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"Are You a Supernatural Leader?" and "Follow the Leader"

by Mike Jacobs and Diane Lake
Sep 19, 2015

Steve ShultzFrom the desk of Steve Shultz:

God, in this day and hour, is raising up more and more Godly leaders... it's promotion time! Yes, there is great increase and blessing coming over the Body of Christ!

Generals International just posted two excellent articles by Mike Jacobs and Diane Lake about Godly leadership. If you are called to lead, these will greatly encourage you!

Some of you have been working "under radar" so to speak, and have been diligently working faithfully unto the Lord... well this is for you too! Just as there was preparation time for those in Scripture like Joseph, David, Esther and others... so you too have been in preparation.

Be greatly encouraged to get ready to Lead where God is calling you!

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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A Supernatural Dream Rolls In...

In a dream I had several years ago, I was working for a businessman, and we were going to a meeting. My job was to take along a large tractor tire, so I rolled it down the street and into an impressive-looking office building, amid many stares and snickers.

With my boss behind me, I rolled the tire into a room that held a large conference table, covered with a variety of small electronic devices. A group of men were seated around the table. I rolled the tire toward the leader, while several people expressed displeasure at the interruption of their meeting.

The leader ignored them. He also ignored me and turned his attention to my boss, looking for an explanation of the intrusion. Without hesitation, my boss spoke only a sentence or two to the leader. I don't remember his exact words, but it had to do with selling tires, although not tractor tires like the one I had brought to the meeting.

It was clear that my boss' words hit the mark with the leader, who proclaimed, "I'll take twenty-million of them!" And with those words, he arose from the table and went to another room with my boss. They quickly concluded a negotiation and handed me a two-inch thick stack of documents related to the agreement. As we were leaving, both men had the hint of a smile on their faces, revealing their shared confidence that the agreement would prosper them. (Photo via

God is Developing Supernatural Leaders

When I woke up, I knew that this was a spiritual dream and asked, "Lord, what was that all about?" He spoke several things to me that offer insight into the kind of supernatural leadership He wants to develop in His people.

• First, the leader at the table was one who had the ability to see opportunity, even if it was outside the realm of his normal dealings which in this case seemed to be small electronic equipment. He welcomed the chance to move into new territory.

• Second, the leader had the resources to seize the opportunity that was presented to him. He was able to act because he had been wise in other dealings.

• Third, my boss not only knew that this leader had these qualities and capabilities, but he also understood that he had to get the leader's attention and not be distracted by underlings thus, the tractor tire which served several purposes. It arrested the leader's attention in a way that words alone could not have. Since my boss' intent was not to sell tractor tires, using it was a bit flamboyant, but it was still symbolic of the tires my boss did want to sell. It shifted the leader's attention away from the electronic devices on the table, released him to think "outside the box" of his normal dealings, and seemed to trigger his ability to see opportunity.

I remember marveling at the wisdom of my boss in the dream. The Lord brought to mind the verse that says, "Do you see a man skilled in his work? He will serve before kings; he will not serve before obscure men" (Proverbs 22:29).

The word translated obscure in this verse is from a Hebrew word meaning "dark," and its root characterizes the darkness that comes upon someone because of sin. It's also symbolic of blindness. Such people can't see opportunity because they have no vision.

God-Strategies Like Joseph

Christians, on the other hand, are to be led by the Spirit and should walk in light. We should be able to see opportunity. We should be visionaries. We should receive supernatural God-strategies for our work.

Joseph is a type of this. He walked in the covenant promise found in Deuteronomy 28:13, where the Lord promised to make us the head and not the tail if we flow with the instructions the God-strategies He gives us. Joseph obeyed God, so he was placed into a position to use those strategies and save a whole nation from famine.

So here's my prayer for you:

Father, in Jesus' name, I'm asking that our Christian leaders in every area will be led by Your Spirit, that You will make them skillful in their work, flowing supernaturally with strategic instructions You give them. Lord, I'm asking that You'll teach them to think "outside the box," that they will walk in the light and see opportunity. I'm also asking that you strategically network them with people who can see opportunity and who have the resources to embrace opportunity, rather than bringing them before obscure men whose eyes are darkened to opportunity. Lord, thank You for expressing the desire to make Your children the head and not the tail. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Mike Jacobs
Generals International


Mike Jacobs is co-founder of Generals International with his wife, Cindy, and speaks internationally about the spiritual dynamics of business. Mike and Cindy co-host a weekly television program called God Knows that airs in more than 200 nations in English, 105 nations in Spanish and in Russian, and 22 nations in Arabic. Mike and Cindy also provide leadership for the Reformation Prayer Network (RPN), an organization with representatives in each of the fifty United States, working to support and uphold Biblical values through prayer and local action. Mike has worked in the airline industry as an analyst and comptroller, and is a private pilot with single and multi-engine ratings. Mike holds a BS in Business Administration from Arizona State University, and along with his extensive experience in the business sector, has served as an ordained minister for more than 25 years. He holds an honorary D.Min degree from the Asian Theological Association for his work with unreached people groups.

Mike and Cindy love to travel and speak, but perhaps their favorite past time is spending time with their children, Daniel and Mary Madison, along with their six adorable grandchildren. The Jacobs make their home just outside of Dallas.

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Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ. 1 Corinthians 11:1, NIV

As a new ministry leader, I remember enthusiastically telling our congregation to watch me, as I intended to embrace my complete destiny in Christ. I was convinced that it was as simple as completely and wholeheartedly following Him.

That was almost ten years ago, but I still believe the same thing. When we follow Christ and inspire others to do the same, we can impact our world for Kingdom purposes. One of the most powerful ways to influence others is to lead them by example in Christ.

More Than Popularity

Then He said to them, "Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men." Matthew 4:19

There's something intriguing about the account of Jesus calling four fishermen to be His disciples. Such a simple invitation, yet it compelled them to leave their livelihood and families to follow someone they had only just met!

It was not just the disciples Jesus exhorted to follow Him. After speaking with the woman caught in adultery, Jesus told those present, "I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life" (John 8:12). And as we follow His light, we become that light to the world! (see Matthew 5:14).

There were times, of course, when great crowds followed Jesus and other times when almost everyone turned away. And when Peter, after denying the Lord three times, was restored following the resurrection, Jesus brought the discussion full circle with the reiteration of the charge, "Follow Me" (John 21:19).

Although it can be great to have a large following, numbers are not necessarily the mark of a good leader. Jesus never let the crowds impress Him, for He understood the fickle nature of men's hearts – sometimes the crowds followed because they wanted a free lunch! (see John 2:23-25, 6:26-27). (Photo via Wikimedia)

The Heart of Leadership

Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it spring the issues of life. Proverbs 4:23

I've heard it said that when we stand before the Lord, the only thing we will still possess from our life on earth is our character. Character refers to the true heart – or inner nature – of a woman or man. Anyone desiring to be a leader in any capacity should cultivate integrity.

Humility is another essential element in a leader. Jesus set the ultimate example when He willingly laid aside His divine privileges and took on the form of a man, humbling Himself even to the point of death on a Cross (see Philippians 2:5-8).

Perhaps the greatest illustration of servanthood was Jesus washing the disciples' feet. He certainly taught them on this principle before, but this time He chose to show them. "For," He said, "I have given you an example, that you should do as I have done to you" (John 13:15). (See also Matthew 23:11; Luke 22:24-27)

There's something so compelling about a leader following a leader. Even Jesus followed – as He Himself was led by the Father. Essentially a godly leader says, "Follow me as I follow Christ as He follows the Father!"

Like A Tree

For he shall be like a tree planted by the waters... and will not fear when heat comes... and will not be anxious in the year of drought, nor will cease from yielding fruit. Jeremiah 17:8

Jesus lived for 30 years before ministering for 3 1/2 years – almost a 10 to 1 ratio of preparation to performance. Manifestation of leadership often requires a period of development. Those faithful in small things will see the release of large. (Photo via Wikimedia)

The Lord has hidden many of His faithful servants until the right time. Joseph and Esther, for example, both went through a period of preparation before emerging as leaders – but there was also an element of timing involved. In Joseph's case, a period of famine would necessitate a deliverer, and Esther emerged as a leader of God's people for a specific purpose, as well.

Recently, I had a vision supplementing this word about the right time. I saw a large tree with a substantial underground trunk, or root. A shoot had come up above ground from a point just below the surface; its juncture with the trunk/root was shallow, and it popped up right away.

But another shoot sprang up from this trunk at a juncture much further underground. It took far, far longer to see this shoot, but it was tapped much deeper into its source. The second and deeper shoot was much stronger and capable of lasting longer. Like the tree planted by the waters, it could survive hardship and drought.

No one wants to be that leader who burns fast and bright, but quickly goes out. Anyone can have leadership gifts and a calling. But it takes preparation and strength of character to be able to fight the good fight and finish the race.

If You Follow Christ, You Can Lead

Maybe you have disqualified yourself as a leader – perhaps you feel inadequate or that you cannot overcome your past. But as you follow Christ, you can lead someone else by example. You only need to persevere in the process.

You can be a leader of society in some way. Every person has an influence in at least one sphere of society (family, business, government, education, media, arts/entertainment, church/religion). A stay-at-home mom can have a huge impact on society by raising children with godly character, for example, or someone earning a wage can impact the business sector. And most will have an influence in more than one area. (Photo via Pixabay)

Whatever places and spheres you occupy, I pray the Lord would release you as a leader!

This was originally posted by Generals International.

Diane Lake
Starfire Ministries


Diane Lake is a writer and minister ordained with both Christian International and Generals International. A published author, her current writing project is a devotional book on cultivating intimacy with the Lord. She and her husband, Allen, co-founded Starfire Ministries with a vision to see the Kingdom established beyond the four walls of the traditional church. They serve as Church Mountain and Montana Coordinators for the Reformation Prayer Network and are blessed to call beautiful western Montana home.

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