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Lana Vawser: "Prophets of Purity - Promotion is Upon You! His Voice Through You Will Get Louder"

by Lana Vawser
Sep 13, 2016

Steve ShultzIntro by Lana Vawser:

Hi Friends,

I was in worship recently and I kept hearing the words "Prophets of Purity" over and over.

As I began to seek God's heart on what He was saying, He showed me these prophets and how they really are friends of God. They are ones that have kept the main thing, the main thing, Jesus!

They have undivided focus upon Him, and know what it is to live deep in the secret place. They burn with His love and intimacy for Him and live in deep, deep depths of His heart.

He showed me a fire that has come upon them in this season to try and kill them.

As they have kept clean hands and a pure heart in their intention, agenda and motives before Him, they have laid down their life to Him and been living in a deeper place of surrender, that His fire is falling upon them now like they have never experienced before to catapult them into the greatest promotion they have experienced.

Their voices are about to get loud, and resound with love, the goodness of God and purity in a "change of direction" and a "pause/Selah" moment that is about to be released into the body of Christ.

I am excited about what God is going to do through these purity prophets because the very goal and manifestation of these purity prophets taking their place in greater ways, was a deep calibration in the body of Christ into the great divine RETURN that He is orchestrating. The return to HIM as the first love.

I pray you encounter His heart of love and goodness towards you in this word,


Lana Vawser

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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"Prophets of purity, I call you prophets of purity because you have kept Me as your first love. You have kept your eyes upon Me amidst the fire that the enemy has sent upon you to kill you and take you out. Your heart is full of delight for Me. Your heart is full of passion to know Me and have intimacy with Me. You have kept Me as the main thing. You have danced with Me as your first love and you have continued to rise above all that has come to attempt to hold you down.

"I call you prophets of purity because you have kept clean hands and a pure heart before Me in the place of deep surrender. There has been a price that has been paid for the purity of heart that you carry, and as you have laid down your life to Me, as you have become a living sacrifice upon My altar, My fire is falling upon you now like you have never experienced before.

"A Fire of Purging"

"In this season, I brought a fire of purging, and even when it is has been uncomfortable, you continue to embrace My fire, because of your love for Me. Your affection, your hunger, your passion and your love for Me, continues to see you fall at My feet in worship and a cry arise from your heart, 'It's all for You, Jesus; it's all for You. It's Your way and in Your time.' (Photo via Pixabay)

"My prophets of purity, you continue to lay yourselves down before Me in humility and integrity, delighting to live in one place alone and that is in My presence. You desire nothing more than to just be with Me. Your hunger for Me has driven you to live a life of radical abandonment to Me and even stand alone at times. You live with a YES in your heart and you continue to hold My hand even when you don't understand.

"There has been a vicious attack against many of you in this season because the enemy is terrified about what I am about to lead you into, but his attempts to kill you have simply added increase and greater breakthrough and repayment to you from Me.

"I have been working deeply in your hearts and your souls to bring about healing, to bring about wholeness, and to bring you to an even deeper place of dependence. It has been painful and the battle has been intense. You are being formed, not only as prophets of purity but those who have been in the trenches so much in this season and learned what it means to be warriors and not give up the fight; even in the trenches I am awakening you to deeper levels of intimacy with Me.

"NOTHING that has been sent against you has been wasted. I am using it ALL to form you and shape you and am now leading you into the greatest crossover you have ever experienced. You are moving from the wilderness into a whole new land of promotion. I am changing the guards in the Body of Christ right now, and I am about to strategically place you, My prophets of purity, in new positions that will see a pure flow of My Spirit in intercession and the prophetic arise. (Photo via Pixabay)

"I am about to lead you, My purity prophets, into a realm of KNOWING and UNDERSTANDING My heart and My ways in a way you have never experienced before. I am about to lead you deeper into a season of Amos 3:7, 'For the Lord GOD does nothing without revealing His secret to His servants the prophets.'

"I Am Orchestrating a Divine Return and a 'Selah' Moment"

"There is a 'change of direction' about to take place swiftly across the Body of Christ. I am going to bring a divine change into the Body of Christ that is going to see the manifestation of what I have been orchestrating: 'THE DIVINE RETURN.' The return to Me as the first love. The return to Me being your greatest love, your greatest affection and your greatest delight."

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There is about to be a SELAH moment come upon the Body of Christ. SELAH: "stop and listen; pause and think of that".

"There is about to be a PAUSE in the ACCELERATION OF MOMENTUM to usher IN this orchestrated DIVINE RETURN and SELAH MOMENT. It will require the eyes of intimacy to SEE what I am doing. I am about to bring about a DIVINE PAUSE in accelerated momentum across the Body of Christ to bring a recalibration. This PAUSE is not a is a GLORIOUS thing. It is the moment where I am ABOUT TO SHOW UP IN THE STILLNESS.

"My Shekinah Glory"

"I am about to show up in the stillness. I am about to visit My Church in such a significant way that My presence will come so strongly - that will see My SHEKINAH GLORY come SO POWERFULLY - that it will see the release of WONDER AND AWE RESTORED in the Body of Christ.

"In this incredible visitation of My Glory IN THE STILLNESS, in the 'but for a moment PAUSE of acceleration,' My people will be brought to a deeper place of SELAH!!! Stopping, listening, pausing and thinking on ME in a whole new fresh way. A deeper pondering of what you SEE of Me in this major visitation of My Shekinah Glory.

"The Divine Pause of Acceleration of Momentum is Not a Negative, It Is the Most Glorious Positive"

"This divine pause of acceleration of momentum is NOT a negative, it is the most GLORIOUS POSITIVE. It will bring to the surface things in hearts and souls that have been hindering, things that have caused any entanglements, any roots of striving or competition, any lies, oppressions or chains will bubble to the surface; as they do, the most glorious move of My Spirit will take place in hearts and lives to bring LIFE CHANGING, SIGNIFICANT FREEDOM.

"In this divine pause of acceleration momentum, if you, My people, embrace it and do not fight against it, you will receive the greatest gift of all - ME. You will receive MORE of Me. It does not mean your breakthrough is further away, it means that I am taking you deeper than you have ever been so that when I remove the 'PAUSE' you will go further, higher and be carried by the winds of My Spirit faster than you have ever been with foundations and roots stronger in Me than ever. I want to show you My glory, My beauty, and love for you like you have NEVER seen it before. (Photo via Pixabay)

People of God, You Are About to See Him in a New, Fresh Way and What it Means to Live in Deeper Wonder of Him

"My beautiful people, you are about to see in a whole new and fresh way in this place of divine pause. You will seal what it is to live DEEPER IN WONDER OF ME and be filled with joy not based in circumstances, but a fresh revelation of joy and stability based and rooted in My goodness, kindness and love. Never changing! Out of this 'DIVINE PAUSE' and place of 'stop, listening, meditating on My beauty and wonder,' you will be stronger and more secure in Me than ever.

"This pause may look like the wilderness to many, but in reality it's a deeper place of the bridal chamber with Me and the precursor to a whole new level of acceleration and promotion.

"Prophets of Purity, Your Voice is About to Get Loud"

"My purity prophets, as this 'divine pause in acceleration of momentum' takes place, your voices will be LOUD in the place of promotion that I have placed you in, to continue to encourage, uplift and encourage the Body of Christ to what I am doing. You will be a source of encouragement, life and clarity for the Body of Christ and what My Spirit is doing.

"From This Great Return to Me As Your 'First Love' There Will Be an Even Greater Return to You"

Rejoice, you people of Jerusalem! Rejoice in the Lord your God! For the rain He sends demonstrates His faithfulness. Once more the autumn rains will come as well as the rains of spring. The threshing floors will again be piled high with grain, and the presses will overflow with new wine and oil. Joel 2:23-24

"There will be a greater refreshment, a greater increase, restoration and demonstration of My faithfulness that will flood into the Body of Christ through this divine pause and seal moment. Do not fear the pause, do not fear the seal moment. It's going to be the greatest moment of encountering Me, seeing My heart, and being positioned with deeper roots to receive the greater increase that I am going to release."

Lana Vawser
Lana Vawser Ministries


Lana Vawser is an active member of the Australian Prophetic Council and releases prophetic words for the Body of Christ and nations, and is featured regularly on The Elijah List and in Charisma Magazine. She is also an itinerant preacher and revivalist who is traveling regularly with her family, seeing powerful moves of God. Lana has a strong, prophetic voice and has a heart to see the Body of Christ develop deep intimacy with Jesus and actively hear His voice each day. She also has a heart to see people set free and walk in all that Jesus has purchased for them as they carry Christ into their world each day, awakened to His nature and who they are in Him. Lana is married to Kevin, and they are living in Brisbane, Australia, with their two sons.

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October 15-16, 2016
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October 22-23, 2016
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Saturday - Prophetic conference and Sunday service
More details to come

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