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Chuck D. Pierce: "February is the Key Month of Intercession! 28 Days to Develop a New Blessing Cycle!"

Chuck D. Pierce
Feb 2, 2017

Steve ShultzFrom the desk of Steve Shultz:

Chuck Pierce is like the time-keeper or Calendar for the Body of Christ.

Chuck is what can be called an Issachar Prophet, knowing the times and seasons of God.

Use this prophetic word for the Church for the Month of February as a guide to pray IN UNITY with the Body of Christ.

As Chuck says here:

"This is probably the key month of intercession for the year ahead! The old will fight to stay in place. In a year of "finishing" and completing what has never fully manifested in other seasons of your life, we must persist against resisting forces and determine to break through.

"This is also a month to pray for those in authority."

Let's join our hearts and prayers in unity and use February as the break though and break out month of 2017. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List go here.)

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
The Elijah List & Breaking Christian News

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Dear Faithful Ones:

This is probably the key month of intercession for the year ahead! The old will fight to stay in place. In a year of "finishing" and completing what has never fully manifested in other seasons of your life, we must persist against resisting forces and determine to break through.

This is also a month to pray for those in authority.

Thank you for praying for me this past month. My schedule was very demanding, but the Lord has showed Himself strong at every turn. While I was ministering in Las Vegas, I noticed the lanterns and the roosters. I then realized that in the Chinese culture, this is the year of the rooster. I said to Lord, "Is there anything I need to see in this?" He immediately spoke to me and said, "This is the time for the 'COCK CROWING WATCH'! There are certain demonic forces that can only be displaced by doing this watch."

Therefore, this month we will be doing our CORPORATE PRAYER WATCH on the next four Friday mornings at 12 AM (midnight). We will begin this Friday morning, February 3, in the Tabernacle. On Sundays, we will just begin at 8 AM with worship for this month. (Photo via Wikimedia)

Linda Heidler has prepared a great prayer focus explaining the watch and guiding us through it. Then I have added seven more days to prepare us for pressing through into the "finishing anointing." Before we enter in, let's review the month of Shevat.

We Have Moved into the Month of SHEVAT!

We have now entered the Hebraic month of SHEVAT. This month is Biblically linked with the tribe of Asher, which means pleasure, happiness, delicious, and fatness. However, this is a month that we must be like Daniel and "beware of the delicacies of the king." In other words, we should not have our senses dulled with overindulgence.

This is a month to develop the plan of sustaining the generations. Pray for each of your children. May those that have strayed from His path begin to hear the call to return. May they remember the love of God and start their journey back toward His Kingdom. May those on the fence cross over into the right pasture.

How will your olive tree blossom? This is the month of the letter tzadik – your righteousness becomes your foundation. This is a month of rooting. May your roots awaken to the water of life and every evil root be removed. Find your "well of life." Look for those who are bringing pitchers of water to you. Study the life of Rebekah and the Samaritan woman. This is a time to shout, "My blessings are on the way!"

Divine Recovery

Several years ago the LORD awakened me at 3 AM and said, "You have got to think differently for Me to open up new supply lines. Gather what has been scattered. Decree that My Body enter into and experience a DIVINE RECOVERY. Gather what has been scattered, and I will release a new supply line and give you a new measure."

Also, I heard the Lord saying, "Begin to surround that which has been stranded. Many are afraid to move on to higher ground this hour. The enemy has convinced them that if they will stay at their present dimension then they will remain protected from harm. This is not an hour to call a 'truce' with the enemy. Do not fear the rising water that is surrounding you, for the rising water is a sign that I am ready to lead you into a new pasture. Surround those who have been surrounded, and show them the way into their enlarged place."

The Spirit of God is saying, "Do not be afraid to go back down to that place where you were held in the valley. The valley, or the place where you have had confined vision, is losing its strength. I have a people that are getting ready to journey and come up to the place of 'seeing' where I reveal Myself in a new way. Not only will you see Me, but you will see your desires upon your enemy. If you will go back to the valley, you will find what was captured and the treasures that have been hidden there. (Photo via Wikipedia)

"Do not fear the giants that were in your valley. Then you will come up, and in the midst of your coming up, you will begin to see what I have for you and how the enemy had planned to waste what I had destined for you in this hour. Even though you return to a low place, do not fear, for this will be a year that you will stand on new, high ground. For it was the high place that ruled you in your low place. Go back, return, and then go up, and the throne of iniquity in your life at the high place will topple.

"Worship Me on that high place and you will dance upon that which ruled you. Am I not a God that descended to ascend? Did I not go down to come up? As you descend and go down, take the key that I have set there, render the enemy powerless, and arise, arise, arise to the high place of ascension.

"Truly the power of My Name is at hand. The gifts in you that have lain dormant will arise as you ascend with Me, and you will have the power to RECOVER ALL!"

Recovery means:

• To recuperate or regain what has been lost or taken
• To regain your health or get well
• To return to a state of control or authority
• To save yourself from falling, slipping or being betrayed
• To regain or RECLAIM land or substances from waste
• To retrieve a person from a bad state
• To get back by judgment
• To return to a balance FROM WEAKNESS
• To RECLAIM or demand or decree that restoration of a thing will begin

Recovery is part of the process of restoration. However, recovery is linked with strategy and obedience. This is a Season to War over Your Seeds. Be sure you have PLANTED them!

28 Days to Transform Your Thinking for the Year Ahead and Make a New Cycle of Blessing!

This prayer focus will take you through the month of February. The first 21 days leads you through the Breaking of the Day or "Cock Crowing" Watch! The final seven days require you to answer questions the Lord is asking. Record your thoughts. Meditate upon His Word so you break the power of limitation from your life and renew your mind!

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21 Breaking of the Day Watch Prayer Focus

The "Breaking of the Day" Watch began at midnight and continued until three in the morning. This prayer focus will pick up with the midnight watch and continue on through the turning of the morning.

There are two words used in the Old Testament for "midnight." The literal meaning of both is "the middle of the night." One is used only three times and is always translated as "midnight." The other is used 120 times and means the middle, midpoint or half of something. When used to refer to "half of the night" it is translated "midnight."

The first word, "Chatsoth," is twice used of the righteous judgment of God being carried out at midnight and used once of the psalmist rising to praise God for His righteous judgments at midnight. The second word is also translated as "midnight" three times and has to do with the righteous judgments of God.

There are two words translated as "midnight" in the New Testament. Like the words used in the Old Testament, one of these words means the middle or midpoint of something and the other is a specific term for midnight.

Day 1: Read Exodus 11:1-7. The Lord had repeatedly said for Pharaoh to let the people of Israel go, but Pharaoh had refused. There came a time when God pronounced His righteous judgment against Pharaoh. Notice in verse 7 that in judgment God makes a distinction between Egypt and Israel. Thank Him that He always gives a warning and offers a way of escape from the judgment He pronounces.

Day 2: Read Exodus 12:21-30. The time came when God did exactly what He said that He would do. Those who aligned themselves with Pharaoh and Egypt received the judgment. The righteous judgment of God "Passed Over" those who aligned themselves with Israel. Ask the Lord to reveal any alignment with "Egypt" in your life and your nation. Repent of anything He shows you and come into full alignment with God.

Day 3: Read Job 34:16-20. Rulers who hate justice are eventually judged by God. Review any areas where you exercise authority to see that they reflect the justice of God. Remember that with God, mercy is over judgment. Righteous judgment is always preceded by mercy. Pray for the justice system of your nation that it will reflect the righteous judgment of God. (Photo via flickr)

Day 4: Read Psalm 119:57-64. Psalm 119 is an acrostic in which each section is assigned to a different letter of the Hebrew alphabet. The first word of each verse in that section begins with that letter. This section is assigned to the letter "Heth." Because this letter is used in the word "Le Chaim," which means, "to life," the Heth has come to symbolize life. While those who disregard the ordinances of God experience death, those who align themselves with them experience life. When the Psalmist considers this, he rises at midnight, the hour of the execution of righteous judgment, and praises God for His righteous judgments. Praise God that while He is a God of mercy, He does not let the guilty go unpunished. Praise Him that He gives us life.

Day 5: Read Judges 16:1-3. Sampson was one of the judges of Israel. When he was surrounded by his enemies who were lying in wait to kill him, God gave him strength at midnight to overturn the "gates" of his enemies. The gates represented the seat of authority. When you feel surrounded by your enemies, rise at midnight and receive the strength of the Lord to overturn their gates in your life.

Day 6: Read Ruth 3. Naomi had suffered great loss. Ruth, her daughter-in-law, had chosen to align herself with Naomi and the God of Israel, rather than returning to the idolatry of Moab. The Law of God made a way of restoration for both Naomi and Ruth. As Ruth submitted to the counsel of Naomi, God awakened Boaz at midnight to begin the process of redemption and restoration. Praise God that no matter what loss you have suffered, He has a way of restoration. Receive any counsel you need. Ask God to awaken any who are part of your process of redemption so that they carry it out fully.

Day 7: Read Mt. 25:1-13. In this parable, midnight was the time when wisdom and foolishness became apparent. The wise virgins received the blessing and the foolish ones did not. Ask the Lord to reveal any foolish thinking, or behavior, so that you can gain wisdom and receive the blessing. The book of Proverbs was written to teach wisdom. As you are in this watch, read Proverbs and gain wisdom.

Day 8: Read Mark 13:33-37. This parable also stresses the importance of being alert and prepared at any hour of the night. The master had assigned certain responsibilities to each slave and expected them to be faithful to their assignment. Review the assignments the Lord has given you to be sure you are alert and ready.

Day 9: Read Luke 11:5-13. In this parable the man in need received what he asked for when he knocked at midnight. Jesus stresses the importance of asking, seeking and knocking, until you receive what you need. Getting up to pray at midnight is a way of showing the Lord that you are serious about your needs. Let Him hear your cry at midnight.

Day 10: Read Acts 16:11-40. The oppressive situation Paul and Silas were in was completely reversed when they sang praises. At midnight, God intervened and broke them free. The injustice they had suffered was rectified and many were saved as a result of their sacrifice of praise at midnight. Many times, difficult situations will cause us to lose sleep. We find ourselves awake in the night worrying about what will happen. If this happens, begin to praise God and watch for Him to intervene in your life and reverse your hardship. Be aware that others who are aware of your circumstances are listening to what comes out of your mouth. Your praise will have a powerful effect on them.

Day 11: Read Acts 20:7-12. Don't miss your miracle at midnight. There are things the Lord will say and do for those who are attentive when He begins to speak.

Day 12: Read Acts 27. When Paul was arrested in Jerusalem, the Lord appeared to him and told him that he would go to Rome. As he was on his way to Rome, a storm arose which threatened to sink the ship. The Lord sent an angel to let him know what would happen and assure him that all would be safe. The angel said that the ship must run aground. At midnight when the sailors took the sounding, they realized that the ship was about to run aground. Things began to happen just as the angel had said. The process of prophetic fulfillment began at midnight. Even the unbelieving sailors were part of God's plan to get Paul to Rome to fulfill the word of the Lord. If you feel overwhelmed, review the word of the Lord to you and know that He will use even unbelievers to get you where you need to be.

Cock crowing: Perhaps this watch is best known as being the time of Peter's denial of the Lord.

Day 13: Read Matt. 26:31-35. The fact that all of the disciples would desert Him was known to Jesus. It was even prophesied in the Old Testament. In this passage, He is trying to prepare them for one of the most difficult times they would ever experience. Rather than taking the Lord's words to heart, Peter denies that what Jesus is preparing them for will ever happen. Because he denied the possibility, he could not receive the preparation.

The Lord still gives us prophetic words to prepare us for what is to come. In verse 32 Jesus gives them an incredible promise; that He will rise from the dead and go before them to Galilee. True prophetic words will always have a promise of redemption, no matter how hard the words are. Peter was so focused on convincing the Lord that he would never deny Him that he missed this awesome statement. Ask the Lord to make you very attentive to what He is saying, so that you are fully prepared for what is ahead and have the promise of the Lord to see you through.

Day 14: Read Mark 14:66-72. This passage gives the actual account of Peter's denial. Despite his best intentions, he did exactly what Jesus had said he would do. When the reality of what he had done hit him, he wept bitterly. Weeping is a sign of true repentance. Peter's response is so different from that of Judas. Judas tried to undo what he had done and when he could not "fix it," he hung himself. There is no indication of true repentance in Judas. True repentance always opens the door for restoration. Where there is no repentance, there can be no restoration. Sometimes, what the Lord wants from us is not for us to "fix" our mistakes, but to come to Him in repentance. Let the Lord show you any areas where you have failed and you just need to repent.

Day 15: Read Luke 22: 31-34. This passage gives further insight into what was going on in the spirit realm. Satan had demanded permission to "sift" Peter like wheat. Sifting wheat was done by violently shaking the wheat through a strainer. The wheat would stay in the strainer, while the chaff would blow away. Satan had demanded permission to shake Peter up to see if there was any substance to his faith. To Jesus, the issue was not whether or not Peter would deny Him. That was already prophesied. The issue was what Peter would do afterward.

The Lord allows our faith to be tested. He knows that we sometimes will not pass the test. When we are tested, the true substance of our faith becomes evident. This is not to condemn us, but so that we can see where we need to change. If you are in a "night season" where your faith is being tested, allow the words of the Lord to Peter to bring comfort and encouragement to you. "I have prayed for you that your faith may not fail you. After you have turned, strengthen your brothers."

Day 16: Read Luke 22:54-62. Luke gives such a beautiful account of the Lord's response to Peter immediately following the denial. Even while being falsely accused by the religious leaders, Jesus was fully aware of what was going on with Peter. He knew the exact moment when Peter denied Him for the third time and turned and looked at him. He did not turn His face away from him, but turned toward him. I can imagine that Peter found himself looking into the compassionate eyes of Jesus, who had already prayed for this very moment. What a wonderful picture of the heart of God for us. Allow the Lord to look into your eyes, even during your times of failure and remember that He lives to make intercession for you.

Day 17: Read John 18:15-27. This is the only account which mentions another disciple being present. It is interesting that this "other disciple" was never questioned about his relationship with Jesus, but Peter was singled out three times. This was Peter's time of testing. The "other disciple" would have a different test at a different time. Have you ever felt "singled out"? In your time of testing, do not compare yourself with others. Do not believe the lie that you are being treated unfairly by the Lord or that you are the only one who ever suffers. Find your way of victory and be prepared to help others pass their test when the time comes.

The Womb of the Dawn: As you pass the hour of midnight, you enter the "turning of the morning" or the "womb of the dawn". This is the time when the hours stop moving into darkness and begin moving toward light. What has been conceived during the night comes to birth during the day.

Day 18: Read Psalm 110. This is one of the most quoted Psalms in the New Testament, referring to Jesus as the Messiah. Notice verse 3. The word for "day" means the hottest part of the day. The word for "power" is also the word for "army". This verse promises that in the heat of the day a refreshing like the dew will come from the "womb of the dawn" on the army of the Lord. When we pray through the breaking of the day, new strength and refreshing are released when we need it most.

Day 19: Read Psalm 119:147. This verse describes the life of Jesus. There are many passages which relate how He would rise before light and go to a lonely place to pray. I believe that during those times, the Father would speak to Him about what the coming day would hold and show Him what He wanted to do. Jesus was never caught off guard because He heard the word of the Father before the day began. Ask the Lord to show you His order for your day before the day dawns.

Day 20: Read Psalm 139: 9-12. The Psalmist is painting a picture of the Lord being in any dark place. The word translated here as "wing" means "an extremity". He is saying that if I am on the extreme edge of the dawn, as far from the dawn as I can get, or in the darkest place of the sea, You are there. Your hand will hold me and guide me. You will even make the darkness the same as the light to me. Ask the Lord to shine His light into any dark place so that the fear or threat of darkness is swallowed up in His light.

Day 21: Read Psalm 46:5, Job 38:12-13. Where God is established, we will not be moved or shaken. God will send help at the "turning of the morning" and we will arise and shake the wicked out of the day.

In our final seven days, let faith, a new identity, and a new cycle of blessing arise!

Day 22: Read Proverbs 3. Lean not on your own understanding. Ask the Lord for your strategy of giving this. Ask Him to fill your storehouses.

Day 23: Read Romans 8. Declare that your mind will submit to your spirit man. Ask the Lord to fill your spirit with the Holy Spirit.

Day 24: Read Luke 18:35-43. Notice the question. Answer this as if you were the blind man being asked by Jesus, "What do you want ME to do for YOU?"

Day 25: Read 2 Kings 4, Mark 8:1-10. What do you HAVE that the Lord can USE? Reevaluate your resources and let the Lord reveal His strategies for multiplication.

Day 26: Read I Kings 17, Luke 14:25-33. Will you put ME FIRST? Many times we fail the test of prioritizing our loyalty. Sometimes we must give first before our resources multiply.

Day 27: Read Matthew 26:31-35. Who are you really connected with? Will you stand with those the Lord has connected you to? Reevaluate all of your connections and alignments.

Day 28: Read Luke 5:1-11. Is your net mended? Will you let the Lord direct you into a new place? Are you ready for the call that He has for your future?

Receive a FINISHING ANOINTING to finish or complete those things that need to be completed in your life! (To Subscribe to the Elijah List go here.)

Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion International Ministries


Charles D. "Chuck" Pierce serves as President of Global Spheres, Inc. (GSI) in Corinth, Texas. This is an apostolic, prophetic ministry that is being used to gather and mobilize the worshipping Triumphant Reserve throughout the world. Chuck also serves as President of Glory of Zion International Ministries, a ministry that aligns Jew and Gentile. He is known for his accurate prophetic gifting which helps direct nations, cities, churches, and individuals in understanding the times and seasons in which we live. Chuck and his wife, Pam, have six children and seven grandchildren. He has authored over 20 books, including the best-sellers Interpreting the Times, Redeeming the Time, and Time to Defeat the Devil.

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