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Ivan Roman: A Convergence of Movements is Taking Place

by Ivan Roman
Apr 9, 2012

Steve ShultzFrom the desk of Steve Shultz:

Fathers and mothers, sons and daughters – we ALL need each other for what God wants to pour out - the greater works. This is an excellent word by Ivan Roman on movements coming together for the greater works outpouring which is taking place.

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When I first gave my life to Christ I experienced tremendous outpourings of the Holy Spirit, resulting in salvations, signs and wonders. During that time I began hearing the promises of God proclaiming an army emerging that will not say, "I am of Paul, I am of Cephas, or I am of Apollos," but an army that has a revelation of "Sonship" and walks in the fullness of what our fathers have been contending for. We will no longer be separated by streams or denominations, but instead we will be a generation walking in the John 14:12 – the greater works.

Bob Jones saw an army that would be born in 1979 and 1980, and when they were in the age of maturity they would begin to see unprecedented souls saved and God's power displayed. This is for every age and person, by the way, and even more importantly this word is not a future word anymore; it's happening right now. Amy Sollars had an angelic encounter where she heard the phrase "Revival is a reality", then musicians, Michael and Angela Pinkston, wrote a song with the same title describing this truth; and Jake Hamilton's music declaring, "Jesus is revival" with hundreds of thousands of young people shouting the promises of God for a generation – are just a few examples of the Lord trying to shift our perspective from a culture waiting on an outpouring to the revelation of Jesus being the revival and He lives in me.

Fathers and Mothers and Sons and Daughters

The days of perpetual training just to minister to one another in the Church are becoming extinct. In my best Bobby Conner impersonation, "This isn't the scrimmage or a sparring match this is the main event." Lou Engle was sharing how it hit him saying, "We don't need to call them anymore; we need to send them!" There is a convergence of movements taking place – Fathers and Mothers of movements are saying, "We need what this generation has, so we can walk in the greater things that God is doing in it! We have seen outpourings take off and crash like fireworks, but no longer! Most of us were pioneering and chipping away at this movement, but what we are about to enter into is a movement of an entire generation – Mothers and Fathers running with Sons and Daughters!"

Respect and honor is due to the Fathers and Mothers who have played one-stringed instruments pioneering the release of an instrument with all the strings – the proclamation of the Gospel with signs and wonders, undergirded by prayer and fasting and reaching the end-time harvest ushering in the second coming of Jesus. A greater works than these generation is upon us. I have included Bob Jones' Sands of Time vision, but for sake of the length of the article I haven't included many of the other quotes from Mothers and Fathers of other movements. In my Identity Manual I have written a chapter where I have included a few of these, as well as a Biblical understanding of the army of the Lord.

Bob Jones 'Sands of Time' Vision

"In January of 1979, the Lord took me in a vision to the sands by the sea and called it the Sands of Time. I saw leaders through the generations sticking their hands down into the sands to bring up boxes, saying, 'Is this the time?' There was nothing in the box. I heard them say, 'Are the promises for now?' Yet it wasn't for their generation. The Lord told me (Bob) to reach down into the sands of time to pull up a box. I said, 'Lord, they are all empty'. He said, 'Open it up.'

"I was surprised to see draft notices in it. They said, 'Greetings, you have been drafted into the army of God.' He said, 'I will begin to send these letters out to My leaders when it costs twenty cents to mail a letter.' At the time of the vision, it cost only eleven cents to mail a letter so no one ever thought that the price would go up again. But on October 13, 1981, it cost twenty cents to mail a letter and the Lord said,

"'Everyone that was conceived, that was in the womb, or nine months prior was literally the army of God. The first would be leaders and the second would be the greatest army that nothing could ever stop and when they reach the age of maturity I am going to begin to release them in power. I will arm them out of My armory in Heaven. There is no gift that I will deny them. They will literally pull down the warehouse of God and they will have no fear of the enemy. They will glorify Me beyond anything that has ever been. They will represent Me in My holiness and compassion.'" –Bob Jones

Ivan Roman
A Friend of God Ministries


Ivan Roman is a prophetic revivalist called to raise up a generation of radical fiery burning ones and he is currently serving at YWAM. He carries the heart of the Father and releases the atmosphere of Heaven as he teaches and ministers to both young and old. Ivan is a catalyst for reformation and awakening in the Body of Christ today. Ivan founded "A Friend of God ministries" which has taken him all over the United States and internationally ministering in many schools, churches and conferences sharing this message which burns in his heart. Ivan Roman, and his wife Erica, have been commissioned by the Lord to impart to an entire generation, a spiritual hunger that cries, "There has to be more!" They desire to equip a generation to walk with God in intimate friendship—teaching that Heaven is our home now, and we can experience as much of God as we want.

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