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Stepping Into Wholeness — by Kris Vallotton
Stepping Into Wholeness
by Kris Vallotton
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The Voice Conference Set
The Voice
Conference Set
MP3, CD, or DVD Conference Set
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ElijahSounds Music - 30% off thru 1/31

The Elijah List
Jan 18, 2013

Save Over 30% on Each of Our
3 ELIJAHSounds Albums!
Available in Your Choice of CD or Download...
Save EVEN MORE when You Get
ALL 3 Together!
All 3 CDs for $25 -or-
All 3 Downloads for $19

Dear Elijah List Readers,

This is Steve Shultz and I want to write you a very personal note!

Here is truly some of the best worship we offer . . . and we are giving you a discount too! This is our lowest price ever on ELIJAHSounds worship? stock up and give them as gifts to all of your friends, family? even your pastor!!

For thousands of years, mankind has attempted to express himself in worship. Countless psalms, hymns and spiritual songs have been written in an effort to pour out gratitude and exaltation toward a Holy God.

May I express to you that we, the Body of Christ are only just beginning to enter into the type of PRAISE and WORSHIP that God intended.

If the 24 Elders praise day and night in their worship around the THRONE, saying, "Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lamb of God Who was, and Who is, and Who IS TO COME," how much more do we need to enter that type of worship.

To the very end, we are working to bring such music; such praise and worship to you.

These worship songs are specifically chosen to approach that "new sound" of worship that many are talking about these days. We worked long and hard to bring to you various artists?each album having a different theme of music; a different style of music?Artists who would have just the right style, anointing, and beauty of music to make an attempt to get even CLOSER to the type of worship we speak of.

We are sure you will love these worship albums that we have produced for you... Get one, get them all, get extras and hand them out to all of your family and friends. They are sure to be a worthy addition to your worship music collection. Each of the 3 titles are now over 30% off the regular prices now through January 31st.

We have also added an ADDITIONAL BONUS for those who would like to get ALL 3 of our ELIJAHSounds albums at the same time. You will save EVEN MORE when you purchase all 3 together using the special link just below... over 40% off the regular prices, in fact.

Scroll down just below to see the very special pricing if you want all 3 of these ELIJAHSounds worship projects, which are available in your choice of CD or download format.

Of course, all thanks for this wonderful music project must go to our Lord Jesus Christ, who gave ALL for us. After His resurrection, He promised to send His Helper and was taken up into Heaven (see Luke 24:49). We say... SPIRIT COME!

The Elijah List Staff

Want ALL 3 of these NOW?
CLICK the links below to purchase
ALL 3 at a VERY Special Price!

Save Over 44%
Save Over 42%

Enjoy more music from ELIJAHSounds?

Spirit Come

"This project is a result of the incredible generosity of the 10 amazing artists featured on this album. This worship album is filled with the Holy Spirit and is sure to bless you. Get one for yourself, and get more for each of your family and friends ? it makes a PERFECT gift! Get the CD version and we will ship it out to you the next business day... OR get the download version and start listening NOW!"

Save Over 33%
Save Over 31%

Streams of Worship

Streams of Worship is just that: many different sounding waters coming together for one purpose?to worship and praise the Lord. Some are quiet brooks of God's peace, and some are roaring waterfalls crashing in power over rocks and ledges, declaring the rule and reign of the King of kings. They are all a part of that Psalm 46 river that makes glad the city of God, and He is in the midst of her.

Save Over 33%
Save Over 31%

After the Rain

The first album by ELIJAHSounds?, After the Rain is a collection of musical soaking songs and prophetic masterpieces. If you are feeling uptight, or just need to get into that special and comfortable secret place, just start playing After the Rain, and simply enjoy the washing by the Word in song. AFTER THE RAIN...all things become fresh and new again!

Save Over 33%
Save Over 31%
You May Also Call Us With Your Order
Monday through Thursday 8am to 3pm (Pacific Time)

866-354-5245 (USA) -OR- 541-926-3250 (Outside USA)

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