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Irene Brooks: The River of Life! The Lord Says, "I Am Bringing Together Many Streams"

by Irene Brooks
Apr 2, 2016

Steve ShultzFrom the desk of Steve Shultz:

Irene Brooks from the UK, is a reader of the Elijah List who happened to write to us one day of an encounter she had...I was intrigued by her word from the Lord, and we asked her to expound on her will be greatly encouraged by what she shares below:

I felt the Lord say that, "There was a new explosion of world-changing fires coming out of the US and scattering all over the nations of the earth. It is a mission-inspired wave of fiery disciples which cannot and should not be contained. It is a wave of every bodies and any bodies, not celebrity Christians, but ordinary people who love God, having multi-colored gifting and God's heart of passion for the Gospel, and compassion for the lost who sit in deep darkness across the nations of the earth. 

We are living in both sobering and exciting see the Lord across the nations of the earth!

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Many Streams Coming Together

For some months now, I have been seeing the "River of Life" flowing out from under the throne of God that Ezekiel describes in Ezekiel 47. God is brining many together across the UK, because the waters of the river are sticky and people of like-mind and heart are finding each other and beginning to stick together in deep relationship as the river flows more and more strongly. Loving and honoring one another, which melts away dislike and prejudice, is a major hallmark of this new movement.

Theological distinctions are washed away as people recognize each other as water-bearers, mutual carriers of the waters of life, who belong together in the love and historic purposes of God. Instead of the understanding of the Word being a source of division and the formation of denominations, it will become a life-binding force because of a raw purity of childlike faith that will make the simple truths of the Word stand out from the fog of over-thinking theological fastidiousness. Because God says, "My Word is fundamentally simple and is best understood in the simplicity of a childlike mind that takes me at my Word and acts on it."

God has already begun the process of bringing many from many different streams together in the deepening waters of the River of Life here in the UK, but the process is escalating fast as the 70th anniversary of the release of Smith Wigglesworth's prophetic word comes round in 2017. (To read Smith Wigglesworth word click here.)

"These 70 years have been a preparation time," says the Lord, "as the Holy Spirit has ebbed and flowed like the tide across the nation, getting stronger and deeper with each full tide until the tsunami-like waves of blessing that I have been preparing break on the land and fan out into Europe and join the rivers of life flowing out of other nations" (like the US).

For the Lord says, "I am bringing together many streams that have grown in isolation to join with each other in the song of new life, the song of many waters, that I am putting into the bubbling flow of the river that is fanning out across the nations." (Photo via Wikipedia)

There have been many words in the UK about God developing a new wineskin for new wine, but I think the Holy Spirit says that this movement is way beyond a wineskin! This is a spreading, flooding, unstoppable, unquenchable River of Life flowing from the Throne Room of Heaven. It began with the piercing of the Savior's side on Calvary and has flowed ceaselessly through the centuries ever since. But now it is gathering pace and momentum as yet another seal is unlocked by the Lamb on the Throne, who alone qualified to unlock the historic seals of destiny across the nations of the earth.

Waters Uncontainable

I had a vision last year of standing on the perimeter of the Grand Canyon, gazing out over the majestic, sun-drenched, river sculptings in the rock-face along the vast water course of the river. It was captivating, dramatic and awe-inspiring and I drank in the creative beauty of God worked into the face of the earth that He had made. But the scene suddenly changed and I saw the river filling with the waters of a flash-flood and becoming uncontainable.

As the waters surged and rose, the majestic sculptures that flanked the river bed began to crumble and fall as their foundations were eroded by the rising water. In a very short space of time, the banks of the river disappeared entirely and the scene gave way to a vast plain, spreading out as far as the eye could see, criss-crossed with rushing, surges of vibrant river life, weaving and flowing in and out of one another in constant movement.

And God said, "The day of sculpted structures is over. They have done their job and their time has passed. Do not strive to keep them standing but let the waters of life wash them away so that the new flow of My Spirit is not held and contained in closed buildings but is free to run: fluid, flexible, mobile, dynamic across the entire landscape of the earth. Water that is contained becomes stagnant but this is the time of an unstoppable flood as the river fills and moves to its delta destiny, for it is making its way toward the fulfillment of My vast, covenant promises to bless and give rest to all the nations of the earth through Abraham's Seed."

ElijahList Prophetic Resources

7 x 10 = 70 and is the very significant product of two numbers of perfection and completion. Much could be said about these numbers but the Holy Spirit simply highlighted the Biblical significance of the number 10 in Genesis 15:18-21, where the Lord promised Abraham to give him the 10 nations in the Land of Canaan, now symbolizing the nations of the earth.

Fireworks Display (Fiery Love) in the US Spreading to the Nations

The Holy Spirit gave me a prophetic word recently about Kansas being the epicenter of a firework display about to be detonated in the US, which represents the explosive beginnings of God's plan for the River of Life to flow out of the US and join with other rivers streaming from other nations, and especially the UK.

I was praying for the USA one morning when I saw a wonderful, huge explosion of multi-colored sparks scattering over all the nations of the earth. It looked like a great firework display with its epicenter in the heart of the nation, in Kansas, but it was drawing in people from across the US. 

I felt the Lord say that, "There was a new explosion of world-changing fires coming out of the US and scattering all over the nations of the earth. It is a mission-inspired wave of fiery disciples which cannot and should not be contained. It is a wave of every bodies and any bodies, not celebrity Christians, but ordinary people who love God, having multi-colored gifting and God's heart of passion for the Gospel, and compassion for the lost who sit in deep darkness across the nations of the earth. (Photo via Pixabay)

God says, "I am scattering My multi-colored wisdom from the heart of your nation across the nations of the earth in an unstoppable wave of the compelling power of the Love of God, for the mighty river of Ezekiel's vision is flowing out from under the throne and the waters are deepening and carrying My people all over the earth to the most far-flung corners and remotest areas, the most unreached people and the most reached people with a fiery, multi-colored light of the glory of the Father who loves His world with an unquenchable passion; an undying love that many waters cannot swamp, nor floods drown. Its flashes are flashes of fire, a most vehement flame—a very flame of the Lord" (Song of Solomon 8:6-7, Amplified).

And He says, "I will again grip the hearts of My people in this nation with a fiery love that is as unstoppable as Mine, a compelling urge that is irrational and wild in the world's eyes but with the eyes of faith makes utter sense, for the Lord of the Harvest is calling His harvesters to rush out onto the highways and into the byways to invite the nations to the Wedding Feast of the Lamb; the wedding feast spurned by many but sought after by those He has called by name."

I see this happening soon, suddenly, explosively. I see people suddenly responding to the urge to sell up comfortable homes and set aside predictable lifestyles for the joy of the harvest and the call of the Lord of the Harvest—and to go out into His harvest fields to gather in the harvest that is ready and ripe for the gathering.

Irene Brooks

Irene Brooks lives in Southwater, Horsham, in the south of England with her husband, Keith. They have 3 married children and 7 grandchildren. Irene has been prophetic since she came to faith in August 1980, and felt called to pray for the nations since that time. She has ministered mainly in the local church and among church leaders in the UK and from other nations, as part of the New Frontiers stream of churches. She and her husband serve the leadership team in Kings Church, Horsham. She is a trained, accredited psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer and is currently writing training material, training in pastoral care and developing a pastoral support team in her own church and with other pastoral leaders.

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