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Paul Cox: "The Issues of Windows and Branches in Our Generational Line"

by Paul Cox
Aug 21, 2015

Steve ShultzFrom the desk of Steve Shultz:

This is Paul Cox, a very dear friend to Derene and me. Over the years he's ministered to us and over us countless times.

It's almost hard to quickly define who Paul is and what his gifting is. First let me tell you that it's as if Paul is "on" — all the time. Sleeping or not, God is showing him revelation or teaching him NEW WAYS TO SET HIMSELF FREE AND THOSE HE MINISTERS TO. PAUL LIVES TO BRING FREEDOM TO THE BODY.

Because of his depth of learning from the Lord, it's sometimes hard to understand all the symbols God gives him. Read this in context with the understanding that God is always giving Paul new revelation to set people free from chains that bind them.

Paul is a Seer and he operates in the GIFT OF DISCERNMENT.

Paul Cox:

"My dream was a roadmap. I needed to pray and ask the Lord to reverse some issues in my generational line and myself so that the righteous windows of Heaven could be opened, and so that I could be correctly connected by the righteous branches to The Branch, who is Jesus, and to the heavenly places"

Please believe me when I tell you that Paul Cox is the real deal. Since most won't get the opportunity to get past his waiting list of people seeking his help, you can learn by reading this article. Then simply pray the prayer he has written for you. And expect to discover new freedom in your life when you do.

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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What are Spiritual Windows and Branches, and What Do They Have to Do With Me?

In January 2015, I woke up on my birthday and remembered a dream in which I was looking at an open window to my left, and wondering why it was open. Through the screen, I could see a tree branch rapidly growing and branching out. I looked outside to my right and saw another branch growing.
Less than a month later, I had another dream. Looking through two windows in a warehouse, I could see two cabins, and realized I had rented the cabin on the left. I went to the cabin and met a caretaker who said I was to check out at 6:00 AM. I thought, "What a stupid time to check out!" I realized it was now 9:00 AM. The caretaker said, "Since you are late you owe one thousand times for each minute you were late."

I was stunned. Even after all these years of generational prayer, evidently I had not recognized something that was profoundly affecting me, to the extent that the enemy still had a right to exact a huge penalty against me. I needed to address the issues of windows and branches.

The Lord has been showing us that there are not only gates and doors in the heavenly places, but also windows. A familiar passage in Malachi 3:10-11 teaches us about these windows:

"'Bring all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be food in My house, and try Me now in this,' says the LORD of hosts, 'if I will not open for you the windows of Heaven and pour out for you such blessing that there will not be room enough to receive it.

"'And I will rebuke the devourer for your sakes, so that he will not destroy the fruit of your ground, nor shall the vine fail to bear fruit for you in the field,' says the LORD of hosts."

In my dream, I realized that the open windows should not have been open, and it seemed to be tied to my generational line. The mother's side seemed to be on the left, and the father's on the right. Isaiah 24:18 and Joel 2:9 speak of open windows that result in severe problems: "And it shall be that he who flees from the noise of the fear shall fall into the pit, and he who comes up from the midst of the pit shall be caught in the snare; for the windows from on high are open, and the foundations of the earth are shaken..." "They run to and fro in the city, they run on the wall; they climb into the houses, they enter at the windows like a thief." (Photo via Pixabay)

It seems we have often looked at Malachi 3:10-11 only in the context of tithing, but not in the larger context of the chapter, which lists many sins that can have generational impact.

In the first dream, I realized that ungodly windows were still open above me, not only because of my sin but also because of my generational iniquity. The second dream indicated that the enemy, the caretaker, was exacting a severe financial penalty because of these open windows. I also realized that instead of renting that house, I should be the owner.

But there were other truths to be discovered in the dream as well. What was the brilliant white branch that I saw growing so rapidly, and branching out? Although Joel 1:7 indicates a branch that was stripped and made white, it seemed to me that the branch I saw was a righteous branch that was not correctly connected. Jesus said He is the vine and we are the branches, and in the Old Testament, Jesus is referred to as the Branch (see Zechariah 3:8; Isaiah 11:1).

It seems that because of generational and lifetime sin, we are not correctly connected as a branch to "The Branch," Jesus. Ungodly branches have been connected to us, which need to be destroyed so we can be rightly connected to Jesus, the True Branch. It appears that these branches connect us through the heavenly windows to the gates and the doors in the heavenly places.

How Do we Experience the Power and the Blessings of Open Heavenly Windows?

On June 9, 2015, Chuck Pierce had this prophecy:

"As you are praising, arise out of the depth of your hearts. My windows are opening up even now in a greater way than you've ever experienced. So prepare your house for the multiplication of people, the multiplication of resources, the multiplication of success, the multiplication of My presence. For I have glorious benefits that you know not of. Prepare yourself for the glorious benefits that I will be sending your way!

"Port cities, prepare yourselves! For even now I will re-arrange the trade structures that are being brought in. I will re-arrange the way you are doing things, and I will bring some new ships in. There will be an uncovering of what is being brought into this nation. I am re-aligning the trade routes. Watch the hurricanes this year as they form. For as the hurricanes are now beginning to form in Heaven during this 'whirlwind' year, you will now see the movement of these hurricanes come into earth by August. And you'll see a movement and new routes and alignments begin to form." (Read this prophecy in its entirety on The Elijah List.)

I was stunned by Chuck Pierce's word. In October 2014, we were in Kaneohe, Hawaii, as Hurricane Ana moved toward Hawaii, and we were preparing for the landfall of the storm. During the week before the expected arrival of the storm, the Lord revealed the golden pipes and the whirlwind through discernment (see Zechariah 4). The following weekend Ana (which means grace) turned slightly away from the Islands, and Oahu was blessed with gentle rainfall but no hurricane-force winds. We learned a powerful lesson: when we are in His Eye and surrounded by the righteous whirlwind, we are protected by His grace. We also moved into a new understanding of His power. (Photo via Wikimedia Commons)

Exactly nine months to the day, in July 2015, remnants of another hurricane brought historic rains to Southern California. Torrential rains fell in the High Desert where we live. What was conceived in Hawaii was birthed in Southern California. The desperately needed blessing of rain in drought-stricken Southern California had fallen! I believe this is an indication that revival has come to the Pacific Coast.

Those nine months indicate that when we understand the windows and branches, we are linked to His blessings, grace, and power. So, how do we move from where we have been to a new place of experiencing the power and the blessings of open heavenly windows?

My dream was a roadmap. I needed to pray and ask the Lord to reverse some issues in my generational line and myself so that the righteous windows of Heaven could be opened, and so that I could be correctly connected by the righteous branches to The Branch, who is Jesus, and to the heavenly places.

As we discussed these concepts with many people, the Lord gave us a prayer. As you pray, it is my prayer that you will experience His power and the blessings of Heaven!

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Prayer to Renounce the Illegal Access of the Windows of Heaven

Lord, remove any ungodly branches and totally graft me into You as a branch in Your vine. I declare You are the true vine and I am a branch of You. Please remove all ungodly branches and burn them. I repent for establishing and nurturing these ungodly branches, and for not acknowledging You as My true vine and myself as a branch on Your vine. I submit this prayer on behalf of my family line as well as myself.

Father, in the name of Jesus, I ask You to forgive us for illegally accessing the windows of Heaven for the purpose of personal financial gain. I repent for and renounce opening any heavenly windows through occult practice, idolatry, divination, witchcraft, covenant breaking, ungodly trading, the exploitation of others, and false religions. I also repent for closing windows that should not be closed. Please close every window, gate, and door that we opened illegally, and open every window, gate, and door that should not have been closed.

Lord, please take me back to the womb of the dawn and recreate my DNA and RNA so that any influence of the fallen sons of God in my DNA and RNA is totally removed. (Photo via Freeimages)

Lord, please remove all ungodly roots and branches.

Lord, I repent for not aligning to Your times and seasons to open and close windows. I repent for building my own times in reference to the windows. I repent for interrupting the flow of God's times. I repent for extending times when they should not be extended.

I repent for defiling and making the windows dirty. Please clean the windows in the generational line, and cleanse me now, Father, by the Blood of Your Son, and set me free from the consequences of opening heavenly windows by illegal means. Lord, You stated in John 14:6 that You are the way, the truth, and the life and that no one can access the heavenly realms except through You. Please close every window, every door, and every gate that was opened illegally, and restore us to Your plumb line. From this day forward, I will enter the windows of Heaven only though You, as Your Spirit leads.

Lord, take the ax to the ungodly root in the ungodly womb of the dawn and destroy all ungodly roots and branches. Rightly connect me to Your roots, branches, and vine so that I can function as a godly branch in the order of Melchizedek. Please give me a new heart.

I repent for any ungodly way in which we accessed windows. Please apply the scarlet thread, the hyssop, and the cedar to all ungodly covenants that opened windows that should not be opened. I repent for all ungodly covenants that affected any land area. Please disconnect us from those land areas.

Please break all ungodly ties to time, and to the windows of time and times. I repent for ungodly access to time and times and half of time, and ask You to apply Your Blood to all markers in time. Please restore godly boundaries between space and time, and close all ungodly windows and doors between time and space. I repent for any way that we accessed time through space or space through time.

I repent for making all ungodly calendars based on the cycles of time and for changing times and seasons, and declare that all my days are written in Your book. Lord, please remove the abomination of desolation off of my family line, and remove all generational pages of the enemy that have been inserted into my book.

I repent for those who did not understand that the tithe was to go to Melchizedek, to Jesus, our High Priest. I repent for giving according to my own desires or due to the pressure of others, rather than asking Melchizedek, Jesus, our High Priest where I am to give my tithe. (Photo via Pixabay)

As I am conceived in the womb of the dawn, do not allow any parts of me to be influenced by the fallen sons of God, or any other fallen spiritual beings. Please do not allow any animal, plant, fish, or spiritual DNA and RNA to be weaved into my DNA and RNA. Please remove any unholy sequencing in my DNA and RNA placed there by the fallen sons of God. In the womb of the dawn, please correctly sequence the ACGT coding of my original design in the conception replication of all my DNA and RNA.

At my birth from the womb of the dawn, do not allow me to be scattered, but establish the righteous pillars of wisdom. Please do not allow any parts of me to be scattered in the unholy height, depth, length and width, or in all unholy dimensions and kingdoms.

I repent for those in my family and tribe who, by majority, made agreements with the enemy that ended up entrapping me even though it was not my desire.

At conception, please establish the correct lightning strikes to fuse my spirit to my soul and body. Please breathe into me so I am a living soul according to Your original desire and not according to the plans of the enemy.

Lord, as my spirit is moving from Your throne, please guide me so that I go to the holy height, depth, length, and width; and prohibit any effort of the enemy to capture me and place me or any parts of me in the unholy depth, length, width, and height. I lay claim to all repentance and renunciations that I have prayed, that the enemy may not be allowed to capture me.
Lord, please remove all unholy subscripts from my generational line that allowed unholy authorities to carry curses down my generational line. Please disconnect me from the ungodly library, ungodly scrolls, the ungodly librarian, and all ungodly knowledge.

In the name of Jesus Christ, I repent for nurturing humanistic mindsets. I repent for placing the standards of man at a higher priority than Your truth.

I repent for times I allowed personal decisions to override Your leadership and truth. Lord, I ask that You now disassemble and clean off all false and ungodly branches.

Please clean all godly branches, close all windows that should be closed, and do the same for all gates and doors.

Please remove all influence from Chronos time, and bring me into Your full Kairos time.

Please burn and destroy all that You are cleaning off.

Lord, I ask You now to release Your power.

Dr. Paul L. Cox
Aslan's Place


Dr. Paul L. Cox is co-director of Aslan's Place with his wife, Donna Cox. Aslan's Place is a ministry center dedicated to bringing freedom and wholeness to the wounded and captive. It also trains and equips the Body of Christ for spiritual warfare. Paul is a graduate of the California Graduate School of Theology where he earned his Doctorate of Ministry degree. As an ordained American Baptist pastor, Paul ministered at several churches as senior pastor. Paul is committed to prayer ministry that brings freedom through generational deliverance. In order to share the revelation and insights the Holy Spirit has imparted to them, Paul and Donna founded Aslan's Place in 1999. This facility in Apple Valley, California, not only serves as an individual ministry center, but also a training and seminar center. The ministry given is Biblically-based and Holy Spirit-led. As a result of their heart for the nations, Paul and Donna have also had the privilege of ministering at many of the major ministry centers around the world such as Open Bible Fellowship, Tulsa, Oklahoma; Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship, Canada; Hope for Munich, Munich, Germany; and several others worldwide. It is Paul and Donna's heart to continue to learn from the Holy Spirit and the Body of Christ and to share openly what the Spirit has taught them.

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