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KATHIE WALTERS: God's Bridge Between the United States and Australia

by Kathie Walters
Oct 6, 2003

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by Kathie Walters


I had a really neat day on Sunday (Oct 4th) because I was HOME. I love being at home (alone) because the Lord always shows up in some way.

Bridge to Australia

Well He caught me by surprise. As I woke up, (you know, half asleep/half awake), I immediately saw a long bridge and the next minute I was walking on this bridge. There were people walking in the same direction as me and people coming the other way, smiling as they passed me by. There was a glow on their faces, and happiness. An angel began to walk alongside of me. As I walked, there was an increase in the flow of these people coming and going. I also realized that this bridge I was on stretched from USA to AUSTRALIA. It was a long bridge but somehow it didn't take long to get to Australia - they say the world in a smaller place these days.

Anointed people on the bridge (Preachers)

Then I began to take notice the people on the bridge! Wow - I saw men and women carrying Bibles and the Holy Spirit said that God is raising up anointed preachers and teachers in Australia who will be shortly be released to minister in the USA. Also more preachers/teachers from here would travel and minister in Australia. I also was aware that more Bible schools/colleges would be raised up in Australia

Then I noticed people carry CD's - musicians and worship leaders. Of course Hillsong has really impacted the U.S. But I saw there were individual, very anointed worship vocalists as well as groups and bands who were going to be coming to America.

The Red/Gold clouds

Then it seemed as if I was lifted up and I was looking down over Australia. I saw clouds gather in various places and the clouds turned into a red and then gold color. The clouds released a red/gold rain in different cities and then I saw people shout and jump! I have felt so excited myself ever since I saws that! In a conference last year in Vermont, NE with Catherine Brown, myself and Sarah Trinder, a red/gold dust fell on us at the end of a meeting when we had been ministering on "Liberty."

Anointed Children

When the rain fell, I saw many children begin to look up. I saw many children in a Sunday school setting, looking at the teacher. But as the rain fell, they began to look up, and the red/gold glow from the clouds was reflected on their faces. Next minute I was back on the bridge and I noticed there were groups of anointed children walking near me going the same way - to Australia, and also groups of children coming the other way toward the U.S. I would love to be a part of that, E-mail me [Kathie at] if you are interested. Children do not have a "junior" Holy Spirit. God is using them in an awesome way increasing the Power of God in them all the time.

The Business World Opens Up

I noticed businessmen, both Christian and non Christian. The business world opened up in a bigger way between the USA and Australia. The Christian businessmen bought various gifts to the U.S. and also took gifts back to Australia (this represents spiritual and material gifts).

I saw all kinds of sports people having open doors to America -games and competitions all brought people from Australia to America.

Tourist Trade is Boosted

Then I was standing on a beach that looked like what I remember of Bondi or Coogee, and I saw an influx of people began to flock to those beaches from other countries and the vacation business got a shot in the arm - and consequently those areas began to increase in prosperity. You have to remember also that when Christians go places, for whatever reason, the atmosphere is affected by our presence because of who it is that LIVES IN US.

God's Chariots

This morning as I was praying (Tues Oct 6th) I saw one of the Lord's chariots over my head and the next minute I was standing on one of those beaches in New South Wales. I walked along the beach-praying for the coast lines and the influences coming into Australia - I began to release the spirit of Good News, which is our inheritance /

The chariots are for you too!

By the way of explanation - often when we pray and praise the Lord in the Spirit the chariots of God are near, or over us. When you pray for places, nations, cities the chariots of God are there to take you to those places, Remember, there is no time or distance in the spirit realm. In one second you can be caught up in one of God's chariots to another country or city. We were created for the spirit realm - that is your home. In the Hebrides revival (1948-42) the intercessors sometimes left their body for days. See "Bright and Shining Revival" in the Elijah list bookstore.

I am excited as I saw at the end that New Zealand, too, was going to be affected by this move of God, as he responds to the intercessors and to faith. I am looking forward to being in Australia this next year - I believe a spirit of faith will be released, even with this word, for many people to believe the Lord for the provision to go to AUSTRALIA .

by Kathie Walters


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