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Roma Waterman, Melbourne, VIC, Australia:
"It's Time to Eat Cake!"

Last year, as our HeartSong Prophetic Alliance school year was coming to a close, the Lord gave me the following word for our students. During the night, I felt the Lord ask me to release it now as a word for all of you. So here it is. I pray that it's a blessing to you. It's time to EAT CAKE!

The Rainbow Cake

I saw you being filled up with four different colors that represented the four seasons: your heart red, your voice blue, your work yellow, your world green.

As I saw these colors stacked together, one on top of the other, they all of a sudden looked like a multi-colored cake, and it made me think of cakes that can look the same on the outside. They can be covered in chocolate, but it's only when you cut into the cake and pull a slice out that you can see the brilliance, the creativity, and the time that was spent to make the four different layers in the beauty of the cake.

I heard the Lord say over you today, "You might look the same to people on the outside, but I have created, this year, a rainbow within you that needs to be digested and consumed by the people that are around you. So now, just as you have partaken, it is time for you to be laid out on the table."

I heard the Lord say, "But the way that you release this – it is going to require a cutting. It's going to have to require you to go deep... (Read More)