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Chuck Pierce: We Are in a Season of Warfare! Praise Me Seven Days!

by Chuck Pierce
Feb 1, 2012


February 1, 2012
Chuck D. Pierce: We Are in a Season of Warfare! Praise Me Seven Days!

Leap Forward! An Army Arising! Stress is Being Removed-Praise will Lead you Forth! (by Chuck Pierce, Anne Tate, and Keith Pierce)

We are in a season of warfare. Remember, in this week of warfare we are giving thanks three times each day (morning, noon and night) so that Lord Sabaoth can release the Hosts of Heaven to war on our behalf. Allow praise to prepare your new pathway! The prophetic word that came forward on Sunday morning was:

"I have a new way for you to leap over that which has been in front of you, a new way for you to go over and into that next phase that I have called you into. I have a new way. I have a new horse for you to ride. It is not the horse of the flesh but the ruling white horse of My Spirit. Get ready to mount up, for I have an army that is not confused. I have an army that I am mobilizing. I have a team of warriors that will now win the war! I am releasing royal horses of war, royal horses that have been prepared for the day of battle. They are made of My invisible, invincible power which is holiness. If you will mount up on My royal war horses you will move with power and distinction. You will be audacious in the victories you will win as I blow My wind over you.

"Today is a day that I am opening the heavens in a new way to heal and prepare My people for war, that they may arise and come on the power of My horse that I sent. I have come this day to heal the adrenal glands in this body. I have come this day to balance out the chemicals inside the thyroid. I have come this day to remove the panic that has laid and embraced in the soul because I am releasing from an oppressing connection and I am tying it to My Spirit this hour. I am REMOVING STRESS that would weaken you as you go forth for Me in days ahead.

"Praise Me seven days to be released from the anxiety and stress that have held you captive! Seven days of praise this week - morning, noon and night. Seven days of praise! For I am shifting you and setting your boat upright. These next seven days I am going to give you revelation over blood flow and strokes. I am going to heal how you got bruised in last season. I am going to remove reproaches off of you that have been hanging on to you. I'm going to do a new thing in you.

"Submit and go the right way. Don't lean on your own understanding. Walk with Me through and I will stand, protect you and justify the route I have asked you to take."

Prophetic Song by John Dickson, LeAnn Squier, Michelle Hadley, Josh Black, Shara Collins, and James Vincent:

I'm mounting up now.
I'm ready to ride.
Beautiful, invisible, invincible, glorious, audacious,
What a beautiful horse in war.
How beautiful are these horses in battle.
How glorious the army of the Lord.
We are unquenchable, indestructible, full of the voice of God.
You are glorious, so beautiful.
Your splendor fills the place.
Magnificent in Your beauty
Magnificent in Your glory
Magnificent in Your holy place
Lord of Hosts,
You are victorious.
You are a conqueror.
You've taken me off the mountain.
You've shown me the land.
You've sent swift horses.
I said, "Here I am."
So make ready, make ready, it's time to war.
So make ready, make ready, it's time to roar.
Do you know Who your deliverer really is?
Do you know Who sits on the throne?
Do you know Who rolled that stone away?
Do you really know?
Do you know Who defeated death?
Do you know Who holds the stars in His hand?

Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion International Ministries

Dr. Charles D. "Chuck" Pierce has been used by God to intercede and mobilize prayer throughout the world. He is an ordained minister and serves as President of Glory of Zion International Ministries in Corinth, Texas. This ministry facilitates the vision of other apostolic ministries worldwide. Chuck is known for his accurate prophetic gifting which helps direct nations, cities, churches and individuals in understanding the times and seasons we live in. He also serves as President of Global Spheres, Inc., an apostolic ministry for apostolic, prophetic and intercessory leaders. Peter and Doris Wagner complete the leadership team of this new apostolic wineskin.

He has a degree in Business from Texas A&M, Master's work in Cognitive Systems from the University of North Texas, and a D. Min. from the Wagner Leadership Institute. He has co-authored eleven books and authored five books. Chuck, his wife Pam and six children live in Denton, Texas.

Chuck D. Pierce's Itinerary:

February 3-4, 2012
Center for Advancement Class: A New Administration: Understanding Gods Government Today
Global Spheres Center
Corinth, TX
Contact: 940-382-7231

February 10, 2012 (7pm)
Annual Prophetic Summit
Oasis Church
6927 Lefferson Road, Middletown, OH 45044
Contact: 513-424-7150

February 12, 2012
Global Spheres Center
Corinth, TX
Contact: 940-382-7231


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