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New 8-Pound Solar Generator is Here

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Mar 18, 2023

"Weird" 8-Pound Solar Device
Could Save Your Life in a
Dangerous Blackout

#1 Most Requested Item – Finally
Back In Stock, Inventory Limited

Tested by former Navy SEAL: See it in action!

Patriot Power Sidekick

>> Video: This mini solar generator powers
devices and weighs less than a housecat


Hello I'm Cade Courtley, former Navy SEAL, Platoon Commander, sniper and author of the SEAL Survival Guide.

The last two years has taught us that it's not IF you need a backup plan... it's WHEN.

A deadly pandemic, dangerous blackouts sweeping the nation, storms, wildfires, hurricanes, social unrest and crumbling power grids.

It's sad, but facts are facts.

Crisis mode has become the new normal.

And you see the need to protect yourself and your family.

So let me be clear:

One of the best ways to protect your safety and comfort is to guarantee you're always fully ready, even when the power goes out.

Nothing feels more vulnerable than that split second when you realize you're sitting in a dangerous blackout.

All your critical devices are now on borrowed time. All your critical communications, comfort and protection, suddenly called into question.

That's what happened after Hurricane Ida when thousands of families faced being without power... for WEEKS.

"You simply must have a backup power plan, no matter your situation or budget."

Well now you can!

Because for the FIRST TIME EVER you can get a breakthrough NEW solar device...

That harnesses the limitless and FREE energy of the sun, and that's safe to use inside because it's fume-free, silent and never needs gasoline to run.

But if you want one, you better hurry...

Because customers have been practically begging for this product to hit the market.

And now that these next batches of units are ready to ship from Utah, USA... these mini solar generators won't be around for long.

You're among the first to know about...

The NEW Patriot Power Sidekick
Finally... a Mini Solar Generator
that Never Needs Gas and that
Costs Less than an iPhone!

Patriot Power Sidekick

YES! There's an easy, no nonsense monthly payment plan with no interest!

Small and mighty, the Patriot Power Sidekick is your personal "portable power plant" that can power your phones, laptops, medical devices, radios and more!

You'll be able to run a toaster oven, a CPAP machine through the night, your TV, radios, GPS devices, lamps, small personal space heaters, fans, a mini fridge, electric blankets...

And you can use it right inside your home, because it's fume-free and SAFE.

You can't say that about a typical generator. Not by a long shot.

So you can have the ultimate peace of mind that you and your family will stay connected when disaster strikes.

You also get $243.90 of
FREE Gifts today!

  • Silent, Fume-FREE & Safe
  • Fast Recharge
  • Long-Lasting Battery
  • Recharge 2,000 Times!
  • Easy to Use
  • Completely Portable & Easy to Use!
  • Powers Your Favorite Devices
  • FREE Portable 40-Watt Solar Panel Included
  • and more!

That's why it's our privilege to introduce to you:

The Patriot Power Sidekick
Is An Essential Part of
Your Preparedness Plan!

Patriot Power Sidekick

"I really like how many things the Sidekick can run. I can charge my cell phone and iPad at the same time, run an electric razor, my radio, an electric blanket and so much more. It's so easy to take with you anywhere – very light!"

Craig W.
Police Officer

➡ YES! I Want to Protect
My Family Today With Life-Saving Solar Power!

More Raving Reviews
From Customers


Rita L. 5 Stars

This product is so versatile, and at only 8 lbs, my grandchildren can get it. We had many trees down from a storm. The guys kept having to refill their gas powered chainsaws. My husband came out with this "little" box and his electric chainsaw. They laughed and said a long electric cord would be too dangerous. My husband calmly hooked up his Sidekick and made short work at lopping off the branches and then walked through the path he made. It lasted longer than the gas 'polluting' machines. Very grateful you have made this available to buy at an affordable price.


Steve G. 5 Stars

Peace of mind for years. I purchased this product to provide power to run a box fan in the summer and lights in the winter. I can use this product every day for over four years as it can be recharged up to 2,000 times. It won't make noise that draws attention and can create comfort in a difficult situation. Best of all, it's portable.


Thomas B. 5 Stars

Saved my CPAP machine during the winter storms. I just survived the ice storm, the freeze and the power outage in Texas using my 4Patriots products. I was most happy about my Patriot Power Sidekick. It's quiet. It's clean. I was able to deploy the solar panels on the dashboard of my van, it charged up. And then that night I plugged in my CPAP machine and it ran it all night long. With enough to charge my phone in the morning.


Jana H. 5 Stars

Portable power was a blessing when the grid failed us. I didn't think I'd need this but I needed it shortly after receiving it. This past February was the worst freeze that we, in Texas, have seen in a long time. Our power grid failed big time. We were without power for a couple of days. This product was a blessing. We were able to have a light and a small portable TV. I highly recommend this product and the company that sells it.


Allan D. 5 Stars

Patriot Power Sidekick to the rescue. We brought our new Patriot Power Sidekick with us on our last camping trip and it was a blessing. Our primary use was to power an air pump to easily fill up our air mattress for a comfortable night's sleep. One night we had a pinhole leak in the air mattress, so we just kept the Sidekick inside the tent hooked up to the air pump and ran it for a few minutes about every 3 hours to keep it fully inflated. It's quiet and powerful, and we will have it with us on every camping trip!


Chris S. 5 Stars

Power out, no problem. Recently had a power outage due to some crazy storms. I use my phone for everything. Having the sidekick charged up and charging my nearly dead phone meant I was able to have my alarm and get to work on time. Thank you for this compact, lightweight and fume free portable charging/light station available for when I needed it the most!


Richard B. 5 Stars

Well worth it! This is one of the items that made me a loyal customer. I never was a big fan on solar-powered anything. At the same time I've been in enough situations to know any type of a generator is necessary when you live in a more rural setting. Especially when gas prices go through the roof. I purchased the Sidekick and as soon as it arrived I unpacked it and plugged it into a lamp and left it plugged in all evening. I was impressed how little it took from the battery! After 3 hours the Sidekick was still at 98% fully charged. I'm looking forward to having two Sidekicks!


Frank S. 5 Stars

We have been looking for quite a while for something like this. The deal with the solar panels included was something not to pass up! We both have sleep apnea and use c/bipap machines for sleep. The power went out recently and the sidekick worked great. As a test we ran the Sidekick on the humidifier and it ran about 7 hours! It's a small humidifier. That's not bad for that type of application. Cannot wait till camping season comes along! We highly recommend this product.

➡ YES! I Want to Protect My
Family Today With Life-Saving Solar Power!

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