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Sid Roth's It's Supernatural! TV - Surviving the Economic Crisis

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Oct 26, 2008

Is America set for an economic collapse, and if so, how long do we have? Sid Roth interviews Dr. Larry Bates, an internationally recognized speaker on political systems, the Federal Reserve, and how they affect the economy and your assets. Dr. Bates discusses the economic downturn and what caused it, the mortgage crisis, and how the Federal Reserve is devaluing your money. He also explains what you can do to protect your assets and safeguard yourself against a financial collapse.

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Sid Roth's, "It's Supernatural!" Television Show

Sid Roth, a Jewish Believer in Jesus as the Messiah, is the host of It's Supernatural! television program, which features guests who have had miraculous healings and supernatural encounters with God's power.

Sid Roth's desire is for all people to know Jesus. His God-ordained strategy is to go to the Jew first. He has found that highlighting the supernatural works of God is the best method available for reaching Jewish people with the Gospel. That is why he started It's Supernatural! television over a decade ago.

It's Supernatural! addresses subjects that most shy away from in this seeker-sensitive age. It emphasizes the supernatural viewpoint that the secular networks do not understand. And at the end of each program, Sid tells the viewers how they can have intimacy with God.

Additional It's Supernatural! Interviews:

Grace Williams is a musician, songwriter/producer and ordained psalmist who ministers under an open heaven. When she began to play her heavenly music in our studio, the room was flooded with God’s peace. Her angelic voice brings healing and comfort to the broken. It's Sid's favorite soaking music!

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Paul Cox can physically feel and sense beings in the spiritual realm. In the third segment of this interview, Paul is joined by Barbie Breathitt, a professional dream interpreter, and an angelic visitor shows up in the studio to release power and healing.

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Mindy Seta is a Messianic Jewish dancer who travels the world teaching Jewish dance. She has found that many people experience both emotional and physical healing through dance and worship.

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Rob DeLuca is a highly successful entrepreneur and the pastor of a large church impacting the nation of New Zealand through signs, wonders, and miracles. Rob shares insights on how you can prosper financially in these times of economic upheaval.

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Cindy Parton and her husband Bob have hosted weekly "soaking" meetings in their home for over 12 years. "Soaking" is the modern term for the ancient Jewish form of waiting before God and allowing Him to immerse, saturate, and drench us in His presence.

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Ryan Wyatt has a unique and inspiring prophetic teaching gift and a calling to train believers how to live in intimacy and union with the Lord, live in the supernatural realm of God and manifest the healing power of God in day-to-day life.

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Retha McPherson’s son visited heaven. He was sent back with a message from God. This interview won a Telly Award and an Angel Award!

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Sid Roth also hosts a nationally syndicated radio program called Messianic Vision. In this episode, he interviews Bill McKay, a producer and filmmaker who has spent most of his career investigating the miracles surrounding Israel's existence. In this special week of broadcasts, Bill shares some of the most dramatic of those miracles.

Listen to and watch archives of hundreds of Sid Roth's radio and TV interviews free at

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