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Move your money by January 31st?

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Jan 22, 2023

Dear Reader,

A new year has begun...

And my 2023 warning to you is: You may need to move your money by January 31st.

I believe it's the most important financial event of the year, though most will miss it.

And time is running out...

If you don't prepare now, the next decade in the markets could bring an ugly surprise to your retirement.

This is the most important warning I've made since April of 2008 when I predicted the financial crisis and recommended my readers short Lehman Brothers – exactly five months before it went bankrupt... for a near-perfect 82% return.

Fortunately, I share everything you need to know...

And a straightforward four-step plan for free, in this short video.

Watching the video costs you nothing... but could likely save your financial life.

Please, go here before January 31st.


Dan Ferris
Senior Analyst, Stansberry Research

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