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A New Bible-The Passion Translation

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Sep 17, 2013

A New Bible:
The Passion Translation

A NEW BIBLE—The Passion Translation!

The Newest Installment for The Passion Translation: Proverbs, Wisdom from Above!

The Bible is a book of poetry, not simply starched, stiff doctrines, devoid of passion. The Bible, including Proverbs, is full of poetic beauty and subtle nuances ripe with meaning. The ancient wisdom of God fills its pages! Proverbs is a book of wisdom from above tucked inside of metaphors, symbols, and poetic imagery. God could properly be described as the Divine Poet and Master Artisan who crafted the cosmos to portray His glory and has given us His written Word to reveal His wisdom.

The glory we see in the Heavens and in the beauty of creation can also be discerned in the written Word. Inspired from eternity, the 66 books of our Bible convey the full counsel and wisdom of God. Do you need wisdom? God has a verse for that!

Proverbs, Wisdom from Above is a fresh, dynamic, and accurate translation of the poetry of Proverbs. Although the Proverbs can be interpreted in their most literal and practical sense, the wisdom contained herein is not unlocked by a casual surface reading. The Passion Translation will unlock these wonderful gems of wisdom as the God-breathed Word opens up before your eyes! When the wisest man to live writes a book of wisdom, it will have within it wisdom and glory embedded into every verse. When Solomon pens a proverb there is more than meets the eye.

Who Are The Proverbs Written To?

This compilation of wisdom's words is written to you! Throughout the book, we find words like: "Listen, my sons. Listen, my daughters." It is written to us as sons and daughters of the Living God. The teaching we receive is not from a distant God who tells us we better live right, or else—but the personal words of love and tenderness from our Wise Father, the Father of Lights who speaks right into our hearts with healing, radiant words.

Proverbs, Wisdom from Above is a powerful, life-giving translation of the ancient book of Proverbs. These anointed words will bring you revelation from the throne room full of the wisdom you need to guide your steps and direct your life! You are about to read the greatest book of wisdom ever written by the wisest man to ever live. God gave His servant Solomon this wisdom to pass on to us who need practical insights into the days ahead. What you learn from this book will change your life and launch you into your destiny! Purchase an extra copy and give it to a college student! Proverbs, Wisdom from Above will make a difference in the lives of every one who reads its pages!

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Wisdom's Guidance

Trust in the Lord completely,
And not your own opinions
But with all your heart rely on Him to guide you
And He will lead you in all the decisions you make.
Become intimate with Him
In whatever you do,
And He'll lead you wherever you go.
And don't think for a moment that you know it all,
For wisdom only comes when you adore Him
Filled with awe and wonder,
And when you avoid everything that's evil!
For then you'll find the healing refreshment
Your body and spirit longs for.
Glorify God with all your wealth
Honoring Him with your very best
With every increase that comes to you.
Then every dimension of your life
Will overflow with blessings
From an uncontainable source of inner joy!
Proverbs 3:5-10 TPT

Complete with over 400 scholarly footnotes, this dynamic-equivalent translation will bring to the English speaking world the potency and poetry of the Proverbs! Life changing truths are waiting for you in Proverbs, Wisdom from Above!

Here's what some are saying:

"Brian Simmons is a brilliant man that has been given fresh revelation and insight into the deeper meaning of the Scriptures. I highly recommend this new Bible translation to everyone!"
- Dr. Che Ahn, Sr Pastor HRock Church, Pasadena, CA

"Reading through this translation of Proverbs makes me feel as though I'm curled up on the sofa with Papa, downloading His wisdom to direct my journey. I believe 'The Passion Translation has captured the heart behind Heaven's instruction, and will layer deep foundations of truth in your life, increasing you in favor and authority - and trust!"
-AJ Butel, author of Overshadowed

"Brian Simmons has done a remarkable job of making the book of Proverbs come alive to an entirely different level! His scholarly and linguistic brilliance is on open display throughout this book—and you will be hooked from the start—with the expanded understanding of the very word "Proverb." However, what Brian does best is connect us to the Hebraic paradigm for experiencing this ancient book of wisdom. For me, it was impossible to not be swept up by the author's own joy of discovery of the hidden treasures of this book. I highly recommend this labor of passion—and get ready to enjoy Proverbs as never before."
Johnny Enlow, Author, Social Reformer

"Brian and Candice are friends of the Holy Spirit and it is with His guidance that the Bible is being opened to us with greater clarity than ever before through this translation project. I believe that the release of the Passion Translation coincides with a global awakening and this new translation has been given by God to fuel the fire of this Awakening. It was through a life changing encounter with God that Brian was commissioned to do this translation and I believe that an impartation for Holy Spirit encounters is released through his ministry. I pray that God's word will provoke you to love as never before as you read the Passion Translation and that your hearts will be set ablaze with a fresh passion for God."
Katherine Ruonala, Glory City Church, Brisbane, Australia

With the mind of a scholar and heart of a lover, Brian Simmons combines the best of both worlds for us in his devoted translation work in Letters from Heaven. What a marvelous job my friend and seasoned leader is doing for the Body of Christ! I applaud the life and ministry of Dr. Brian Simmons!
Dr. James W Goll, Founder of Encounters Network, Best Selling Author

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Next in line for publication: John, Eternal Love
Release date: January 2014

Brian and Candice Simmons have been described as true pioneers in ministry. As a spiritual father and mother, their teaching and spiritual gifts have opened doors in many nations to take the message of authentic awakening and revival to many. For the last 40 years they have labored together to present Christ in His fullness wherever God sends them. After a dramatic conversion to Christ in 1971, Brian answered the call of God to leave everything behind and become a missionary to the tribes. Taking his wife and three children to the jungle of Central America, they pioneered church plants for many years with the Kuna people group. While serving as missionaries, they planted churches and established leadership for the new Believers.

Brian serves under Dr. Ché Ahn as the U.S. Director. of H.I.M. that oversees nearly 20,000 churches worldwide. Known as dynamic and anointed speakers, they now travel the nations releasing this message of end time awakening. Brian is the author of numerous books that reveal depths of insight that the Holy Spirit has released for the last days. His best-selling book, The Journey of the Bride, has been translated into Korean and French. He is also is committed to finishing the translation of the entire Bible into a new dynamic-equivalent version called, The Passion Translation. Brian and Candice have been married for 42 years and have three children and six grandchildren and one great-granddaughter. Their passion is to be loving examples of a spiritual father and mother to this generation.

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