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What did Jesus Say about just ONE Cup of Cold Water?

Steve Shultz
Mar 19, 2023

Steve Shultz: What did Jesus
Say about just ONE Cup of
Cold Water?

     Dear Elijah Streams friends and family!

     If you're anything like Derene and me (and I kind of think you are) – you've never seen a time in your life when there was such a great crisis on the earth...but...

     ...At the same time there's never been such GLORY breaking out from Heaven, almost everywhere you look, am I right? From the Asbury revival, to the Jesus Revolution movie, to the revivals breaking out close to your own community...GOD IS ON THE MOVE BIG TIME!

Barry Wunsch
Robin Bullock
Donna Rigney
Johnny Enlow
Amanda Grace

     We've just never seen anything like this. These are the DAYS OF ELIJAH and these are the days of GREATER GLORY beginning to fall on the earth!!

Kat Kerr Live with Steve Shultz
     The prophets we have on Elijah Streams have prophesied for more than 2 years that God was about to break out like we are now seeing. Kat Kerr has reminded us that we are coming into a time of GREAT CELEBRATION...such that God's word to us was actually to "CELEBRATE WITH THE EATING OF CAKE!" – for what God is doing on the earth now.

     And while we are in these amazing, good birth pangs of revival, with your help, we are also bringing the Glory of God to the far corners of the earth, such as Uganda, Nepal and in Ethiopia – with the drilling of a new fresh water well every 3 days, bringing new life and fresh SALVATION OF SOULS as a direct and immediate result of those water wells.

     You've seen when we've shown you the horrible, unsanitary conditions of the brown, dirty water where whole communities in some African countries receive their daily water "rations," only after walking miles, each way, to collect it. But now, with YOUR HELP, communities are receiving a whole new lease on life – and health to their bodies and souls because of these life-giving, freshly-drilled water wells.

Poverty stricken Ugandans walk for miles to collect filthy, dirty water to drink.

Because of your generosity, look at this beautiful, happy face because of just one of the nearly 100 fresh water wells YOU have already dug for them in Uganda! 

     I just want to say from the Lord, "Thank you! Thank you! And THANK YOU AGAIN AND AGAIN FOR MAKING THIS POSSIBLE for so many in such dire need!" God will never forget your generosity.

     And beyond that, you are "housing," protecting, and praying for so many of God's prophets, while you are providing generously for the LEAST OF THESE, MY CHILDREN.

     Jesus said that anyone...ANYONE...who gave so much as one cup of cold water to one of these little ones...would NOT LOSE THEIR REWARD (Matthew 10:42). And anyone who receives a prophet...because he or she is a prophet...will receive a prophet's reward! (Matthew 10:41)

     ...And you've done BOTH OF THOSE…giving much more than a cup of cold water to one of the least of these children, and you've given your love and support to God's prophets who you see on each broadcast of Elijah Streams... Because of that, you can honestly and SCRIPTURALLY, now fully expect to receive...even on this earth…enormous blessings from Heaven for your generous gifts!

     Now that spring is upon us, Derene and I wanted to bring you this report of the great work you have done and are doing for the Lord.

May We Ask You A Personal Favor?

     Today, would you please take a moment to sow into Elijah Streams for the month of March? You can give your gift by a check or by going online to donate. Thank you in advance for your generosity!! We can tell giving in 2023 is going to far supersede giving in years past, and that's fantastic, because we want to continue to sow, sow, and sow more into the Kingdom of God, especially to support this prophetic ministry and to GENEROUSLY bring life-giving solutions to some of the most impoverished places on earth! And some of the most needy places in the United States as well!

May God richly bless you!!! We truly love you!

Steve and Derene Shultz
525 2nd Ave SW, Suite 629
Albany, OR 97321

P.S. As a reminder, God has not forgotten his strong promises in Matthew 10:41-42 to reward you both NOW and in the LIFE TO COME for the financial help you have given to the LEAST OF THESE and also for your support of God's prophets. Believe it or not, both of these things are mentioned in that verse above...receiving a prophet in the name of a prophet – and – giving a cup of cold water to the least of these. Derene and I say thank you again and again and again!

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Berry Wunsch Live with Steve Shultz
Donna Rigney Live with Steve Shultz