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Katherine Ruonala and Darren Canning: "Hungry For the Raw Gospel" and "The Golden Slippers Anointing"

by Katherine Ruonala and Darren Canning
Feb 27, 2015

Steve ShultzFrom the desk of Steve Shultz:

Here are two prophetic words by Katherine Ruonala of Brisbane, Australia and Darren Canning of Canada.

A significant application of New Testament prophetic revelation is the interpretation of Scripture for today's application, as well as the interpretation of signs and symbols from the Lord.

Both are in this posting. You're going to grasp and learn a lot from today's revelation!

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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On my recent visit to the U.S., the Lord prompted me to begin memorizing Ephesians 2. I was struck by verses 2-3 that describes how we used to follow the ways of this world and live gratifying the desires of our flesh. Before we were made alive with Christ we lived like this, but now, by the grace of God through faith that is no longer who we are.

Ephesians 2:1-3 As for you, you were dead in your transgressions and sins, in which you used to live when you followed the ways of this world and of the ruler of the kingdom of the air, the spirit who is now at work in those who are disobedient. All of us also lived among them at one time, gratifying the cravings of our flesh and following its desires and thoughts. Like the rest, we were by nature deserving of wrath.

With the rise of hipster culture, there has been an increasing trend toward healthy eating. Raw, organic, and non-GMO foods are becoming more and more desired among a younger generation that just seems to want to eat clean. For myself, I have just recently felt to stop eating processed sugar, and having done it for a few months, I have found my tastes have changed. As I look at food labels I am becoming increasingly aware of how sugar seems to be added to so much of what I previously ate. Having been off sugar for a while, fruit and vegetables are now wonderfully sweet to me, but foods with processed sugar seem sickly sweet and distasteful.

I believe this outward trend is a prophetic sign of an inward cry from a generation that is desperate for real, raw Christianity. A generation who have developed a distaste for religion that has been diluted by the culture of the world. Instead of being content with a form of godliness that denies the actual power of God, the Holy Spirit is releasing a hunger in peoples hearts to see the real power of God manifested.

There is a craving that is growing in the hearts of Believers for holiness, not based on old legalistic ideas, but on an awakening to the power of what the Cross has actually done for them. Having been born again, faith is rising that we have been empowered to no longer live gratifying the desires of the flesh (Ephesians 2).

The Greatness of His Power

Holiness in its purest form is a faith response to knowing God and the reality that we have been crucified and raised up with Him. It is no longer we who live but Christ who lives in us! With a raw lens, uncluttered by religious filters, the revelation that "as He is in the world so are we" is birthing a new breed. A breed of Believers who read the Word of God with a faith that confirms their identity as co-heirs with Christ, and who hunger to walk out that identity in practical and powerful ways. (Photo via Pixabay)

With this return to the raw, unfiltered message of the Gospel, accompanied by a repentance from everything that has taken away from the simplicity of knowing Christ and Him Crucified, there is a new level of glory being released. Those who embrace the power that comes from clean, undefiled lives and who choose to daily reckon themselves dead to sin, taking on the identity of the Pure One, Jesus, are about to see the raw message of the power of the Cross and resurrection confirmed with unprecedented signs, wonders and miracles.

Words of knowledge, prophecy and creative miracles that cause the world to take notice are going to give these preachers of righteousness new platforms to proclaim the message of salvation. The Lord showed me a vision as I wrote this of nets being pulled in absolutely full of fish. The harvest is here! The world is groaning, waiting for Believers to manifest Christ. They want to know the real Jesus who transforms lives.

Wake up! The shaking has begun and people are waking out of their slumber to the greatness of the power of God that He wants to manifest through them.

Katherine Ruonala
Glory City Church

Website: and

Katherine Ruonala has a prophetic and healing ministry and travels internationally as a conference speaker bringing a message of love and hope to the nations. Katherine carries a strong prophetic and miracle anointing with many being instantly healed in her meetings. Katherine and Tom Ruonala are the founders and Senior Ministers of Glory City Church Brisbane and oversee the International Glory City Church planting network which has a growing number of churches both in the US and in Australia. Katherine is the founder and coordinator of the Australian Prophetic Council and serves on the Apostolic team of Harvest International Ministries. Katherine is author of the book "Living in the Miraculous: How God's Love is Expressed Through the Supernatural". Katherine and Tom have three beautiful children, Jessica, Emily and Joseph.

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This is the hour of the golden slippers. This is the hour that you have been crying and groaning for. This is the season when God is handing out shoes for new ministries. They shall come forth in many numbers. Many shall rise and wander into the highways and byways, converting the masses to the heart of Christ. This is the hour that the ancient Christians groaned for. They saw it during their time.

This is the hour of finances being released for Kingdom assignments. Bags of gold will be laid at your feet. You will walk and not grow weary, run and not faint. A thousand may fall at your side and ten thousand at your other side, but you will leap like a calf from its stall and enter into the glory of God.

Angels are being assigned to walk with you and these will release the miracles, signs and wonders in the atmospheres of the rooms that you will enter. Get ready this is the moment you have been longing for.

Hunger and Anointing Increasing

Recently I ministered in Hamilton, Kitchener and Toronto. Everywhere we went we saw people longing for the presence of God. One man was so hungry for more of God that he held my hand and looked into my eyes for 10 minutes. I gave him the bandana I was wearing on my head and he slept with it all night because he wanted to have dreams of angels. That is childlike hunger and that is the heart of the Army Rising in the earth at this time. They will not care what others think because they long for the anointing of God.

I remember a number of months ago I saw an angel in a dream. He was a craftsman and had great skill in creating gemstones. Each stone that he created was amazing in color and detail. I knew that there was an hour coming that these would be released in the atmosphere. Some were small and others were very big. Each stone that will be released will speak prophetically in the moment that it's released. Two of these stones appeared in our midst in Hamilton in February. (Photo from Darren Canning of gemstone in meeting)

I saw a piece of heavenly glass that looked like a woman's foot in a Golden Slipper. This miracle is why I am prophesying the way I am today. I felt that this was a sign that God is releasing a tremendous anointing to His servants starting even now.

I did a little research to see if there was anything about the golden slipper in Christian lore that was interesting, and there was indeed something very interesting. In 1879 an African-American man by the name of James A. Bland wrote a hymn called "Dem Golden Slippers." There is a line in the song that says, "Golden slippers I'se goin' to wear to walk the golden street." And another interesting coincidence is that there is a version of the hymn that you can listen to on YouTube by the Fisk University Jubilee Quartet from 1909, which just happens to be during the Azusa Street Revival years.

Do you think perhaps God is saying something here? I believe we are entering into a greater revival even in this hour. Get ready!

We also saw a diamond-like stone in Hamilton. I gave it to a lady after I picked it up but when she got up to preach she accidently threw it into the air, which really is a prophetic act all on its own. Get ready for the warriors to arise and fly with eagle's wings into unknown places.

After these meetings in Hamilton we went to Kitchener and crazy signs and wonders happened there as well. There was an angel in that meeting releasing aromas into the atmosphere. There were only about 45 people in the room but I believe that most of them smelled something. There was the smell of cotton candy (childlike faith), Rose of Sharon (healing presence of Jesus), Cake (party in the spirit with the Word), Mint (refreshing), and bread (the presence of Jesus as the Word of God). Also glory dust appeared on many people. Many colors too: greens, oranges, reds, yellow gold, and silver; and all of this is a sign of the coming glory of God being released to the masses.

Say, "God I Am Available!"

God is awakening hearts in this hour. All you have to do is step in and say, "God I am available." You will enter in if you are hungry.

A golden slipper reminds me of the story of Cinderella. In order to go from the rags of humanity to the richest of the Kingdom, it will take childlike faith. You will not receive your slippers unless you rejoice and enter into the things that God is doing by faith. You will experience many things but you have to allow God to open your heart. (Photo via

It starts with one declaration, "Lord, no matter what You do, I will enter into Your presence as long as it is You. So convince me Lord."

Darren Canning
Ministry of Darren Canning


Darren Canning is a revivalist preacher who travels throughout Canada, the United States, and the world. His heart is for revival and believes that God will touch lives deeply wherever he travels. He teaches on hearing the voice of God and experiencing the supernatural. Darren's life was touched powerfully through an encounter with God and he was transformed from an Atheistic lifestyle to a Believer in a moment. He has spent 14 years working for the government of Canada as an analyst specializing in transportation issues related to Aircraft Safety and Security. He is married to Lydia and is the father of 7 children. He believes that if others experience the God of the supernatural then they too will be changed forever.

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