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Jan 24, 2023

Dear Elijah List...



Don't really know what to say.

Last week's Kingdom Builders Live event was out. of. this. world.

And everyone who was there last week knows EXACTLY what I am talking about. You could taste it... feel it... breathe it... the fact that something not just important, but something momentous was happening.

And to give you a little taste of it?

I saved some of the comments that people typed into the chat bar last week... as evidence of the POWER that was buzzzzzing through this event:

Cathy S: GOD is FAITHFULLY using you mightily!!!!! Thank you and ever sooo grateful!!!

Denise F: Your perspective is so refreshing Coach Tam....straight from Heaven!

Rachelle L: My heart is so touched and relieved because answers really are available.

Bonnie S: Thank you Tamara. This was a blessing to see, as it has given me a better view of what I need to do to effectively use the tools that I already have for my products and services.

Dr. Mary M: I so loved Tamera's presentation. I love it.

Jamie D: Thank you Tamara!!! This has been a real treat to start the New Year!!????

Janett C: Wow this is POWERFUL!!! I needed this at least 5 years ago. Whew!

Over 3,000 people showed up LIVE.

And I suspect?

Those 3,000 souls who came to the event will not go gentle into the night.

But will go on to inspire and transform literally millions of lives after applying what they learned last week.

And launch... who knows what sorts of historic ministries.

But you might remember, I decided before the event that I would NOT be sending out a recording afterwards. Because I knew you would have to be there LIVE (thus why it was called Kingdom Builders "LIVE") to experience the bulk of the benefits.

And yet, yikes! I've gotten so many emails.

From people whose schedules conflicted with the event. And who wanted to come, but for some reason couldn't.

So this past weekend I'm sitting here...

Thinking that maybe I'll run an "encore" webinar... where I unpack the *same* potent material... one more time. So that anyone who missed Kingdom Builders Live 2023 can have a second shot at experiencing it...?

Then, I kept reading the emails and posts from those who attended KBL, and from those who missed it... And I realized.

The Masses Have Spoken!

I will run one final "ENCORE" day of Kingdom Builders Live 2023!

Kingdom Builders Live 2023 (1-Day "Encore")
This Friday, January 27 @ 12:00 PM Eastern Time
>> Click Here to Register FREE <<

As I explained on KBL last week, 2023 is the YEAR of FULFILLMENT... The fulfillment of God-given dreams, visions, and assignments. The year of increased fruitfulness for God's people who mix their faith with action.

So, if you're ready to lay hold of 2023 as your year to step out and succeed as an author, speaker, coach, or online entrepreneur -- then you need to be at this 1-Day "Encore" presentation of Kingdom Builders Live 2023. (You can click the link below to get all the details.)

Kingdom Builders Live 2023 (1-Day "Encore")
This Friday, January 27 @ 12:00 PM Eastern Time
>> Click Here to Register FREE <<

I hope to see you there!

Coach Tam

P.S. Here are a few more comments from last week's chat log...

JC: I'm all IN!!!! I've had a recent prophetic word and this is exactly what was told to me. This is so what I needed to get started. Amen!

Aurora L: Thank you for all the detailed information. Couldn't be more excited for 2023!

Toni G: lt's loads of important information you have for us. This has definitely captivated me. Thank you!

LT: Thank you both, I am inspired to do more.


Bridget M: Thanks Coach Tam and Zack!!! Blessings to everyone for a PHENOMENAL 2023!!!

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