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Johnny Enlow: "Rosh Hashanah 5776: The Year You Will Roar"

by Johnny Enlow
Sep 4, 2015

Steve ShultzFrom the desk of Steve Shultz:

I will keep my intro very short as this is a most potent and much longer word than usual than we normally post. Johnny Enlow writes a strong and encouraging prophetic word for the New Year that starts in about a week and a half on the Hebraic Calendar.

Many prophetic voices get great words from the Lord for the next year during September coinciding with Rosh Hashanah. Whether you celebrate the Jewish Calender or not be encouraged by these prophetic words for this fall and through next year.

Now... grab a chair, a cup of coffee and read this sobering word and pray into what Johnny Enlow shares from the Lord and as he says: "This is the year you will roar!"

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This September 14, 2015 begins a most remarkable year on the Hebraic Calendar that will exceed the expectations of even the most optimistic Kingdom observer. Having finished three 7-year cycles (1994-2001, 2001-2008, 2008-2015 [see Rosh Hashanah 2014 word]) we now enter into the fourth and defining 7-year period, that has birthed the age of the restoration of all things (Acts 3:21), and that has released a majestic Era of Renaissance.

A pertinent Scripture for this year and for the subsequent era is Daniel 12:3, "Those who are wise will shine as bright as the sky, and those who lead many to righteousness will shine like the stars forever." Those who are wise enough to understand the brilliance of Papa's narrative for this day will position themselves to be able to shine as bright as the sky.

Learning to "See"

With this new year we will begin year 5776 on the Jewish calendar and we are in a 10-year window when the focus is all about "learning TO SEE". The Hebraic numbers spell this out for us. This goes on until 5780, as the Lord upgrades us from our distorted way of perceiving things and teaches us how to see from His level and His perspective. It is a transition from seeing through the eyes of the "enemy observant, 10 spies", and we shift into seeing through the eyes of "fruit observant, Caleb". The 10 spies carried the seeming wisdom of studying and knowing the giants, while Caleb carried the wisdom of studying and knowing His God. (Photo via Pixabay)

The 10 spies saw through trouble-shooting lenses, while Caleb saw through treasure-hunting lenses. We are in a 10-year window where it is imperative we gain Caleb vision. Caleb vision is against our nature. It is counterintuitive. It is even "Pollyannish" (excessively optimistic). It is what is required for reformers of society who truly want to enter into their own prophetic promises. You are going to learn to trust your spirit eyes above your natural eyes and to almost automatically doubt your natural eyes. Media reports and projections will often give you clues as to the OPPOSITE of what God is really doing and as to what kingdom is actually ferociously advancing.

For example, since 9/11 of 2001, it has seemed that radical Islam has become activated and empowered as never before. The Kingdom reality is that more Muslims have encountered and embraced Jesus since 2001 than in the entire history of Islam which is well over 1000 years. This is just an example of where the mainline Media can lead you to believe the opposite of what is actually taking place. We have needed corrective lenses as to true reality, and some are ahead in the process and some are behind. We must learn to go on His reports or we will remain confused, anxious and disoriented.

Shining as Bright as the Sky

For many years now, I have been sharing a prophetic time sequence that carried 3 definitive progressions. These three are: 1) Awakening. 2) Arising. 3) Shining. The Awakening focus was from 2008-2012, and was about awakening to an understanding to our expanded parameters of Kingdom assignment (see my book, The Seven Mountain Prophecy for more on that). The Awakening is to our reformation of society assignment that includes souls being saved but greatly expands beyond that to seeing cities and nations transformed. (Photo via flickr)

The Arising focus was from 2012-2015 (in all of these from Rosh Hashanah to Rosh Hashanah of each year). This was when the advance army began arising into the mountains of society, understanding the awakening assignment to reform society with our Papa's better ways of doing things. A practical perspective of "on earth as it is in Heaven." It has been a virtual handful that have done this compared to what is coming but it has already made a difference.

The third season is Shining and it begins this Rosh Hashanah. Now begins the extended season of "Shining as Bright as the Sky" and it is now where we begin to contend in earnest for the nations as our inheritance. We have had zeal for that for some time, as we have claimed the nations for our inheritance (Psalm 2:8), but the Lord is giving us revelation and understanding of what that actually looks like now. It's not by might or power, but it doesn't happen by magic either. There is a practical element of the Kingdom advancing that we are only just now seeming to grasp.

We are learning how to value and combine the power of the "prayer movement" and the power of the "do movement". God does not prefer one over the other, but He is showing us how to be prayers that do and doers that pray. Prayer is the fuel and action is the vehicle. Try to drive your car without fuel and you see how invaluable the fuel is. Try to go somewhere with only gas and without a vehicle and you see how invaluable the vehicle is.

To say it another way... the children of Israel could not take the Promised Land by sending missiles from the Tabernacle. As they were instructed by the Lord in the book of Joshua, "Everywhere the soul of your feet touches is yours." Whatever area of society we want to see reformation/transformation in, we must actually show up with the reforming solutions for that area of society.

We will begin to shine as bright as the sky, as reform-minded sons and daughters of the King immerse themselves in who and what God is and is doing (prayer); and we'll courageously advance into the Promised Land (7 Mountains action strategy) of our cities and nations. We have to combine Moses on the mountaintop with his hands being raised, with Joshua on the actual battlefield, where the victory needs to be evidenced. (Photo via Pixabay)

The enemy has attempted to convince many, through distorted "seeing", that these are days to endure and survive the beast, the antichrist, the false prophet etc. But these are not those days! Rather it's SHOWTIME for the Kingdom of God. It is "Lights, Camera, Action!" time for the saints of the living God. The only way you wouldn't see this reality is if you are gazing at the giants instead of gazing at God. Giants are bigger than us. God is so much bigger than the giants that He makes them look like "bread for us" (as Caleb noted).

There is no present world crisis nor will there ever be a future world crisis where He will not have already pre-embedded the solution for it in one of His rising sons or daughters. The multi-trillion dollar national debt is just a "bread" waiting to be delivered to us. It is easy to make fun of the 10 spies until we update its application for matters of today. Therefore the greatest "antichrist" (anti-anointing) influence presently on the globe is the fear/gloom, judgment-expectation that dominates many.

Just like the 10 spies did, they think they are helping God's people by warning of the giants in the land, but they are actually the lance point of the greatest antichrist activity on the planet. They are discouraging and disarming the most powerful force on the planet the Church. Therefore creation itself groans and opens up and swallows them up, because creation is endowed with more revelation than most of the Church, as creation travails with birth pains, not for Jesus to come back, but for the Calebs and Joshuas to arise (Romans 8:19).

The Great Angel of the Mountain of Economy Released Now

For those who have been following my posts and messages, you will know that for years I have been speaking of the great angel of the mountain of economy and that it would be released Rosh Hashanah of 2015. This is a major and game-changing help from Heaven being sent on behalf of all those whose hearts beat with Kingdom of God advancement. (Photo by Marybeth Stafford "Fear Not" via

I was shown that for 7 consecutive years (2008-2015) the great angel of each one of the 7 Mountains of society would be sequentially released with the great angel of the mountain of economy being the 7th. Each one has been in position and has been breaking up the respective mafia-like stronghold of each mountain. This has been happening in remarkable ways that I can't restate here, but it is interesting that I was shown that this great minister of wealth would be the one to now be activated. His assignment will be to bust up the world-mafia controlling wealth so that God's Kingdom-driven kids could, in fact, shine like the sky. It is going to take a lot of wealth to shine like the sky with His many solutions for society's ills but this is what will happen.

This angel will be overseeing a process of many years, which will include a new alternative world economy built on trust rules, which will be established as a necessary part of the reformation assignment. Part of the delicate operation is getting us unplugged from mammon-based economies to Kingdom-based economies without throwing us into devastating chaos and ruin in the process. This is important to understand. It is actually the devil who is trying to kill our economy and the worlds' economy because it expedites his vision statement of "killing, stealing and destroying" if he can do so.

Our kind God came to save and not destroy lives. Our mighty God is sending a massive angel with a massive angelic army supporting cast to work with sons and daughters of the King to provide upgraded "patches" and structures that allow for the new to come in without the old having to be razed to zero. Think of it as remodeling instead of building from scratch.

There are, in fact, righteous economic statutes and laws in place that don't require removal but rather are foundational ideas and ordinances to attach the new to. This will be a reality for company structures, for Wall Street structures, for national economy structures, as well as anywhere an economy exists. The Kingdom way of doing things is always the better way of doing things and though it is not bottom line driven, when not judged over too short of a period of time, will also be that which releases the better bottom line. When we seek first His bottom line, He ends up covering all bottom lines as we exert patience.

God is all about stewardship but He doesn't teach capitalizing the way we know it. In God's capitalism, you don't look to capitalize on people, product or even time. In God's capitalism you capitalize on obedience and relationship to Him and His Kingdom (often counter intuitive) way of doing business. He will have you giving when taking or hoarding would be the instinct. He will have you hiring when others are firing. The activity to "leverage" is whatever the Holy Spirit is at that moment teaching or inspiring. You don't even want to be caught just leveraging "Kingdom principles" as much as to get "live feeds" (what He is saying today) from Mr. Provision Himself (yes, He is Jehovah-Jireh), and this happens out of relationship with the Holy Spirit.

There are about to be 50 million of you and Josephs and Josephines (see The Seven Mountain Mantle book for more on that) that will begin to shine with solutions (God's better way of doing things) for every area of society. Corrective lenses comes first (learning to see as He sees), and for those of you who are ahead in that department you will also be positioned to be an early "shiner" in society itself.

No matter how wealthy you presently are or become, if you do not break the stronghold of greed or fear, you will not be one of these Josephs, even if you are a Spirit-filled Believer. This present season of fear-mongering has been a test for many of you, so make the adjustments accordingly. The Kingdom of God is not advanced in caution and hedging bets. The righteous are bold as lions and pursue while others are retreating. It ultimately looks like TRUST IN GOD rather than trust in portfolios and present bank accounts. Get "fat" in your Most High Trust account and learn to operate from that place of confidence.

Why You Will Roar in 5776: The Lion, the Bear, Goliath, and the Philistines Will Be Destroyed

In 1 Samuel 17:52, it tells us that once David (who had already taken out the lion and the bear) cut off the head of Goliath, that the children of Israel let out a great roar and suddenly they went from being "Saul's Cowards" to "David's Mighty Men." They now pursued the Philistines all over many cities and plundered their goods. Here is an application for this year:

There has been such a battle over the narrative of the day, and many to most of God's people have been believing the storyline. There have been many interpreting the blood moons, Shemitah years and other patterns. It in fact IS an extremely unique and special year, but not for devastation, invasion and destruction, but for unprecedented help from Heaven. Seven major angelic armies, each lead by an enormous angel, have been positioned and now strategically activated on our behalf. They will now work with the Davids who get the narrative of the day and operate in Caleb vision (it's not coincidental that they both came from the tribe of Judah, "Praise").

There are so many negative and disastrous scenarios that have been envisioned for September that it seems every day I am told of a new one. Most of these are not sourced by "evil people" per se (as most do love the Lord and are sincere), but people responding to fear.

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October 2015: The Bear (Market) Gets Tamed

We are inundated with the human economic wisdom of all of these who say that the economy cannot go on and must devastatingly crash. Of course, most of these have been saying this for years and they just keep saying it, expecting that eventually they will be right. Yet, God is greater and kinder than we can possibly imagine. We, of course, deserve crashing economic devastation, as we have operated by fear and greed and we have woefully indebted ourselves. But now we need to get in touch with a God who does not give us what we deserve. He is the John 10:10 God, "The thief's purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life."

Even now the market is already going through the necessary resetting for immediate survival and even thriving. Anytime that we, on our own volition, campaign or "prophesy" judgments that we and the world "deserve", we are in fact agreeing with the intentions of the thief. God doesn't just purpose to give a rich and satisfying life to "Christians", He rather uses His kindness and undeserved goodness to condition a heart to turn towards Him. (Photo via Pixabay)

While we seem locked in an Old Testament mode of assuming judgment leads to repentance (notice it never really worked), our God actually tells us in Romans that "the kindness of God leads to repentance." God is looking for sons and daughters who get this core aspect of who He is rather than the James and John trait of wanting to call down fire from Heaven, evidencing their being stuck in an Old Testament paradigm. Jesus didn't just say to James and John, "I will give them one more chance to repent", but said to them, "You do not know of what spirit you are" (Luke 9:55). Followed by "the Son of Man came not to destroy lives but to save lives," even when they are rejecting Him.

So with October 10 being a key date, look for the hand of God to come in and kill the bear. The bear is not just the "Bear Market" but the bear of all the fears of economic disaster that so many of His kids have wallowed in recently.

November 2015: Goliath (Taproot of fear) Gets Beheaded

This will be a November to Remember. In my prophetic word for 2015 (Four Winds of W), I mentioned that there had been a demonic green haze that that we had been trying to see through for 7 years. For the 7 years since the market crashed and fell 777.7 points on Rosh Hashanah of 2008, the prevailing mood among Christians and seemingly especially prophetic/Spirit-filled Believers has been fear and foreboding about almost everything.

This November so much help is being sent to us from Heaven that it will be as if a sword has come down and beheaded the prevailing taproot of fear called Goliath. It does not mean you will never be subject to fear again. What is does mean is that this particular 7-year assignment of fear will be exposed as being a big mouth of doom, that you are now free to no longer be under it's spell. You will now be in position to roar and chase Philistines off your territory and appropriate the plunder. (Photo via flickr)

December 2015: The Philistines (fear of the unknown) Routed

December will be a Wonders filled month. In my Four Winds of W word for 2015, I spoke of 4 winds of the Spirit coming in 2015. They were Worship, Wisdom, Wealth and Wonder. The Winds of Wonder were specifically about the Lord turning around impossible and improbable situations, especially relational ones. The first two winds of Worship and Wisdom were a big focus to pay attention to in the first two thirds of the year, and now the winds of Wealth and Wonder are huge. These words all have a lot of overlap as they should. They are called "winds" because they come from the Holy Spirit Himself.

Worship is that which allows us into the elevated stronghold of God Himself where we can see things from His vantage point and our seeing is healed. Our spirits become calmed and experience joy even before our answers come in. From this place we access the Wisdom for moving forward and Wisdom for building. Once we have His blueprints for moving forward we anticipate the winds of Wealth coming in to provide for that which He has given vision for. Practically, provision is pro vision that which comes in for the vision to be advanced. Many will find sudden and unexpected manifestations of this. So many of these "wonders" will begin in the very months many have been projecting doom and disaster.

This all leads to the 4th wind, which is where He does exceedingly, abundantly above what we ask or think. This is what we will begin to experience more and more in December. Our spirits will get it that the lion, the bear and Goliath have been dealt with and we will feel the roar arise that we want to give into. Many will have already connected to that roar earlier, but by December as you are yielding to the Holy Spirit and connecting to His narrative, you should feel the same roar swell in you that the children of Israel did as David held up the head of the intimidating loud mouth called Goliath.

This will be an exuberant and jubilant roar of victory. This is a roar that connects you to the mighty man, superhero and "greater is He that is in you" that is inside of you. You will no longer be pushed around by fears and threats of devastation and collapse, but you will now join in chasing out the Philistines of general "fear of the unknown". You will become so secured in the presentness and bigness of your God, that you will now go forward as bold as a lion and plunder the fleeing Philistines. (Photo via flickr)

As you do this it will begin to affect all kinds of things around you. As you yourself cease to be a mini-voice of gloom and despair, it will create a spiritual whirlwind around you that is going to attract the wonder working power of God. I see so many testimonies and miracles happening in December including many improbable relational restorations. As the stronghold of fear gets pummeled, you are able to now step into the Jubilee joys that this year was supposed to bring in.

January on of 2016: Jubilee and Jubilation

By January, it will be obvious to many that the season before us is much different than had been imagined. No asteroids hit us. No armies invaded us. Another Great Depression didn't start. You will have been given the help and the tools to step into Jubilee and Jubilation. Again this is a place you don't find by staying in the valley, but one available in the mountain of worship and praise. This will be a place of habitation now there for all advancing reformers, and it is to be your strength for the assignments and adventures with God that will be part of your warfare against darkness and despair. Being radical, joyous, generous lovers of God and lovers of people, is what warfare looks like in this season.

Psalm 76: Year 5776

I believe that Psalm 76 is a prophetically significant chapter for this upcoming Hebraic year. In the first three verses He establishes His love and connection with Israel as well as His protection over her. Whether the Iran nuclear deal goes through or not, that deal is not the key for Israel's protection. "He who breaks the fiery arrows of the enemy" is what assures Israel of not being exterminated even when Israel thinks she must only look to herself.

Verse 4 is key, "You are glorious and more majestic than the everlasting mountains." When we apply this in relationship to the 7 Mountains of society it reestablishes a "greater than God" for bringing solutions and reformation. Verse 5 says, "Our boldest enemies have been plundered," and I think it speaks into the taking down of the Goliath I already addressed. Verse 6 speaks of the "blast of your breath oh God" that wipes out the enemy. This is His roar that releases a roar into us and through us. Verse 10, "Human defiance only enhances your glory, for you use it as a weapon." This is such an insightful verse from so many standpoints and something that is worth further exploring. Our God is not hindered even by human defiance, but it ultimately results in Him getting even more glory. Verse 12 is a fitting end to the chapter, "For He breaks the pride of princes, and the kings of the earth fear Him."

One of the reasons we panic so much when we hear about conspiracies and when we see rulers and presidents seemingly unrestrained, is that we lose sight of His Sovereignty. He often seems to give more rope than we are comfortable with, but He still has the rope. This we must never forget. Our God reigns, whether in dictatorships or in democracies. Neither government type ties His hands, as He always looks to work with His kids in every nation, but is also not opposed to working unilaterally.

El Nino

Much has been recently written about the coming El Nino. Many are saying it will be the biggest in recorded history, or the biggest in 50 years, or at least the most powerful since 1997 which was very powerful. What has been scientifically verified is the unprecedented heating of the Pacific Oceans waters that causes the phenomenon. The El Nino result is always a bit of an unpredictable mystery. However, I think it no coincidence that in this year when so many other things line up, that an unprecedented weather pattern would be in store for us. I believe that this is not to be seen as a judgment even when its severity shows up as significant. The El Nino phenomenon is creation itself groaning and travailing for its redemption. The rains it releases provides cleansing for the land as well as needed respite from drought.

I believe that where the unusual rains come this next year will be a sign where God is at work in an unusual way. Global centers of reformation will arise from places that get inundated by El Nino (which means the Child in Spanish, named after Jesus, as the phenomenon was first noted by fishermen off the coast of Peru around Christmas time); so where the natural showcases excess rain, there we will also see abundant spiritual rains about to develop. I believe unexpected treasures will be surfaced this year from the rains brought in by El Nino, and this too will also be a sign.

Additionally the El Nino phenomenon of this year will greatly move things around in the oceans and we will hear of many changes of where certain fish live and migrate. Beyond what I can give verbiage for, I believe the oceans will experience a reformation of their own. Furthermore, more adjusted trade wind patterns will come out of this El Nino, not only affecting this coming year but bringing in a whole new pattern that will be around indefinitely. Deserts will bloom and new lakes will be created.


Change is coming, but it is good change. All changes will tend and work towards seeing more and more of the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in Heaven. It is the age of the Kingdom, and it is just beginning. New splashes of Heaven culture and Kingdom solutions will be springing up all over. Waves of glory are coming in with all of this and His presence will begin to be established in the earth at a whole other level. Certainly those who are seeking this will find it as you find what you are looking for. (Photo via Pixabay)

Is it possible for all this to happen and you not notice? Unfortunately yes. The God of the Universe in the person of Jesus lived and dwelt among us and most of the religious ones missed out. It seems when we have religious preconceptions of what He looks like and what He is here to do, we can miss Him. The worst thing to have at this time is pet doctrines that predetermine the parameters of who He is and what He can do.

You'd better not overly attach to your pre, post, mid-tribulation, or whatever end-times position you carry. Same goes with your millennium doctrines and timetables. Yes, I have my own but I am holding them lightly and letting Him be as big a God as He wants to be today. The main thing I know is that ANY belief or doctrine that we have that restricts what He can do NOW should be shelved. God doesn't function in a box of what we think we have figured out about "eschatology". He is going to do exceedingly, abundantly above what we can ask or think because it is His Show Time.

He is not going to be efficient in what He does; He is going to be magnificent. He is going to be over-the-top; He is going to be awe inspiring. As we see this the roars will keep coming from us. Roars come from a deep place where there is so much faith and hope that it can't be contained. It is a vengeance against fear that stirs from the deepest place.

So this year I declare over you: This is the year you will roar!

Johnny Enlow
Johnny and Elizabeth


Johnny Enlow is a social reformer, international speaker, spiritual mentor, and author of The Seven Mountain Prophecy, The Seven Mountain Mantle, and Rainbow God. He and his wife Elizabeth are focused on awakening individuals to their call to provide practical solutions from the heart of God for every problem in society until the real God of all of life is displayed in the seven primary areas of culture in all nations: Media, Arts and Entertainment, Government, Family, Religion, Economy, and Education.

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