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Katie Dunstan:
"First Nations Indigenous People: Arise and Resound!"

In these times, I believe the Lord is INCREASING and RELEASING His voice, with great authority, through His "first fruits" people groups of the land. He is raising up His sold out, set apart, Indigenous burning ones, and releasing HIS VOICE to set nations ablaze for Jesus.

Recently, the Lord took me up into an encounter, and I was looking down on my nation of Australia. By the Spirit of God, I knew that this encounter was for Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands and other Indigenous people to the lands.

His Glory Released Through the First Nations Indigenous People

I could see glory mist rising up from the land across the nation. As my spiritual eyes zoomed in closer to the land, in the midst of the glory, I could see people dancing, and I heard a glorious sound. It was the First Nations Indigenous people of the land, worshiping and dancing in their cultural way; the dust of the land spraying up as their feet hit the ground. The glory of the Lord was released into the land as they stomped in the dance. The glory spread and filled the land of the nation (see Habakkuk 2:14).

The First Nations people carry a glory that is unique to the land. This glory is about to be released into the nations, and I believe it is a powerful, ancient key to unlock the awakening of nations... (Read More)