh Fire team travel the world to lead the lost into the miraculous, delivered and set free, and launched into the reality of intimate relationship with Jesus. The passion of Todd's life and ministry to the nations is souls and to see others experience the transferable, tangible anointing of the Holy Spirit.

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August 11-13, 2017 (7pm)
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August 17-20, 2017 (7pm)
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