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The Lion Transported Anne All Over the World, Then Into a Buddhist Temple

The Elijah List
Oct 10, 2013

Anne Elmer:
The Lion of Judah, LITERALLY Transported Anne Throughout the Whole Earth;
Then Into a Buddhist Temple
The Best-Selling Elijah List Book EVER!

Steve Shultz
Dear Elijah List Readers (and your friends),

The Lion of Judah, LITERALLY Transported Anne Throughout the Whole Earth; Then Into a Buddhist Temple.

Now, as the fourth Printing of this amazing book by Anne Elmer has arrived, we can tell you that "Transported" has already sold more copies all over the world than any book we've ever carried.

This is one of the most amazing AND TRUE stories I've ever read and it's by a person I know very well. My wife and I have stayed in Anne Elmer and her husband's home in France. When she shared her story with me, I KNEW this had to be a book. Anne agreed and our readers have spoken by purchasing so many copies of this amazing narrative at what REALLY HAPPENED TO HER as THE LION FLEW HER THROUGHOUT THE EARTH!

Jesus, as the Lion of Judah, literally came into Anne's room and offered to take her on MULTIPLE trips throughout the earth . . . including into a Buddhist temple. The Lion (Jesus) was so intense, it surprised Anne. Growling, the Lion scared off demons and yet insisted to Anne that HE had the RIGHT TO BE HERE in this Buddhist temple because so many Christians had toured this place and prayed that Jesus would reveal Himself to many in this place—even though it was currently dedicated to the huge Buddha in the building! The LION was fierce with PURPOSE because of those prayers!

Though this whole book is true, you'll find yourself exclaiming, time after time, "UNBELIEVABLE!!"

Our readers have loved this book so much, we have to keep going back to press. Our fourth printing is just hot off the press so you can now order a copy of the book (or two). You'll want to give this book as a gift or a stocking stuffer for Christmas!

Prepare to have your view of "The Church" changed forever, and I mean it! Trust me when I say that you will not want to miss reading this book. We are encouraged by the Lord to learn HIS WAYS. This book will go a LONG WAY to LEARN HIS WAYS and HIS THOUGHTS. Again I ask you to trust me that you will say to yourself, "I never thought of it that way before!"

That's how it was for me! I just was amazed at God's way of thinking about the saved and the unsaved!

You'll remember that Paul, the Apostle was literally "caught up" into a "transported" experience, as was John the Revelator, probably more than once. Often they didn't know if their experience was "in the body or out of the body" but they knew they were caught up....

...And they were allowed sometimes to tell us some or all of what they saw. Yet other times they were DIS-allowed from sharing the content of their visitation experience. Fortunately for you, the reader, Anne is allowed to speak of her experience through this book.

I can tell you that this story has forever changed my heart and my understandings about how God loves those...even those "caught" in very DRY will be amazed. And even those people who don't seem to practice the Gifts of the'll learn the amazing grace of God's heart. And for those who are seeking but have not found Christ yet—you'll learn the heart of Jesus and His plans for them too!

You will be just amazed at how your thought processes will be altered FOR LIFE because of "Transported By The Lion Of Judah!" You'll want to order this before we need to go into a 5th printing!

This incredible Book is available to you in your choice of 4 different formats, Paperback, Audio Book-on-CD, Downloadable Audio Book, and E-Book in PDF format. Click on the one(s) you wish to purchase:

1. Paperback Book
2. Audio Book on 2 CDs
3. Audio Book in MP3 Download
4. E-Book in PDF Download

Formats 1 and 2 will be shipped to you, while formats 3 and 4 are download files—you will receive a link at the end of your purchase to immediately download either format to your computer.

Get one or get more....These life changing, paradigm shifting stories are priceless!


Steve Shultz
Founder and Publisher
The Elijah List & Breaking Christian News

The Apostle Paul was caught up and shown things so spectacular, he wasn't even allowed to tell some of them. Phillip was transported in the Spirit from the baptism of the Ethiopian Eunuch to another city. John the Revelator was told to "come up here" so that God could show him things to come.

And still today, hundreds, if not thousands, of God's people are continuing to have "caught up" experiences where God shows them marvelous revelation for the Church.

Anne Elmer
Anne Elmer never saw it coming. Yet before she knew it, the Lord was transporting her all over the earth, in multiple experiences, on a "literal" Lion—THE Lion of Judah—to see God's people from many different people groups, and in many countries—but no longer from her perspective. This is a "wow" book if I've ever read one. So we published it.



Audio Book
on CD

Audio Book
on MP3


Here is what others are saying about

"...a great read and helps to demonstrate how actively the Lord is at work in all of our lives." – Lisa Cooke Doyle

"I was absolutely amazed when reading chapter 13. Although this 'church' was set in Denmark, it was the exact same situation of a church on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia where I have been going. I had been 'sent' from 60 miles away, two times per week, 'to lift Jesus Higher' from within this place, for a period of over 3 years.

Although it has been an absolute pleasure before God, it has been sad and difficult, even heartbreaking, on the ground. Here I felt deeply moved and 'saw' the precious 'church' I have been attending for so long, and am now in CERTAIN anticipation of the Lord's own marvelous work. Not that I doubted, but now I am POSITIVE. It is exactly the same. Exactly!

I do indeed Praise the Lord, for what He has shown me is indeed in process. What He has shown Anne is indeed in process. God, Himself, shall indeed redeem His people. His Church shall indeed arise on eagle's wings. He shall indeed deal with the matter for His victory and His glory. Praise His Holy Name. Blessing and Honor, Glory and Power, be unto Him who sits upon the throne.

Blessings and Love in Him who first loved us. Agape."
M. Austin

About the Author:

Originally from the north of England, Anne and her husband have lived for the last 30 years in France where they run a small Christian publishing company. They have 3 children and 11 grandchildren. Anne's heart is for unity among Believers and to see every Christian living up to their potential in Christ.

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