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Pat Cocking (Patricia King)
Mar 7, 2002

IMPORTANT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Note from Steve Shultz regarding Pat Cocking's word "PORTALS OF GLORY" below:

Pat and I have been friends for several years. In fact, she was the "official" first-ever speaker at the first-ever ELIJAH LIST conference, in the early part of 1999 (I believe). We have featured her prophetic and intercession tapes on a number of our tape of the month subscriptions.

Most of those tapes can still be found in THE ELIJAH LIST online bookstore at:

For those who saw John Paul Jackson's word sent out yesterday, called "HEAVENLY PORTALS," you will be intrigued to know that Pat had not seen or heard of his word when she sent this word (below) to me.

It's fun when many of God's prophets are seeing the same thing. That's what we call "confirmation."

(If you did not see John Paul Jackson's word, "HEAVENLY PORTALS" it can be found by clicking on:

Blessings and enjoy Pat's word!



VISION -- PORTALS OF GLORY Pat Cocking, March 5, 2002




I saw portals of glory opening in the heavens over many specific locations in the earth. Beneath the portals were individuals and groups of believers who were completely focused on the face of Jesus and His Kingdom. Their attention was heavenward. They were postured in faith and in unity to contend for the manifestation of the Lord's glory in the earth. Colossians 3:1-4 came to mind.


Golden Ladders


I saw what seemed like golden ladders connecting the locations in the earth to the portals in heaven. Angels and believers were ascending and descending while releasing heavenly glory into the earthly realm. I had the understanding that the Lord was making His people aware of their ability to embrace the glories of heaven and to see them manifested in the earth through visitation and prayer.


Colors, Gold, Signs, Wonders


In the vision there was a clear release of various colors from the throne room coming into the earth. The colors represented various dimensions and aspects of the Lord's nature and blessing. I saw various shades of purple, blue, green, red, orange, and many other streams of brilliant colored light literally visiting God's people. As the light touched them, the essence of what that color represented was imparted to the one receiving. These colors somehow speak of God's covenant blessings and commitment and are in reference to the rainbow over the throne. (Revelation 4:3; Ez 1:28; Rev 10:1)

I also saw gold falling like rain out of heaven. The Lord impressed upon me that great wealth and provision will come with the manifestation of the glory. For those who look for His face, who long for His glory, they will be poured out upon by divine provision. Haggai 1 and 2 came to mind.

Signs and wonders of every kind were also being released. Things that eye has not seen and ear has not heard and neither has entered into the heart of man will soon be revealed by the Spirit of Glory. Many will stand in awe of what the Lord will do through the manifestation of His dunamis power. Acts 2:17-21


Faith is the Connector


Faith was the key to opening the portals of glory. The Lord is looking for those who will stand in faith on the truth of His Word believing Him for the manifestation of His glory in this hour. All things are possible, only believe. He is looking for operative faith in His church. Faith in Him is His landing strip for manifestation. Unbelief, mockery and slander will be enemies of the coming move of His glory.


The Children


In the vision, I saw children ascending into realms of glory and receiving insight, revelation and empowerment in the presence of the Lord. Jesus is going to raise up a generation of young child evangelists who will release through simple child-like faith, the reality of the heavenly realm in power and authority. He is visiting children with great outpourings of the glory and capturing their hearts affections.


Prayer and Repentance


Prayer and Repentance will be keys in releasing the glory. When Jesus was baptized, he actually identified with man's sin and repented for us through the act of water baptism. When he fulfilled that act of righteousness, "the heavens were opened...."(Matthew 3:16) The Lord is calling His people to focused prayer and personal as well as identificational repentance (see Matthew 3; Daniel 9,10; Nehemiah 1) in order to "open the heavens".




1. Pray for the exaltation of Jesus Christ in the heart of every believer, every ministry, every city and every nation.

2. Pray for portals of heavenly glory to be opened up over your family, church, ministry, city and nation.

3. Believe for God's people to be drawn to prayer and repentance in order to open the portals of heaven.

4. Pray for an increase of operative faith in order to release miracles, signs, wonders, and the glories of heaven.

5. Believe for great outpourings of the Spirit of God upon children.

6. Pray for teaching and equipping for the church concerning the realms of glory and believe for strong and solid doctrinal foundations to be taught concerning the heavenly realm.

7. Pray for the unity of faith amongst believers in your area.

8. Pray for "wisdom from above" along with all discernment to be "downloaded" to believers at this hour.

9. Believe for Christian leaders to spend time in the glory presence of the Lord.

10. Pray for the increase of "God authored" dreams and visions of the glory realm.

11. Pray for the release of heavenly provision to the church in order to fulfill kingdom mandates.

12. Pray: "Let Your Kingdom come, Let Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven."




Description: The Glory School consists of 15 -- 20 hours of Biblical teaching, instruction, and activation on the glory realm including: third heaven experiences, personal relationship with the Holy Spirit, angelic majesties, fire and glory...and more! It is powerful and the Lord always "show up'! Taught by Pat Cocking

March 26 -28 Abbotsford, B.C. Canada Venue: Abbotsford City Fellowship, McCallum Rd Call 1-866-765-3423 to register.

May 30 -- June 1 Canmore, Alberta Canada Venue: to be confirmed Call Linda Enns at 403-678-5641

For more information and to register on-line: or phone: 250-765-3423

May the Lord continue to impart strength, glory and His manifested goodness to each of you and yours!



Many of Pat's tapes and tape sets can be found at:

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