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Robert Hotchkin: "God is Hitting the 'Reset' Button"

by Robert Hotchkin
Oct 5, 2016

Steve ShultzIntro From Julie A. Smith:

Are you wanting to hit the "reset button" in an area or two over your life? I think we all do!'re about to get that chance! I really appreciate this word by Robert Hotchkin, in which he shares in depth about what God is resetting in our lives in this season.

Robert also shares an amazing story from his recent missions trip to Cambodia where God gave him strategic prophetic insights and decrees to make over the land. I really enjoyed reading this as I am from Thailand myself, and whenever I go there, I like to visit specific areas and make decrees over the land as well.

As I was reading through Robert's article, I was reminded of a word of HOPE the Lord spoke to me last week. The Lord revealed to me that He wants us to, "Hope Against All Hope" – meaning, "Have hope when it looks impossible!" He reminded of some prophetic words He's given me over Thailand which are, "Thailand will be an epicenter of God's presence, filled with His light, and people will be flocking there to experience Him."

Now, in the natural, that looks pretty impossible and hopeless. Thailand happens to be the epicenter for sex-trafficking for women and children, and 95% of the population is steeped in Buddhism, with Christianity being less than 1% of the population. But God is saying to "Hope against all hope!" (see Romans 4:18).

Be full of HOPE in this new season and allow God to hit that Reset Button in any areas He wants!

Robert shares: This is the "reset" – deeply knowing that we are His, we are favored, protected and provided for, and in that we can dream big and expect all that we set our hands to to prosper and succeed. No matter what the past was, we are not to "dwell" in it. We are to dwell in Him. For when we do, we are perfectly positioned for Him to hit the "reset" button, wipe away the past, and launch us into a glorious future.

Be full of HOPE as God is launching you into a glorious future!

Julie A. Smith, Managing Editor
The Elijah List


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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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Recently I had an encounter with the presence of the Lord in which He spoke to my heart that He was getting ready to "hit the resent button." This wouldn't just be a fresh start, but a "renewed" one. It wouldn't just be a chance to go back to square one and give it another go, but much more.

It would involve the wiping away of all frustrations, failures and setbacks. It would include the grace to break patterns that have limited or sabotaged in the past. It would come with fresh vision to see situations, opportunities and even ourselves with renewed expectation.

It would be like one of those forest fires that burns up all the old brush and bramble that chokes off new growth, while also activating the deep seeds in the ground so that they can burst to the surface and explode into new, accelerated fruitfulness. The fire being released is an all-consuming fire of His love (Hebrews 12:27-29). It will burn with the "Certainty of Sonship" (Matthew 3:17, Psalm 2:7) in which all who receive it come to a deeper realization that they are His beloved child, and every good thing He has is for them (Romans 8:15-17).

This is the "reset" – deeply knowing that we are His, we are favored, protected and provided for, and in that we can dream big and expect all that we set our hands to to prosper and succeed (Deuteronomy 28:8, Jeremiah 29:11). No matter what the past was, we are not to "dwell" in it. We are to dwell in Him. For when we do, we are perfectly positioned for Him to hit the "reset" button, wipe away the past, and launch us into a glorious future (John 15:7).

We Are Not Defined by What Has Been – No Matter What it Was

Not long after I had this encounter and received this word, I left for Cambodia to lead a missions trip focused on seeing that nation transformed through strategic prophetic insights and decrees. As part of the trip, we went to the "Killing Fields" outside of Phnom Penh to learn a bit more about the Khmer Rouge and all that had happened to the people and the nation during that regime's brutal reign.

I was a little nervous about going because in the past when I had read articles or seen videos about the Killing Fields I often felt overwhelmed by emotion, undone by the brutality and darkness of it all. I wasn't sure what to expect. I didn't really know how I would respond when confronted with the mass graves, the killing tree where the babies had been slaughtered, and all the other aspects of the tragic, violent history of betrayal, injustice, inhumanity, corruption, evil and abuse that marked that era of Cambodia's past when so much was ripped from the people and the land of this precious nation that had once been known as the "Pearl of Asia."

Seeing Past the Past

When I got there, I decided to take the audio tour. As I put on the headset I prayed, giving the time to the Lord and asking Him to use it for His purposes as a part of the overall plan He had me in Cambodia for. As I walked the grounds, listening to the history and hearing some of the first-hand accounts of the few survivors, I was moved by what the nation and the people had been through. But as opposed to being overwhelmed by it, I actually felt a confidence grow in me that as awful and tragic as the history was, Cambodia is not condemned to past sins, death and darkness. Just the opposite. (Photo via GraphicStock)

Because of Jesus, the nation and the people have been set free by the law of the Spirit of Life in Christ (Romans 8:1-2). The very same spirit that raised Christ from the dead hovers over the land, loves the place, and is there for the people to quicken all of Cambodia into all the good things the Lord created it for (Romans 8:11). He simply needed someone to realize all of this, lift up their eyes to see past the past, and believe for a better future.

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As He graced me to do this, a stream of Scriptural decrees and prophetic intercession poured out of me in faith because in that moment, I knew that my God is in the business of redemption, restoration and pulling people and places out of death and darkness no matter how deep or how wicked.

I prayed with a certainty of faith that God was well able to overcome the past and bring Cambodia into a bright future. And oh how you could feel creation groaning in relief as it was being set free from the bondage of past failings into the destiny of glorious liberty (Romans 8:19-21).

The Ultimate Reset Button

It was as if God was hitting the "reset" button for Cambodia. And what He does for one, He is well able and totally willing to do for all (Mathew 8:3, Acts 10:34). If He can lift an entire nation out of a past as dark as the travesties of the Khmer Rouge, He certainly can lift any of us up out of our former failures, disappointments, setbacks, wounds or mistakes.

After all, that is what the Cross is all about – Him overcoming for us what we could not overcome on our own. The Cross is the ultimate "reset button." Dwell on that. Dwell in Him. Praise Him for His overcoming power in your life (2 Corinthians 2:14, Romans 8:32, 37). And watch and be amazed as He hits the reset button – lifting you up out of your past into a truly glorious future! (Photo via GraphicStock)

Prayer Directives

Let's pray and agree that:

[1] Each and every Believer is the beloved child of God in whom He is well pleased (Matthew 3:17). We will know and be confident in the certainty of that, the security of that, and the protection and provision of that.

[2] We do not "dwell" in the past but we dwell in Him, and as we do we are fruitful and fulfilled in all we do (John 15:5-7).

[3] We are not condemned to our pasts. The life-giving power of the Holy Spirit frees us from every trap, hindrance, distraction, deception, disappointment, delay, hurt and wound of the enemy (Romans 8:1-2) that has ever limited or worried us in any way.

[4] The very same Spirit that lifted Jesus up out of death and darkness dwells within each of us and quickens us past our pasts and lifts us up into our glorious futures (Romans 8:11).

[5] In Christ we are overcomers, we are more than conquerors, and we are always victorious (Romans 8:31, 37; 2 Corinthians 2:14).

[6] God has amazing plans for us. Plans to bless and prosper us. Plans for a glorious future He is well able to bring us into (Jeremiah 29:11, Deuteronomy 28:8).

Robert Hotchkin
XP Ministries


Robert Hotchkin ministers with Patricia King and XP Ministries. He fervently believes every Christian is a miracle-working explosion of the Kingdom waiting to happen. His preaching, teaching, and ministry inspires Believers to grab hold of their restored relationship with the Father through the finished work of the Cross and walk the earth as Jesus did – destroying every work of darkness everywhere they go! Rob is a passionate lover of Jesus Christ, and that passion is truly contagious! He ministers with strong faith, releasing revelation, prophetic decrees, healings, miracles, and the love of God. He is a true carrier of the glory and revival. People have been healed, refreshed, set free, and empowered through his life. He believes for Heaven to impact lives and regions everywhere he goes.

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