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Vanguard's 5 Secret Funds

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May 18, 2012

Vanguard’s 5 Secret Funds…
There are five Vanguard funds that withstand our brutal analysis. Five funds that will most assuredly surge in the weeks and months ahead. Five funds that will quickly put you ahead of the game, instead of struggling “behind the curve.” Five “secret” funds that are the absolute BEST to own now.
And chances are… …You’ve Never Even Heard of Them.

I’m Dan Wiener, founder and editor of The Independent Adviser for Vanguard Investors. And if you’re like me, and you want to make as much money as possible from your Vanguard investments—whether traditional mutual funds or ETFs—and without taking undue risk, listen up. I can help you immediately.

Vanguard is still the best mutual fund family in the world, bar none. No other fund family comes close to Vanguard in keeping expenses low…hiring experienced fund managers… and offering great fund selection.


But the truth is, it’s now more difficult to invest wisely in Vanguard funds than ever before. Since 1991, the number of Vanguard funds has tripled from 55 to more than 170 with $1.7 trillion under management.

What’s more, Vanguard has begun to “outsource” the management of its funds, so navigating the Vanguard waters can be hazardous. Some of its funds are disasters waiting to happen. Others are just plain, old-fashioned rip-offs.

Knowing which fund to choose… and which to avoid… requires investors to really dig out the facts hidden beneath the hype.

Vanguard management isn’t going to tell you the truth. Like any company, it accentuates the positive…and buries the negative in a hole so deep it hopes you’ll NEVER find it.

But I do.

Special Report—Yours FREE!

My job is to uncover the SECRETS that Vanguard doesn’t want you to know. Knowing these secrets can help you supercharge your Vanguard portfolio—and DOUBLE the return you get from your investments.

Now I’d like to reveal some of the best-kept Vanguard secrets-- absolutely FREE. It’s just one of the things you’ll get in my new Special Report, The Little Black Book of Vanguard Investing Secrets.

Click here to immediately download this exclusive report — including the names of Vanguard’s 5 Secret Funds. Yours FREE.

Best Funds, Worst Funds

Vanguard offers more than one hundred mutual funds, which can make choosing the right one a daunting task. And, let’s face it, Vanguard’s funds come in all forms. Some are very good funds, others average and some are downright toxic! Not only do you need to choose the right fund to diversify and balance your portfolio, but you also need to own the right funds at the right time to help you maximize your profits. I want to talk to you about my top Vanguard funds. The funds that you can build a portfolio around. These funds shine the brightest in the Vanguard firmament—they’re the ones I call Award Winners. No guarantees, of course, but over the long haul these funds, and the managers who run them, have proven to be the cream of the crop of Vanguard funds.

If you have any money at Vanguard or are thinking about investing there, I urge you to read a copy of my special investing report: The Little Black Book of Vanguard Investing Secrets.


It’s yours FREE and available immediately online.


signed: Daniel Wiener

P.S. Every family has secrets, and most of them are none of your business. But the family secrets revealed in my FREE report are your business… learning just a few of these Vanguard secrets opens the door to 122% bigger profits! Don’t delay! Download here.

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