Elijah list

Daily Word

Katie Barker:
"Receive Your Invitations From the Father"

The Father is wanting His people to take up intimate invitations in this hour. These invitations are released from His heart to yours and, if taken up, will bring a "refocus" on Him, a resurrection of hope, and a resurgence to persevere on the path before you, knowing He is faithful and your time of harvest is near. These invitations are whispers to your heart to walk intimately with Him and to enter a place of deeper trust and rest in Him, knowing He is making the path straight before you.

An Invitation to Meet with Him in the Stillness

I heard the Lord say, "A divine hush is falling over My people as they still themselves before Me. Those who walk closely with Me have heard Me call them away from the distractions of this hour to meet with Me in the stillness. In the stillness they focus their thoughts on Me and heavenly perspective comes to them. Though earthly circumstances may be swirling around them, they become centered on Me in the stillness and My peace fills them afresh.

"A holy hush is falling on My people at this time as they come into My presence and have deep encounters with Me. In the stillness, attempts of the enemy to bring distraction and derailments are being canceled as divine strategies and revelation are released to them on My plan for the hour... (Read More)