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Todd Bentley
May 13, 2000

In the last year throughout many places that myself and the team have been traveling, there have been many confirmed healings and a few miracles. We've seen everything from deafness in the ears, eye problems, cancers, arthritis, back and neck problems. Creative healings such as short limbs growing out to their proper size, crooked spines made straight and God s realignment of the bones, including two people healed of paralysis are just some of what God has been doing.


After coming back recently from healing revival meetings in Whitehorse, Yukon; I was ministering in the Abbotsford Revival Center and in worship that morning, the Holy Spirit brought me back to a prophetic word that I had given in the Whitehorse meetings. God began to speak to me about the coming healing revival in Canada. In worship that morning I was caught up in the Spirit and I saw many rain clouds individually set up over many churches and ministries across Canada pouring down rain. The rain clouds looked like they do in the cartoons on TV where rain would be pouring down upon one person or one place. Then I saw many ministers and churches that are already flowing in this miracle healing anointing, beginning to go into different cities and towns in Canada. As they were leaving these places of ministry the cloud would remain upon that church and continue to pour down healing rain.


Many places are going to receive such an outpouring of rain that pools of water are going to form like in John 5, the pool of Bethesda. Within my spirit I didn't just see one pool but I saw many pools across Canada. The literal meanings of Bethesda means the house of outpouring and grace. The Holy Spirit spoke to me that these rains were for those churches and ministries that would fervently cry out for the rain, like Elijah upon the mountain in 1Kings 18:41-46. Elijah in verse 41 heard the sound of the abundance of rain and he knew in his spirit that the famine for Israel was over and it was time for the rain to fall, Chapter 18:1. Chapter 17:1 said that the rains would come at the word of Elijah and it would be at the word of the hungry people for healing revival in intercession that the rains will fall.

Though Elijah knew it was time for the rain to fall he still in fervent prayer upon the mountain had to birth and call it forth, 18:41-46.


Though Elijah saw nothing he persisted in fervent prayer calling the rain and if you are to be in the rain and the storm front moving across Canada in healings and miracles you need to preach healing and though you see nothing, preach healing and preach, seven times Elijah persisted and he saw nothing.


I hear the sound of the rain and I know in my spirit IT IS TIME!!! climb up on the mountain and call for the rain, call for the storm. When the rains first began to come the cloud was but the size of a man s fist but it grew to the place where Elijah said to Ahab get your chariot going lest the rain stop you upon the way. God spoke to my heart that first there would be healing but then the rain would become torrential rains and we d move into miracles. Will your church be a pool of Bethesda for the sick and the lame? Well, then let it pour and the Lord says that truly they all come from miles around.

That morning in worship after God had given me this word two wonderful Africans walked into the service and God spoke to me that they were a sign that miracles and healings would come forth in Canada like in places in Africa. I called these two men to the front of the church for them to prophesy healing rains within the church in their language. That morning in the service we had many healings including a couple of people healed standing at the altar, one of them was one of the Africans. Praise the Lord! what s been happening in Victoria and with the ministry of Fresh Fire is just the beginning of what God is going to do all over Canada.

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