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Anne Marie Molster: "A Vision of God's Unlimited Abundance Coming Our Way!"

Anne Marie Molster
Jun 15, 2017

Steve ShultzFrom the desk of Steve Shultz:

The last week or so, this Scripture continues to be in my head, on my mind, and in my heart: "Because he loves Me," says the Lord, "I will rescue him; I will protect him, for he acknowledges My name" (Psalm 91:14).

To love God, to acknowledge God, means to TRUST HIM.

God is saying: "If you Trust ME, if you LOVE ME, if you acknowledge Me even when the chips are down, I WILL RESCUE YOU!!"

I truly believe Anne Marie Molster has captured God's heart with this word below!

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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In my quiet time with the Lord, I stepped into a vision that showed me the blessings of abundance and alignment that He will bestow on those that have sought His will. His blessings will come in an outpouring for those who have been under countless attacks, pressing through difficult battles, all the while believing He will bring them to victory – fully restored. Many are waiting for the final breakthrough into their Promised Land.

In this vision I saw myself standing alone in a field, exhausted and trying to find my way. The path that once seemed so clear had been covered in debris from the obvious battles of many. I knew the enemy was once again trying to throw me off course. I know that many have been experiencing a similar scenario in which they've begun to feel directionless.

"Your steps will be easy as you move forward and My path will open before you. You will have great discernment in this season and you will be met by others that will join you in My great assignment."

As my vision continued, I realized this word needed to be released at a very pivotal point in our move from the season we are leaving behind. As I walk you through this vision I pray that you continue to remain hopeful in His promises. God hears your cries and He knows your desperation.

An Abundance of Fruit!

In this abandoned field, Jesus suddenly came before me on a great white horse. I climbed on behind Him and held tightly as He turned in the direction that He came from, leading us away with great intensity. After a lengthy distance, I began to focus on the scenery that had been a blur. We arrived at grove, thick with fruit trees. There were fruits that I did not recognize and knew I had never tasted. Realizing what I had left behind, I allowed Jesus to hold me as I cried with expectant joy!

As we walked, tasting the fruits, Jesus communicated with my spirit what is to come to those surrendering their lives without regard for anything except promoting the Kingdom. We came upon a ladder placed against a lush tree. The ladder was taller than I could see and the silver glistened brightly in His light.

Jesus began to climb and beckoned for me to follow. As I neared the top, the ladder continued rising with me. Jesus told me that there are no limits to the abundance of fruit to be harvested here. That I was arriving at new heights and could gather all that I needed.

I was now above the grove and could reach down effortlessly and harvest from the treetops. There would be no striving here. I could no longer see the ground below. It was as if I was standing on an unseen floor above the trees. I could walk in any direction without falling. (Photo via Pixabay)

Jesus smiled as He told me of the abundant harvest that would be available at all times. A map was laid out on this floor and details of road names and land borders were outlined in white. I was given a basket of fruit and told to guard what I was carrying as it would be needed along the way.

Continue to Praise Him, as He Promises to Go With You!

Before going forward I longed to give thanks to our Father in Heaven. I closed my eyes before Jesus and found myself in the throne room before God. I felt His hand over me. I praised Him in His great glory. As He continued to surround me in His weighted glory, I felt Him instantly remove all of the weariness that weakened me.

It was as if every burden I ever felt was lifted and my energy and strength returned. I could feel the physical change in the natural as I felt a flow of renewal in my spirit. He assured me of His presence in this new season as I found myself stepping back onto the floor above the fruit grove.

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Your Gifts Will Increase and You Will Be Overwhelmed!

Jesus then handed me a long beautiful peacock feather and an inkwell to hold. I began writing in the air and as I did an entire world began to form around me. Everything I wrote was coming into fruition. Every prayer I had prayed was being birthed before me!

I laughed with tears in my eyes. It was the most incredible thing I had ever seen. Jesus laughed in amusement of the wonder I was experiencing. As I continued to be amazed, He reminded me of the fruit basket.

"As my vision continued, I realized this word needed to be released at a very pivotal point in our move from the season we are leaving behind."

He said, "You must tend to the gifts you carry and they will continue to grow. You will use them to serve many. Your new season begins here, but all that is to come is beyond this grove. It cannot be seen beyond the horizon.

"Your steps will be easy as you move forward and My path will open before you. You will have great discernment in this season and you will be met by others that will join you in My great assignment. Be encouraged, for you are set aside specifically for this time of acceleration. A chosen one for such a time as this" (see Esther 4:14).

"If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer." (Matthew 21:22 NIV)

Open Your Eyes, You Are in the Midst of Your Suddenly!

I originally released this next word in late January. I have recently felt the Lord pressing upon me to release it again. There are many who have felt they are still in the waiting, believing they have been passed over for yet another season. When in reality, many things have taken place to cause a shift into your destiny.

The Lord is saying to you, "Look around! Do you not see? Do you not realize you have already stepped into new territory? I have already begun something new!"

He didn't say you reached your destination, but your new journey has begun! He desires us to take the time to look around us and see the suddenly that has already begun to happen. We need to recognize it and praise Him where He has placed us. Praise is the fuel to the next level of activation. If we are worried about where we are not rather than seeing what He has already brought us into, we will miss it! What we are doing now is necessary in our progression. (Photo via Flickr)

"For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it?" (Isaiah 43:19 NLT)

God's timing is not ours. Therefore, His suddenly will not be done in an earthly instant. Eventually you will look back in awe at what has happened in such a short time. If you are able to look at an alignment or a provision that has recently taken place, you will see it has moved you forward.

Don't plant your gaze downward, you will not see your movement. The view remains the same! When you look around, seeing the new He has created just for you, you will begin to praise rather than continuing to cry out. His great angels listen for the song of your spirit, waiting in anticipation to carry out their next assignment of promotion. God cannot release them if you are not ready. You are ready as you focus on the new around you.

"See, I am sending an angel ahead of you to bring you to the place I have prepared. Pay attention..." (Exodus 23:20-21 NIV) (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

Anne Marie Molster

Anne Marie Molster is a prophetic writer who desires to share the heart of the Lord while encouraging others to step into the secret place that He has reserved just for them. She carries the gift of a seer who is given visions and dreams that speak into her life as well as the lives of others. By stepping into His presence, she is able to hear of His love for His children and His great plans for them, which she then shares through a written word. By sharing her encounters, she desires to bring others into a deeper relationship with the Lord, so that they understand that they too can hear His voice and experience a relationship that surpasses all others. She longs to help many step into the Kingdom to see all the amazing gifts He has prepared for each to enjoy.

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