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Receiving Mantles from the Courts of Heaven

The Elijah List
Mar 16, 2023

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NEW Books by
Robert Henderson

Impacting the Seven Mountains from
the Courts of Heaven
by Robert Henderson

   There is much talk in the apostolic and prophetic community about reformation and transformation, but sometimes, we don't have a clear vision of what it would actually look like for these spheres of influence to be modeled, shaped, and impacted by Believers who carry the Kingdom of God into their everyday places of assignment.

As the bestselling teacher and leading authority on the Courts of Heaven, Robert Henderson explores each of the seven mountains of influence—religion, arts and entertainment, media, business, government, family, and education—and gives a powerful vision of what each one could look like if it were transformed and served by the Kingdom of God.

However, in order to see principalities broken and ruling spiritual forces dismantled, we must do more than pray standard warfare prayers; we must enter the Courts of Heaven to contend for Kingdom influence and impact!

In Impacting the Seven Mountains from the Courts of Heaven, you will...

Receive a prophetic blueprint of each of the seven mountains in a reformed state.

Enter the Courts of Heaven to pray for the sphere of influence you have been called to reach and impact.

Identify the spiritual powers that are demonically influencing the different spheres of influence.

Impacting the Seven Mountains from the Courts of Heaven

Paperback Book



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Receiving Mantles from the
Courts of Heaven
by Robert Henderson

   Throughout history, God has anointed the unqualified, empowered the weak, and chosen the least likely to change the world. The individual's ability is not what makes them powerful; they are empowered by the assignment—the mantle—they receive from Heaven. When these anointed people die, their mantles are left behind, waiting to be taken up by other Christians.

Using Elijah and Elisha as prophetic examples, bestselling author Robert Henderson takes you a step further into the Courts of Heaven, revealing how spiritual mantles are reserved for the Body of Christ, waiting to be accessed, received, and stewarded for supernatural results.

Are you ready to access Heaven's supernatural resources to fulfill your destiny?

You will discover:

6 Secrets to receiving mantles from the Courts of Heaven.

How to recognize when mantles are being released from Heaven and how to access them.

Understand corporate mantles meant to be received by the entire Body of Christ because of the passing of key leaders or shifts in times and seasons.

Activate generational mantles that bring blessing to your family and future.

The power of impartation and how you can Biblically stir up anointings and spiritual gifts.

Receiving Mantles
from the
Courts of Heaven

Paperback Book



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About the Author:

Robert Henderson is a global apostolic leader who operates in revelation and impartation. His teaching empowers the Body of Christ to see the hidden truths of Scripture clearly and apply them for breakthrough results. Driven by a mandate to disciple nations through writing and speaking, Robert travels extensively around the globe, teaching on the apostolic, the Kingdom of God, the "Seven Mountains" and most notably, the Courts of Heaven. He has been married to his high school sweetheart, Mary, for over 34 years. They have six children and four grandchildren. Together they are enjoying life in beautiful Midlothian, TX.