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Edie Bayer: "The Action Center and a Pattern For Revival"

by Edie Bayer
Jul 2, 2016

Steve ShultzFrom the desk of Steve Shultz:

This is both a fun and deep word from Edie Bayer...and you'll quickly see that God most definitely has a sense of humor!

God speaks to us in many ways...and sometimes we need to "look for the signs" to see what He is saying as Edie Bayer so carefully listened to Him as you'll read about in her word.

God IS doing a new thing, however it's also good to see how He has moved in the past and what happens to people and society as revival breaks out.

Edie shares here a pattern she saw as she studied revival:

In researching all of these different sources, I learned that during revival people were saved, sanctified, filled with the Holy Spirit and received their tongues; they were fed, healed and set free from all different types of bondages, in particular religious spirits... Spirits fled as people were delivered of demons and all came to know the God of Heaven in unity with love, mercy and compassion for each other and all of mankind...

Now read about how YOU can prepare and position yourself as God's presence breaks out in revival!

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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I should know by now that when something happens over and over to me that God is speaking. As usual, Jehovah-Sneaky took me by surprise.  No one can tell me He doesn't have a supernatural sense of humor!

Over the last couple of months, I have had more computer issues than ever before in my lifetime.  It has been a major battle just to keep a computer running as laptop after laptop has crashed, gotten viruses or just flat out died. In fact, the one I was using for this message has an issue with heat – it runs at such a high temperature that the bottom of it burns the skin and is too hot to touch. Needless to say, it's impossible to use the way it was designed – on top of a lap!

Getting creative, I propped it up on stacks of coasters on the kitchen table to let some of the heat escape and turned it on. What happened next really surprised me! A screen popped up that I have never seen before: The Action Center. This stunned me because I didn't ask for any help troubleshooting this problem. However, I laughed as I read the "HELP" options on this computer screen. Once again I realized that God has an incredible sense of humor and will use whatever He deems necessary to make His point. (Photo via Pixabay)

Seeking a Pattern for Revival

You see, I have been studying Revival. Not just studying it for information, but earnestly looking for a template and seeking a pattern to follow. We all know that God is a 'pattern God', right?
As an example, He gave us the BIBLE to follow – our owner's manual. He gave us Jesus as our mentor and our example to follow here in the earth realm and beyond. He gave us the template of prayer in Matthew 6:9-13, the Lord's Prayer. There are other patterns also, including Solomon's temple and Noah's Ark.

I understand that He does not need to do anything the same way twice, but sometimes He does anyway! Knowing this, I was looking for a pattern, an example to follow so I could encourage others to do the same. In particular I have been studying the Azusa Street Revival. I am concurrently reading a Frank Bartleman book of the account, William J. Seymour's sermons and the 1906-1908 newsletters that were sent out by the Azusa ministry that set the world ablaze.

I was looking for a PATTERN, and I found one!

In researching all of these different sources, I learned that during revival people were saved, sanctified, filled with the Holy Spirit and received their tongues; they were fed, healed and set free from all different types of bondages, in particular religious spirits. They were released from their fleshly carnality and their pride melted away as they fell prostrate on the floor in the presence of God, sometimes for hours. Spirits fled as people were delivered of demons and all came to know the God of Heaven in unity with love, mercy and compassion for each other and all of mankind.  What I saw over and over again was that heart issues were resolved in Revival!

Recently I was in Mark reading about Jesus feeding the 4,000 with seven loaves of bread and some fish (Mark 8:1-10). While reading this tribute to Jesus' compassion the Lord gave me a sudden epiphany about Revival: It is Jesus! He flashed a vision in front of me of Jesus walking the streets, preaching the Kingdom and healing all who followed Him. I suddenly realized that JESUS is REVIVAL!
Revival Requires Ridding the Flesh

Of course, I soon realized the key to becoming more like Jesus is to be less like...well, less like ME. Although God loves me He has pruned me down to a twig at times to get rid of heart issues – my flesh.  As I recounted this observation to my husband, I realized what we need for Revival is a "flesh castration". Our flesh needs to become of no account – not able to reproduce, have no seed and therefore no fruit!

This is where the Action Center on my computer screen comes in! I have been asking God to open my eyes and ears to what He wants to reveal to me, both in His Word and in this earthly realm. It has been my sincere desire to go deeper with Him as He leads us all into Revival. So, when I started looking at the different options that my ailing computer offered me for fixing it, from the spiritual viewpoint of leading our hearts to revival, I just had to laugh with God. All the gold is His, all the silver is His, and every computer screen on earth is His. He used mine for His Glory today on the ACTION CENTER screen!

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Action Center Screen

The Action Center screen listed multiple items that needed my attention. They are listed below as God showed them to me.

• Review recent messages and resolve problems. Have you been hearing from God? Have you heard any messages recently that really "hit home"? These messages have been sent to you directly from Abba. He is pinging your heart to make you more sensitive to the Holy Spirit, so that He can come in and clean up some issues and take you into Revival.

• Action Center has detected one or more issues for you to review. The Holy Spirit is our ACTION CENTER! Our Heavenly Father is bringing those issues front and center because He wants to get the problems resolved. You are His child and He wants you in step with Him, in Revival with Him! He is weeding the gardens of our hearts to remove the issues that keep us separated from Him. He wants us closer!

1. Security – No problems with security. Our salvation is secure.

2. Maintenance – No maintenance issues, either. We read the Word. We go to church. We may even be the Pastor or the house Prophet. Regardless, for some of us, there may be an intimacy that is lacking that God wants restored. He is taking the first steps to bridge the gap. Better check #3: "unreported problems".

3. Check for Solutions to unreported problems. There are problems on your computer that have not been reported. Some of these problems might have solutions available.

This is where the work really begins! God wants NOTHING between us and Him, in fact, Revival demands it! This is where some of us may skin our knees falling to them!

Is there any unrepented sin? Any secret sins? Rebellion? Disobedience? Anger? Dissatisfaction? These are "unreported problems." Just because we haven't spoken about them or confessed them doesn't mean they don't exist and that our Father in Heaven doesn't know about them! These "unreported problems" are creating distance, blocking the blessings of God.

However, please bear in mind, we have a choice here. Below this statement is an IGNORE THIS MESSAGE link, a VIEW PROBLEMS TO REPORT link, as well as a CHECK FOR SOLUTIONS button. I don't think any of these need spiritual interpretation. However, simply by virtue of the fact that there ARE options it can mean only one thing:

We have a choice and free will. We can continue to ignore the issues or we can take a look at them. The only one who knows how to SOLVE what we see there is God. He is willing! Are we ready to come closer and step into revival? Let's report those problems, repent and be forgiven! (Photo via Pixabay)

4. Troubleshoot a problem with your computer's hard disk. The OS (Operating System) was unable to open a file on your computer's hard disk 4-times...Go online for troubleshooting steps.

God has been sending us messages, over and over, about our "HARD DISK" other words, our hard heart. He wants us to talk with Him about it, to "come up here" (Rev. 4:1). Go Online for Troubleshooting Steps! However, because we have free will, once again we have options to either ARCHIVE this message or View Message details. We are again given the opportunity to IGNORE or TAKE ACTION. God prefers we act and "come up here"! After all, 1 John 4:4 says that you are of God and have overcome because He who lives in you is greater than him who is in the world!

5. Set up Backup – This is the easiest step of all! Let's ask the Holy Spirit to be our "Back Up", to do the things that Jesus proclaimed that He sent Him to do! He sent Him to be our Comforter – Counselor, Helper, Advocate, Intercessor, Strengthener, Standby (John 16:7 AMPC). Simply ask Holy Spirit to open the eyes and ears of our understanding (Eph. 1:18, Mt. 13:13) and to lead us and guide us into all Truth (John 16:13)!

Jesus is Revival!

This Truth is Jesus and JESUS IS REVIVAL! We want Revival and God wants to give it to us!

He will be all of these things and more as we choose to turn to Jesus in Revival! We all should do a heart-check today to begin to rid ourselves of any residual pride and other sins that still reside in us. We want to walk into Revival, the sooner the better! Let's all work together in Unity toward that end.

Blessings as we march forward into Revival!

Edie Bayer
Kingdom Promoters


Edie Bayer is co-founder of Kingdom Promoters along with her husband Darryl Bayer. Edie Bayer ministers as a prophetic preacher and is an author, a speaker, and travelling minister. Edie has published six books in just over twelve months! Her most recent assignment from God is to help other Christian authors to pen their novels and texts. Edie Bayer's primary focus is to promote and advance the Kingdom of God by helping people to hear and recognize the voice of the Lord and then act upon it. In addition to writing, speaking, and teaching others to do the same, Edie is currently executive assistant to international minister Joan Hunter. Edie and Darryl reside on a small homestead north of the Houston area. They raise chickens, ducks, rabbits, and have two cats. Edie has two children and three grandchildren.

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