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Munday Martin:
"Judge Ginsburg Passes Away on Rosh Hashanah"

On September 11, just days ago, the Lord Jesus showed me the urgency to pray for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Many of you may have seen the urgent word God gave me on Facebook on 9/11 (posted below). Let's really be praying for her family right now.

God's Heart for Judge Ginsburg I Released on 9/11/2020 (Given a Week Before She Passed Away)

I had a thought as I spoke with my wife Jennifer Martin. What if Ginsburg has an encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ? What if she repents for her long pro-choice stance and what if she votes LIFE for the unborn before her last days on the bench? 

The moment I spoke those words out loud to my wife, the glory of the Lord came upon me so strong that I could barely talk. I was so elated in the love of Father God that it was as if the Lord was asking me: "WILL YOU PRAY THAT FOR HER?" 

It was as if His heart was broken for her to repent. If she didn't have time to vote life from the bench, then I hope at least she would vote in Heaven and repent for her stance on abortion.

Immediately, I got on my knees and my wife and I began to cry out to God for Judge Ginsburg to repent and for her salvation... (Read More)