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The Antioxidant That's 6,000x More Powerful Than Vitamin C

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Jan 12, 2014

Exclusive Report
The Antioxidant That's
6000x More
Powerful Than Vitamin C

Dear Health Conscious Reader,

New studies are in...and whether you are turning 40 or rounding 70, I am here to tell you about a tiny miracle pill from the cutting-edge of nutritional medicine. If anyone deserves to hear this news, it's you — someone with eyes open to the amazing power of modern nutritional medicine to transform your health for the better.

Scientists have spent decades researching natural solutions that could help you become an age-defying wonder with joints that stay comfortable and strong, skin that always looks 10 years younger, a memory that's as sharp at 80 as it was at 40 and energy that stays "charged" at 50, 60, 70 and beyond.

But until recently, "staying young" like this meant eating a mountain of health food and forcing down supplements the size of horse pills. Not anymore. Today, incredibly convincing evidence indicates that one super-nutrient can help you do it all. In fact, researchers haven't been this giddy about a nutrient discovery since omega-3s and CoQ10 revolutionized heart health. And many believe this is even bigger!

I'm Joshua Corn, Editor-in-Chief of Live in the Now, one of the fastest growing natural health publications in the nation. My passion for natural health has always driven me to educate people on alternative solutions that are both safe and effective.

You may have seen my earlier report on this super-nutrient. If so, you probably know that I'm talking about astaxanthin, the most powerful antioxidant yet discovered on this beautiful green earth. Back then, I was excited about astaxanthin's potential. Today, as more and more human studies roll in, I've become absolutely convinced that this may be the single most essential anti-aging supplement of all.

Joshua Corn, Editor-in-Chief of the Live in the Now newsletter, is a health freedom advocate who's been involved in the natural health movement for over 15 years. He's always been dedicated to promoting health, vitality, longevity and natural living. Josh is currently writing a book on natural remedies and is gearing up to launch the Live in the Now radio show. In addition to his work in the natural health field, Josh is an avid outdoorsman, organic gardener, animal lover and enjoys "living in the now" with his wife and two sons.

You Can Age the Right Way, Not the Hard Way!

I'm sure you too have seen firsthand how merciless old age can be. Painful physical infirmities, limited mobility, pain, inflammation, mental confusion, loss of independence — it's not pretty. And it's not what we signed up for. So imagine a chance instead to glow old, not grow old, with greater vitality than you ever hoped for!

Take a few minutes to read this report and...

You'll learn about astaxanthin's protective ability at the most fundamental level to slow down the aging process and help you fend off the infirmities we fear the most.

You'll discover the ugly little secret about some astaxanthin supplements that can make them virtually useless — and how to spot them before you waste your money.

You'll learn my three tips for choosing the best astaxanthin supplement to ensure you don't squander this incredible health opportunity with an inferior product.

How to Fight Dangerous Free Radical Overload and WIN

I've spent my career seeking answers for age-related conditions like heart problems, joint discomfort, vision issues and blood sugar imbalances. In virtually every case, the degenerative decline associated with aging is triggered by one fundamental cellular breakdown. It's called oxidative stress. It's certainly the biggest obstacle in your way of reaching 100, but you have more immediate reasons to be concerned. It can turn your life after 50 into a painful, debilitating journey, and who on earth wants that?

You see, oxidative stress never slows down in your body, as free radicals and unstable ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) molecules, like singlet oxygen, pound away at healthy cells in an unrelenting assault. These harmful molecules are the byproducts of your cells turning fuel into energy, much in the same way that exhaust fumes are byproducts of engine combustion. The big difference is auto fumes are vented outside; not so with these cell attackers.

Unfortunately, these free radicals stay trapped inside your body where they damage cell wall membranes and mitochondria, deplete cellular energy and weaken communication between cells. Your very DNA is damaged, raising the risk for serious health problems, and cells break down and die. Left unchecked, cell oxidation accelerates the aging process as membranes and tissues decay. The physical and mental decline becomes as obvious as the lines on your face.

Some examples of how oxidative stress can negatively affect your body:
  • Joints and muscles grow achy with more frequent flare-ups
  • Wrinkles, dryness and age spots become impossible to ignore
  • Vision starts to fade and the risk of age-related sight loss increases
  • Arteries get clogged with oxidized gunk and start to harden
  • Memory, concentration and other cognitive skills grow less sharp
  • Energy levels diminish and your blood sugar grows unstable
Your body has antioxidant processes of its own that neutralize free radicals. In today's toxic world, however, the free radical overload can simply overwhelm them.

Too much sun exposure...toxins in our food and water...air pollution...smoking and alcohol consumption...weight problems...stress...processed-food diets — all these factors churn up more free radicals, and they're like sharks circling in the water.

You have to protect yourself. But if you think typical antioxidants are enough, think again.

Why Common Antioxidants Won't Solve
Today's Free-Radical Crisis

You already know about antioxidants, of course, and you know enough to get ample vitamins A, C, D and E through fresh fruits and vegetables or supplements. That's good, but not good enough.

You see, different antioxidants neutralize different free radicals and ROS molecules. Some of the worst offenders — like singlet oxygen, which is linked with cholesterol oxidation in arteries among other concerns — barely flinch in the presence of common antioxidants. It takes much more firepower to handle the oxidation overload, and that's why scientists are so thrilled by the latest discoveries about an antioxidant called astaxanthin that's proving to be the most powerful free radical fighter yet.

The Antioxidant 6,000 Times More Powerful Than Vitamin C

At first, researchers couldn't believe their own equipment when they put astaxanthin to the test against leading antioxidants in the ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) test, the famous yardstick of antioxidant performance. The numbers were off the chart!

Astaxanthin was shown to be up to 500 times more powerful than vitamin E, 10 times more potent than beta-carotene (vitamin A), and 5 times more potent than lutein. But get ready for more impressive news. In another test that specifically measures the ability to neutralize the destructive singlet oxygen I mentioned earlier, astaxanthin proved to be up to:
  • 40 times stronger than beta-carotene
  • 100 times stronger than vitamin E
  • 800 times stronger than CoQ10
  • and 6,000 times stronger than vitamin C!
Let me tell you more about the very common singlet oxygen. It's linked to deadly cholesterol oxidation in the arteries, DNA damage and damage to skin, eyes and other tissues in the body. Its destructive effects on lipids proteins and DNA inside the body have been tied to a wide gamut of age-related health concerns.

Anything that neutralizes highly active singlet oxygen gets a "thumbs up" from me, and astaxanthin does it better than any other antioxidant known to science!

The more researchers learned about astaxanthin, the more impressed they became. The next discovery was a big one. As it turns out, astaxanthin's molecular composition allows it to cross the blood-brain and blood-retina barriers that other antioxidants can't cross.

That's right: many antioxidants can't protect your brain and eyes because they can't get through to the cells that need protection. But astaxanthin can.

That means astaxanthin can scavenge free radicals and singlet oxygen in your brain, eyes, joints and central nervous system in ways ordinary antioxidants simply can't. In fact, astaxanthin can enhance your health in so many possible ways that I call it the "magic bullet" of antioxidants.

Joints That Stay Flexible and Comfortable

The secret to lifelong comfort is keeping your cartilage healthy, and a big part of that is fighting off oxidative stress in cartilage collagen. If you don't, the constant free radical attacks trigger tissue degradation that can make joints feel like agony. Some people may tell you that the soreness and stiffness are just an unavoidable part of aging. Those people are wrong!

Astaxanthin protects against this free radical breakdown. One well-known University of Memphis study found that astaxanthin eased discomfort even after strenuous exercise.[1] Another study in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition reported reduced pain and greater mobility among people with joint pain after taking astaxanthin for only eight weeks.[2]

A Body That Stays Healthy and Pain-Free

Inflammation is in the news — and for good reason. Some amount of inflammation is a healthy response to foreign invaders or pathogens in the body. But when inflammatory fires burn out of control, trouble follows. Trouble that takes a toll on every part of your body.

You could say that inflammation is the evil twin of oxidation! Inflammation within the brain, for example, may contribute to memory loss. Inflammation in artery walls may signal a higher risk of cardiovascular problems. And chronic inflammation throughout the body can depress immune response, leaving you susceptible to an array of health woes!

But here's some good news: Astaxanthin acts to lower important inflammatory markers, slowing production of inflammation and pain-causing enzymes like Cox-1, Cox-2 and PGE-2. And in a study conducted at Washington State University, volunteers taking a small amount of astaxanthin for 2 months saw their levels of C-reactive protein (CRP) plummet. CRP is an important marker of inflammation in the body — and high CRP levels affect your heart health.[3]

Healthier Cholesterol and Arteries the Natural Way

If you've never linked antioxidants with cholesterol management, you're in for a big surprise because this may be one of astaxanthin's biggest benefits of all. A 2011 double-blind, placebo-controlled study published in Plant Foods for Human Nutrition found that LDL was "significantly lower" among overweight individuals after 12 weeks of astaxanthin supplementation.[4] What's more, a 2010 Jikei University study published in Atherosclerosis found that astaxanthin supplements raised "good" HDL cholesterol and reduced triglycerides among study participants.[5]

That's especially important news because many experts believe that the ratio of good HDL to bad LDL is the most critical cholesterol factor of all — and now studies show you can improve this ratio naturally with the help of astaxanthin.

Astaxanthin supports artery health, too. Studies indicate that it helps stop LDL cholesterol from oxidizing so that it won't clog up and harden your arteries. And this artery-scrubbing effect means better circulation too, according to a 2008 astaxanthin study published in the Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition.[6]

Vision That Stays Clear and Focused

UV sunlight and oxidative stress produce serious damage to your eyes that can lead to eye problems and vision loss — one of the most feared age-onset conditions of all. Studies show that astaxanthin can help protect your eyes against the damage.[7,8]

Remember, astaxanthin can cross the blood-retina barrier to positively impact eye health. It has been shown to uniquely protect the fovea and cones of the eye, which are critical to excellent sight as we age. It's the most powerful antioxidant among the carotenoids, which are well known for their eye-protective capabilities, and it's been shown to be 5 times more potent than lutein, perhaps the most well-known "eye nutrient" of all!

Lifelong Memory Like a Steel Trap

Astaxanthin has been called the most "brain-friendly" antioxidant of all. So why just cross your fingers and hope your cognitive skills stay strong as you age, when you can do something to support them now?

Scientists know that oxidative stress on brain cells can lead to memory loss and thinking problems as we get older. That's because about 30% of the brain's mass consists of the fatty acid DHA, which is highly susceptible to ROS oxidation damage.

It's proven that astaxanthin protects DHA against oxidation, and its unique ability to cross the blood-brain barrier allows it to "get in" and protect brain cells better than any other antioxidant known to science. In fact, a 2009 study published in the prestigious Brain Journal singled out astaxanthin's potential brain-health benefits and its ability to fight oxidative damage that can lead to mental decline.[9]

Age-Defying Skin That's Protected from Within

Most people rely on marginally effective lotions to keep their skin looking young. But the fact is, the most effective protection for your skin comes from within your own body. You see, free radical damage is the biggest threat to the long-term health and appearance of your skin. And while you see the effects on the outside in wrinkles, brown spots, blemishes and drying, astaxanthin helps heal and protect from the inside. Astaxanthin is a healthy way to give yourself a natural glow from within. And it's better than Botox because you're reviving skin cells — not paralyzing them!

It not only helps protect your skin from future damage, it can also reverse years of damage relatively quickly.[10] This is due to its potent antioxidant properties as well as its anti-inflammatory and immunity enhancing characteristics. One of the ways astaxanthin works is by protecting the skin's outermost layer against oxidative stress. This enhances cell repair and collagen production, thus increasing skin moisture, reducing wrinkles and providing for firmer, more elastic skin.[11]

Overall, research is showing that astaxanthin is, in fact, one of the best supplements you can take to repair and heal your skin from the inside out, reverse years of damage and maintain a youthful appearance. Indeed, antioxidants like beta-carotene and vitamin E are great for your skin. Now see what can happen with an antioxidant that leaves them both in the dust!

Support for Healthy Blood Sugar

Scientists have found a clear link between hyperglycemia and low levels of carotenoids in the body, so it pays to keep your levels up with astaxanthin, the most powerful carotenoid of all. And don't forget, unstable blood sugar is often linked with inflammation. Astaxanthin helps lower inflammatory markers and can help protect against ROS levels that trigger inflammation, development of insulin resistance and impaired glucose tolerance.

According to one study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, astaxanthin can inhibit oxidative stress that is linked with multiple blood sugar-related conditions.[12] Researchers concluded that "astaxanthin could be an effective, functional supplement" to support health in this major area of concern.

A Charged Up Immune System to Fight Off Illness

Ample antioxidant support is a crucial part of your overall immune health. Critical immune cells like lymphocytes can be damaged by free radicals, which weaken your immune resistance and triggers inflammation that drags your health down.

A 2010 study of healthy young female adults published in Nutrition and Metabolism concluded that dietary astaxanthin enhances immune response and decreases a known DNA damage biomarker.[13] This indicates that astaxanthin can help keep your immune system at its best, so you'll stay healthy even if everyone around you is getting sick!

Revved-Up Energy, Stamina and Mobility

A recent study at the Johns Hopkins Center on Aging and Health found a clear link between carotenoids, such as astaxanthin, and greater muscle strength and ability to be physically active. [14] That's because, once again, oxidative stress and inflammation cause muscular problems, fatigue and weakness. And that's why astaxanthin can actually help prevent fatigue. It protects against the oxidative damage to cells, lipids, and proteins in the body that contributes to fatigue and weakness.

Studies suggest astaxanthin may help improve strength and stamina,[15] and inhibit the formation of lactic acid during exercise that can make your muscles ache.[16] It has become popular among athletes for this reason, and if you exercise regularly, you too will find that astaxanthin will greatly enhance your performance, making exercise easier and more enjoyable.

How To Take Advantage of Astaxanthin

If you're sold on astaxanthin's amazing benefits, what's next? Simple. Find the highest-quality astaxanthin, in the optimal serving size, at the right price. Now, it's true that astaxanthin is found in salmon and shellfish, but that's not the best way to go. You'd have to eat wild salmon every day to get enough, and then you'd be overexposed to ocean pollutants like mercury, which is the last thing you want. Supplementation is your best choice, and even that route has red flags to avoid.

Here are my 3 tips for choosing the best supplement:
  1. Make sure the bottle says "natural astaxanthin" and that it is derived from the marine algae species H. Pluvialis. Avoid natural astaxanthin derived from salmon and shellfish as well as synthetic astaxanthin, as it can have less than half the antioxidant potency.

  2. You need to take 4 milligrams per day. Anything less and you won't be getting clinically beneficial amounts.

  3. Don't pay more than $25 for a one-month supply. Many companies are taking advantage of the hype and charging more than double this.
The "5X Advantage" = The Best Source for Best Results

The astaxanthin supplement that I take myself and personally recommend is called PurZanthin™. It's simply the best and most affordable astaxanthin on the market for 5 distinct reasons, which I'll explain below.

Now I must disclose that in addition to being Editor-in-Chief of the Live in the Now natural health newsletter, I am also CEO of Stop Aging Now, a company that has been making premium grade supplements since 1995, which includes our breakthrough PurZanthin formula. That's why I invite you to do your own research to make sure I'm not just shamelessly promoting my own product.

PurZanthin gives you premium grade astaxanthin derived only from the purest plant sources. It's extracted from the freshwater algae H. pluvialis grown in state-of-the-art U.S. facilities to assure the highest potency and effectiveness.

No salmon. No shellfish. No contaminants. No allergens. And certainly no questions about where in the world it came from!

That's a great start, but there's more to PurZanthin that makes it the astaxanthin supplement you can trust for quality and results, and here it is:
  • PurZanthin is made from Zanthin®, a superior source of natural, purified astaxanthin derived from the H. Pluvialis species of microalgae.

  • PurZanthin is highly concentrated so just one small softgel per day contains the recommended clinical dose of 4 mg.

  • PurZanthin is made in the USA in an FDA-inspected facility to meet stringent standards for quality, purity and potency.

  • PurZanthin costs as low as $12.50 per bottle, which is up to 4 times less than similar high quality brands! Plus it ships to you for free, is tax-free and comes with an "any reason" 365-day guarantee.
PurZanthin Advantage #1
Produced with the World's Leading Astaxanthin Complex

Other manufacturers cut corners by using any astaxanthin that pops up on the world market at the right price. Not PurZanthin. It gives you the world's premier astaxanthin that has set the standard of excellence in the field for over 25 years.

In fact, this special patented astaxanthin was the first to earn regulatory approval in both Europe and the United States, in no small part because of its pioneering extraction and stabilization processes. PurZanthin assures you unparalleled quality and purity in a field where consistency is not always assured — and you'll see and feel the difference.

PurZanthin Advantage #2
Its Unique O2B™ Peroxidation Blocker Ensures Optimal Potency

This is a critical factor that almost nobody else talks about. You see, before astaxanthin can help you fight off free-radical oxidation, it must be protected from free-radical oxidation itself.

Otherwise, astaxanthin will decay inside the softgel in a process called peroxidation. Its potency will simply grow weaker until you wind up with a tiny fraction of its benefits.

It literally "goes bad" — although you'll never know by looking at it. You'll simply not get the amazing benefits you deserve and that you paid good money for!

Most astaxanthin supplements I've seen fail this crucial test, but not PurZanthin. Its powerful O2B™ Peroxidation Blocker extends full-potency shelf-life for years. This assures optimal stability so you'll get full astaxanthin benefits with every daily serving.

PurZanthin Advantage #3
Grown and Processed in the U.S. in FDA-Inspected Facilities

Look, I don't want to raise international trade tensions. But the truth is, a considerable amount of astaxanthin is now produced outside of the U.S. in settings where quality control may not always be the #1 priority.

China, for example, has become a huge exporter of astaxanthin, and their production facilities are known to sometimes cut corners when it comes to quality and purity.

PurZanthin, however, is produced entirely in the United States. It's processed in an allergen-free, FDA-inspected facility that is Organic Certified, in accordance with the most stringent quality standards.

With so much on the line with your health, you should be assured that you're getting what you bargained for. With PurZanthin, there's no question about it. You're getting the world's best astaxanthin with guaranteed purity, potency and effectiveness.

PurZanthin Advantage #4
The Ideal Serving Size in One Easy-to-Swallow Softgel

You can find astaxanthin supplements in many different doses, with many of them providing far too little astaxanthin. However, research shows that 4 mg is the ideal daily intake, so that's what PurZanthin provides in each small, easy-to-swallow softgel.

According to Dr. Rudi E. Moerck, one of the world's leading astaxanthin experts, "A single dose of 4 mg astaxanthin per day is an excellent intake of this potent fat soluble antioxidant...this dose will maintain a physiologically effective level of astaxanthin in the body, especially in membranes of the joints, eyes, brain and muscle [and] you will always have good tissue and plasma levels of this king of carotenoids."

PurZanthin Advantage #5
A Premium-Quality Astaxanthin Complex at an Affordable Price

PurZanthin costs as little as $12.50 per bottle (a one month supply), and that's a far cry from some competitors that can cost 2 times and even 4 times as much. Plus it ships to you for free and is tax free so there is truly no risk!

In fact, its low per bottle price is in the same league as generic astaxanthin products that simply don't compare with PurZanthin. It makes your choice easy!

With all its advantages, it's a wonder that PurZanthin is this affordable. But sometimes the best doesn't cost you the most, and PurZanthin is the perfect example.

And this may be the best reason of all to give it a try!

Our PurZanthin Customers Say It Best...

We already have thousands of satisfied customers. Here are just a few of the remarkable success stories we've received from them:
"I am always searching for natural ways to increase my energy levels so I thought I would give PurZanthin a try. I noticed a marked improvement with my energy levels after the first two weeks of use." - Christopher Meyer from Machesney Park, IL
"I started taking PurZanthin a few months ago, and noticed better clarity! I used to feel "foggy" at times, and attributed it to menopause. My skin also looks better. People have noticed!"
- Ellen Scharf from New Hartford, NY
"I have been using your PurZanthin product for about 3 months. I have noticed that my skin looks better but also after a hard workout I'm not as tired the next day. I will continue to use this product." - Michael Burmaster from Savage, MN
"I've been using PurZanthin for a couple of months. My skin is now soft and smooth, even my hair is healthier. On a cellular level, I have less pain in my body and feel stronger. PurZanthin is an excellent supplement!" - Esther Christos from Laurel, MD

You'll Feel the Difference in as Little as ONE WEEK

Once PurZanthin builds up in your cells, membranes and tissues to clinically beneficial levels, there's no mistaking its value. Most people begin noticing PurZanthin's healthful benefits within a month, and often in as little as one week!

In no time, you'll know PurZanthin is making a difference for you when...
  • You experience greater joint comfort and flexibility
  • Your complexion is more vibrant and fresh-looking
  • Your mental focus and concentration are sharper
  • You feel less muscle discomfort after exercise and work
  • Your energy levels rise and you feel more alert and alive
The longer you take PurZanthin, of course, the better it will work and the more benefits you'll experience. So why not see what this premium astaxanthin complex can do for you? After all...

It's Backed by Our 365-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

We stand behind PurZanthin 100% with one of the best guarantees in the business. If you're not completely thrilled with PurZanthin, you may return your purchase any time within one year for a full, no-questions-asked refund. It's as simple as that!

As the months go by, you'll enjoy more of PurZanthin's full effects inside and out. Your complexion will glow and you'll feel the difference surging through your body.

And of course, nothing beats the "peace of mind" of knowing you have the world's most powerful antioxidant on the job to help protect your brain, eyes, joints, muscles and every cell in your body for a lifetime of health and independence.

Put Your Best Face and Body Forward with PurZanthin!!

I'm convinced you'll be impressed with PurZanthin before even a single month goes by if your experience is anything like mine. But take a full year if you want! I'm confident you won't want to give it up.

But the first step is up to you. Join me today in taking this amazing antioxidant complex, and see what it can do for you!

Get PurZanthin For As Low As $12.50 Per Bottle + Free Shipping

To Your Good Health,

Joshua Corn
CEO of Stop Aging Now
Editor-in-Chief of Live in the Now

P.S. Remember, our 365-day money-back guarantee is carved into stone. You must be completely satisfied with PurZanthin or we'll refund your questions asked. PurZanthin is not available in stores, so order now!

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The information contained above is for general consumer understanding and education, and should not be considered or used as a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. This product is not an alternative to any prescription drug. If you are currently taking a prescription drug, consult your doctor before making any changes. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Testimonial results not typical. Customers may have received a gift certificate after submitting their testimonial. All contents Copyright 2001-2013 Stop Aging Now, LLC. All rights reserved. Republishing of Stop Aging Now content without written authorization is strictly prohibited.

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