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40 DAYS OF WILDERNESS (Beginning June 1) . . . LEADING TO POWER!"

Chuck Pierce
May 29, 2002

NOTE BY STEVE SHULTZ: I've mentioned before that I believe Chuck Pierce carries the anointing often referred to as the anointing of "the sons of Issachar" who knew well the Lord's times and seasons for their day. Chuck has been quite accurate in the things and the times and seasons he has portrayed to the Body of Christ. In other words, this fresh article is worth reading and heeding, and praying through!--- Steve Shultz, Publisher, THE ELIJAH LIST


An excerpt from this article by Chuck Pierce: "We are entering a

wilderness season, but we have confidence we can resist and come

into a new level of power."-- Chuck Pierce


" . . . I see twelve things we need to understand as we come through

this next wilderness season. Some of you have been in a wilderness

season long enough. Others are entering in a season that should not

be prolonged. And some are ready to come out of a wilderness and see

their promise fulfilled." -- Chuck Pierce


"40 DAYS OF WILDERNESS (Beginning June 1) . . . LEADING TO POWER!"

--A Word through Chuck Pierce

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May 29, 2002

Dear Anointed Seekers:

Beginning June 1, the next 40 days are very important. Most of you have heard the warnings concerning our nation. These warnings have been alarming, yet I believe we are on the offensive instead of the defensive in prayer.

At the beginning of May, the Spirit of God spoke to me and said, "It is time to come through 40 days of wilderness and into power." As long as the Church is connected to the Head, we represent the Head on earth and do not reflect the tail of society. These next 40 days are a time to not fear the wilderness, to confront your wilderness enemy, and to enter into a new level of relational power with the Father.




We all are destined for wilderness seasons. This is a Biblical principle. We find Biblical wilderness seasons had a duration. The wilderness is likened to our word for desert, but, in Biblical times the wilderness was usually a rocky, dry wasteland. We also find in the Bible that wildernesses included oases. Even though we many times find ourselves in a wilderness season, in the midst of this season we can usually find a time of refreshing and a cool drink from the Lord.




Biblically, the wilderness could also be a place of refuge. Remember, David fled Saul and entered a wilderness time. Even though his promise was not fulfilled during this time, the call of God on his life was protected.




We always find in the Bible that a wilderness season had a determined time. The wilderness period when God's covenant people left Canaan and went to Egypt was 400 years. However, God had promised a release. God's covenant people wandered in the wilderness 40 years.

However, God had a time of release. When God's people left His purpose to follow after whoredoms, they went into a Babylonian captivity or wilderness for 70 years. However, God promised a release. Jesus was baptized to fulfill all righteousness and then entered into a 40 day wilderness period. However, the Father had a release.

I believe that we help determine the length of time we stay in our wilderness. If you wish to do a good prophetic study, study the Biblical wildernesses. They include Shur, Sin, Sinai, Paran, Zin, En Gedi, Judah, Moan, and Ziph, to name a few. We also need to remember that Jesus fed the 4,000 in a desert wilderness place east of the Sea of Galilee. This shows us that we can see multiplication occur even during our wilderness times.




Wilderness wanderings are complex. Many times people cannot understand what you are going through. However, if you will think of the wilderness as a "departure from enslavement" and an advancement towards your promise, you will stay focused to get to your next place.

In the wilderness there has to be a viable option for movement. There are usually several routes through your wilderness. The decision of the route determines the amount of warfare you will experience. Sometimes the best route is not what seems to our mind as the "best" or shortest route (Ex. 13:17).

How we submit ourselves to God in the wilderness many times determines how long we will wander. In the Old Testament, sins would be transferred to a scapegoat which was released into the wilderness. This is why Jesus had to enter into the wilderness to once and for all withstand all of our temptations. Therefore, Jesus is our best example of overcoming wilderness wanderings.

When He entered into the wilderness He immediately submitted Himself to God. From this place of submission He was able to resist the enemy. He resisted presumption. He resisted pride. He resisted the lust of the eyes. He resisted the promise of grandeur. Because of His resistance, He was able to withstand His wilderness time in 40 days. I believe He resisted everything that we will ever have to encounter and resist. He entered the wilderness filled with the Spirit, but He came out with power.

We are entering a wilderness season, but we have confidence we can resist and come into a new level of power.




In the New Testament we find a warning to "Wilderness Christians."

We are warned not to make the same mistakes as the Israelites (1 Cor. 10:1-13; Heb 3:16-19). In Biblical times, we find that the wilderness was a place inhabited by beasts of prey, snakes, scorpions, and demons. These creatures were able to produce fear of destruction or could be overcome through power, authority and submission.




The greatest snare in the wilderness is murmuring and complaining over your present position before you reach the place God has for you. Murmuring and complaining hold us in our wilderness longer than it should take to get to our next place. Wilderness complaining and murmuring is a form of unbelief. Wildernesses are destined in our life for the removal of unbelief. However, many times when we enter into a desolate place we forget God's goodness and find unbelief rising up in us.

There is good news and bad news in the wilderness. . .

We find the precedent of God sustaining His people in wilderness times. However, we also find the danger of entering into dissatisfaction, remaining there the rest of our life, and never experiencing the fullness God has for us. Another key danger of a wilderness time is for fear to develop within us in anticipation of the giants of our future.

At Kadesh Barnea (Numbers 20), the designated leadership of the tribes went in to spy out the promise. Numbers 14:34 says, "After the number of the days in which ye searched the land, even forty days, each day for a year, shall ye bear your iniquities, even forty years, and ye shall know my breach of promise." Many times in our wilderness experience, God will begin to show us our promise.

We have an opportunity to mix the word of promise with faith. Or we can choose to enter into fear over the resistant forces that we see we will have to face in our quest for God to manifest the promise. I think this is one of the greatest dangers of our wilderness season. From this place of fear over the future, we could then choose not to mount up with a mind to war over our promised inheritance. A whole generation was led astray by the leaders who encouraged the people to not enter into war over God's promise for their lives.




I see twelve things we need to understand as we come through this next wilderness season. Some of you have been in a wilderness season long enough. Others are entering in a season that should not be prolonged. And some are ready to come out of a wilderness and see their promise fulfilled.

1. Look for your time of opening into the next season (Gen. 8:6). At the end of 40 days, Noah opened the window of the ark and sent out a raven and then a dove. He waited until he saw the sign of land that he needed. Declare an open window of heaven and look for the sign from the Lord that your wilderness is ending.

2. Look for a shift from mourning to joy (Gen 50:3). Biblically, mourning has a set period of time. They mourned the loss of Joseph for 40 days. Many of us are going through mourning seasons. However, let God break you from mourning into dancing during these 40 days. Make a list of ways death is keeping you hostage, and declare it must end at the end of this period.

3. Get ready to receive revelation regarding God's covenant plan for your future (Ex. 24:18, 34:28). Moses waited 40 days and God gave him the boundaries for the future generation.

4. This is a time for searching (Num. 13:25). They went out and spied the land for 40 days. During this time, let God reveal the intricacies of your promise. However, do not let the vision of war overtake you.

5. This is a time of developing an inner responsibility so we can steward the riches that God has to release to us in the future. I believe this 40 days is a key time to look at the stewardship issues of our lives. Some of you are linked in a wilderness issue of supply. Be willing to change and take what God has given you and invest in a new way. (Num 14:34; Luke 19).

6. This is a time of repentance (Deut 9:18). One key reason for wilderness times is for use to change our mind and think the way God thinks. Allow the Lord to place His finger on what you must turn from so you can find your path out of the wilderness.




7. This is a time of mercy (Deut. 10:10). Even though the people fell into idolatry when Moses went on Mount Sinai the first time, God let him go up again. Know that past mistakes can be rectified quickly. During this next 40 days, look for your "second chance" times.

8. This is not a time to fear the voice of the giant (1 Sam. 17:16). Goliath taunted God's covenant people 40 days. The devil will try to convince you during your wilderness season that he will overcome you. He might speak, but do not receive his lies.

9. This is a time of reconciling corporate vision (Ezek. 4:9). Ezekiel interceded for Judah for 40 days. Review corporate failures that you have experienced. These next 40 days would be a good time to see certain corporate issues reconciled and rectified.

10. This is a time for spiritual discipline (Mt. 4:2). Jesus fasted during His wilderness time so He would stay alert to the enemy. Ask God to show you His discipline for you for this 40 days.

11. This is a time to recognize that there is a host of heaven available to us even in the wilderness. Let the host of heaven aid you. Mark 1:13 says, "And He was there in the wilderness forty days, tempted by Satan, and was with the wild beasts; and the angels ministered to Him."




12. This is a time to expect visitation (Acts 1:3). Jesus presented Himself to His disciples after He had suffered death. He spoke things to them for 40 days pertaining to the Kingdom of God. Ask the Lord to bring Kingdom revelation to you in these next forty days.




Finally, receive power!

Luke 4:13-15 say, "Now when the devil had ended every temptation, he departed from Him until an opportune time. Then Jesus returned in the power of the Spirit to Galilee, and news of Him went out through all the surrounding region. And He taught in their synagogues, being glorified by all."

I believe the Lord is building a resistance within us at this time. This is a time of endurance. I also believe that Satan is looking for an opportune time to bring defeat and confusion on the Body of Christ. However, the Lord is mounting us up with power. God is developing a new level of power within His people.

The Church must not continue hanging on to the last season of power. It is not enough for this new season.




Power is the ability to act or produce an effect. Power also signifies the possession of authority that an individual has over others. God revealed His act during creation. We are about to see new creative acts of God occur. He is also raising up leadership new and fresh, and developing people's gifting in a new way. This will give us dominion in the earth.




We are about to see a new wave of power in relation to forgiveness of sin. The Church is about to be cleaned up in such a way that we will have a pure conscience as we advance. We are about to see a new release of power in the prophetic unction of God's people which will come from prophetic accuracy.

There is about to be a release of God's Spirit on the earth, and those who are willing to receive will receive power. When power is properly processed by faith, we see authority demonstrated (Matt. 8). Even though you might now feel weak, get ready to receive power. Let your wilderness time develop a new strength and power within you. He gives us power to tread on serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy.

"Who is this that cometh out of the wilderness? ... Be not afraid ye beasts of the field for the pastures of the wilderness do spring, for the tree beareth her fruit, the fig tree and vine do yield their strength" (Song of Solomon 3, Joel 2:22).

Gain strength now so you can withstand the enemy when he comes at you at a more opportune time.

I hope this helps you in your prayer focus for the next 40 days.




I also see a strategy that the enemy has for the United States. I will send that in a separate email for us to focus on for prayer.

I bless you as you stand and come through your wilderness time and into a new place of power and authority.

Chuck D. Pierce

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