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Your 5 BEST dividend stocks for right now

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Jul 8, 2015

5 Best Dividend
Stocks to Buy Now

(The names might surprise you...)


Dear Fellow Investor,

I’m about to reveal your 5 best stock bets for dividend income right now...

But I’ll wager they won’t fit in the typical box income investors have come to expect.

In fact, my #1 pick is so far-fetched to most investors, they’ll have to reconsider everything they think they know about investing as soon as they discover what it is.

Because when it comes to dividends, I’ve found most people are looking at the wrong stocks entirely.

And my experience proves only a handful of investors know what they actually want when it comes to dividend paying stocks at all.

That’s why most people will never guess what I’m about to show you.

Because I want to reveal to you precisely which 5 stocks are your best bets for income right now... even though they’re flying under most dividend investors’ radar.

But I’ll show you how to become one of the select few investors who know exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to choosing the top dividend-paying stocks today.

Simply click here for immediate access to my FREE report 5 Best Dividend Stocks To Build Your Income Right Now.

These 5 dividend stocks probably aren’t the ones you’re thinking of today

My #1 dividend play is a household name. In fact, you might even have one of its products in your home right now.

But if you’re like most investors, you don’t think of this top tech company as your best source for income on the market today. With the world’s nearly insatiable appetite for its products, this company is all over the headlines. While most investors still consider this established high-tech giant to simply be a “growth” stock...

But I think a little differently from “most” investors. And I’m asking you to, as well.

For example, take a sneak peek at my #2 dividend play...

With more than 2,630 stores across the United States, you probably already know this supermarket giant. But you probably don’t know it also owns gas stations, convenience stores and even jewelry stores... But what I’ll bet you’re really interested in knowing is this company is also one of the most reliable dividend yielding stocks you can own in your portfolio right now.

Or what about my #3 yield-producer?

This company recently beat out all its competitors to be the top retailer in its industry. It’s selling everything from air conditioning units to gardening supplies all across the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and China. But what’s even better than all this massive growth is it’s got a good-sized dividend to boot.

Discover the names and ticker symbols of these 3 companies PLUS 2 more income-juggernauts flying under most dividend investors radars in my newest FREE report, 5 Best Dividend Stocks To Build Your Income Right Now.

Your FREE key to the dividend yields you’ve been looking for right now

My FREE report 5 Best Dividend Stocks To Build Your Income Right Now is designed with 1 goal in mind... To help you build the dividend-producing portfolio you’re looking for today.

But I know these 5 stocks are flying under the radar of most dividend seekers.

So in this newest FREE report, you’ll find the names and ticker symbols of all 5 of these dividend juggernauts. Plus, you’ll get FREE details on how you can discover even more income-generating solutions for your wealth.

But my publisher could decide to start charging for this FREE report at any time. So I urge you to act now. And discover the names and ticker symbols of all 5 of these dividend powerhouses right now... absolutely FREE!

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To your wealth,

Louis Navellier

P.S. My publisher could start charging for this FREE report at any moment. But I want you to discover everything you need to know about the top 5 dividend-paying stocks you’re looking for today... absolutely FREE. So please don’t wait any longer. Click here for instant access to your FREE copy of 5 Best Dividend Stocks To Build Your Income Right Now!

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