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"2006--The Year of Hot and Cold"

by Danny Steyne
Jan 10, 2006

January 10, 2006


"2006--The Year of Hot and Cold"
-- Danny Steyne

Mountain of Worship






"(For the choir director. A Psalm of the sons of Korah, set to Alamoth. A Song.) God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore, we will not fear, though the earth should change, and though the mountains slip into the heart of the sea, though its waters roar and foam, though the mountains quake at its swelling pride. Selah.

"There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God, the holy dwelling places of the Most High. God is in the midst of her; she will not be moved. God will help her when morning dawns. The nations made an uproar; the kingdoms tottered. He raised His voice; the earth melted. The LORD of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our stronghold. Selah.

"Come, behold the works of the LORD, who has wrought desolations in the earth.  He makes wars to cease to the end of the earth; He breaks the bow and cuts the spear in two. He burns the chariots with fire. 'Cease striving and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.' The LORD of hosts is with us. The God of Jacob is our stronghold. Selah." --Psalms 46


The main thing the Lord indicated to me was that the year 2006 (and into the early part of 2007) will be a year of hot and cold. What I heard was that this is not a year of warm, or middle of the road.

In the early 90's, the Lord gave me a vision of a church building suspended in space and time. Above the building stood Jesus; the building was about as large as His foot. Pointed down over the center of the church, He held the sword with two hands. His face looked more like simple resolve than any other emotion. I knew He was simply waiting for the appropriate time.

At that time, He pushed the sword through the church, dividing it in two. Very quickly, I saw the horror inside the building as people were literally severed in two.

One half angled up and became known as the Bride, which was light and glorious because of the glory in her, which is faith.

The other half became known as the dark religious, because of the darkness and unbelief on it, and it fell into oblivion. The sense was that those in this part were able to convert and be translated to the Bride. At this point, God was declaring that He would no longer let the lost hide in the light!

I believe the Lord spoke to me that this was the year where this was going to happen, and there will be a pronounced difference between the light and the darkness. Those who continue to remain in the middle will be either greatly wounded or killed (spiritually and possibly physically).

The reason this would occur to those in the middle is because those in the light had declared very clearly to them to get out of the middle. I believe this is a Hebrews 6 passage taking place:

"For in the case of those who have once been enlightened and have tasted of the heavenly gift and have been made partakers of the Holy Spirit, and have tasted the good word of God and the powers of the age to come, and then have fallen away, it is impossible to renew them again to repentance, since they again crucify to themselves the Son of God and put Him to open shame." --Hebrews 6:4-6

"For it is time for judgment to begin with the family of God; and if it begins with us, what will the outcome be for those who do not obey the gospel of God?" --1 Peter 4:17

This will be a year where the hot and cold will become very evident and where our obedience will be brought to clarity.

On the other hand, this will be a year where the glory will be released to a greater degree than ever before. Faith will arise on the servants of God to such a degree that stories of the miraculous will become explosive. The release of that will occur worldwide--in the West too!

Types and shadows that have been released already, and some that will be released in the first part of 2006 will become blatantly evident in the next year and half. They foreshadow that which will be--both positive and negative. That which has been a type of death in the realm of the Church will become more publicly evident in the days to come. That which has been a shadow of life to come will be released to such a degree that some of the most notable miracles will occur without strain, without fasting, without years of pressing through.


This year is not the year of the breakthrough. This is the broken through year. Those who have endured being broken by the Lord will find they are through into heavenly realms. The humility on the lives of those who have been entrusted with the riches of His wounds will result in promotion in heavenly realms.

"Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you at the proper time." --1 Peter 5:6

It is time! There will be more and more evidence of heaven in gatherings of believers. There will be signs directly from heaven--not just gold, feathers, and oil, but also visitors and visitations in meetings. There will be other artifacts, stunning masterpieces, and works of art from heaven that will be made visible during these events, including colors, sounds, and phenomena that have not been experienced or recognized on the earth.

At times, it will appear that heaven is so open that there is a seemingly endless flow of His presence and power in the gatherings. No longer will it be the single aspiration of an Enoch who will walk with God, but rather, a generation who will walk with God in the heavens and release that glory on the earth.


"And when He had come into the temple, the chief priests and the elders of the people came to Him as He was teaching, and said, 'By what authority are You doing these things, and who gave You this authority?' And Jesus answered and said to them, 'I will ask you one thing too, which if you tell Me, I will also tell you by what authority I do these things. 'The baptism of John was from what source, from heaven or from men?' And they began reasoning among themselves, saying, 'If we say, "From heaven," He will say to us, "Then why did you not believe him?" But if we say, "From men," we fear the multitude; for they all hold John to be a prophet.' And answering Jesus, they said, 'We do not know.' He also said to them, 'Neither will I tell you by what authority I do these things.'" --Matthew 21:23-27

"And my message and my preaching were not in persuasive words of wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power, that your faith should not rest on the wisdom of men, but on the power of God." --1 Corinthians 2:4-5

The methods of men to keep men accountable have always fallen short. Men have always been able to hide sin from each other. The greatest accountability and covering is God Himself, and as we are walking in transparency before Him, we WILL also walk in relational transparency before our brothers and sisters, who will recognize the reflection of God's grace on our lives.

It's not about becoming a lone ranger. It's about being one of the sheep who hears His voice! Correction and encouragement will occur based upon relationship with those who are watching our lives, not out of caution, but out of belief.


This will not be a year of reformation. The Church has historically tried to reform  towards previous past patterns that seemed anointed and effective. Nor is this a year of renewal, which tends to lean towards bringing about something that once happened that was encouraging and helpful.

This will be a year of transformation and rebirth. A restoration of God's purpose for the Church is under way, already written in the hearts of God's people. There are many who have determined that the way it has been done isn't working, and there is a new thing God is doing.

". . . the period of restoration of all things about which God spoke by the mouth of His holy prophets from ancient time." --Acts 3:21

Jesus is only coming back for His Church. As a result, we must love, never speaking ill of her, or slander His Church. But it's critical to understand that the Church is not a building, movement, denomination, tradition, or way of men under religious preference. The Church consists of people transformed by His Holy Spirit who walk under His anointing and His power and reflect His glory to the darkness around them.


"The word which came to Jeremiah from the LORD, after King Zedekiah had made a covenant with all the people who were in Jerusalem to proclaim release to them: that each man should set free his male servant and each man his female servant, a Hebrew man or a Hebrew woman; so that no one should keep them, a Jew his brother, in bondage. And all the officials and all the people obeyed, who had entered into the covenant that each man should set free his male servant and each man his female servant, so that no one should keep them any longer in bondage; they obeyed, and set them free. But afterward they turned around and took back the male servants and the female servants, whom they had set free, and brought them into subjection for male servants and for female servants. . . " --Jeremiah 34:8-20

The release of the Church into destiny has always been God's intention. Her destiny will occur through those who understand who they belong to. The intention of God was never to call those who would corral the people of God. Rather, His intent was to call those who would equip the people of God to fulfill His purpose.


In October 2005, during a visitation with the Lord in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, the Lord indicated to me several cataclysmic events in the near future. He referred me to 1 Kings 19:11-13. So, He said,

"Go forth, and stand on the mountain before the LORD. And behold, the LORD was passing by! And a great and strong wind was rending the mountains and breaking in pieces the rocks before the LORD; but the LORD was not in the wind. And after the wind an earthquake, but the LORD was not in the earthquake. And after the earthquake a fire, but the LORD was not in the fire; and after the fire a sound of a gentle blowing. And it came about when Elijah heard it, that he wrapped his face in his mantle, and went out and stood in the entrance of the cave. And behold, a voice came to him and said, 'What are you doing here, Elijah?'" --1 Kings 19:11-13

The indicators are wind, earthquake, fire, and then a gentle blowing.  The events, which will be as dramatic as Katrina was in 2005, will be through:

Wind--like hurricanes & tornadoes.

Earthquake--I believe this will be from San Diego through the Pacific Northwest with a precursor warning of a 6.49 quake, followed by a 8.7 quake within days. There seemed to be some indication of a smaller quake in the New England states as well.

Fire--like meteors, electrical surges, and fire enhanced by dry conditions. I believe one location is Chicago.

And finally--the gentle blowing.

The Lord was not and is not in the wind, the earthquake, or the fire. That is important for believers to understand, or we will fall into judging. Jeremiah 29:11 says "'For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the LORD, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.'" The Lord is in the  gentle blowing which can also be translated as a peaceful sound of a proclaiming thunder.  The Lord is in the final move. It is the voice of God flowing through the lives of His people.

". . . you did not recognize the time of your visitation." --Luke 19:44

The purpose of God dealing with Elijah in this way was so that he would not miss his visitation.

The day of visitation is the day where the Lord releases His glory through His Church. Then, we become the resource of salvation to the earth because we carry the source, who is God, in our lives!

"Keep your behavior excellent among the Gentiles, so that in the thing in which they slander you as evildoers, they may on account of your good deeds, as they observe them, glorify God in the day of visitation." --1 Peter 2:12

Elijah's mantle was passed in double portion to Elisha. The Elisha generation is where we are now. It is a generation that has heard the reports of God's goodness and power and are willing to step under that mantle and accomplish the greater works of God.

After events occur, the voice will go forth in faith. The first ones in will be the believers who will carry the grace and mercy of God with the evidence of His power. Although the tragedy will be great, there will be many who will be saved, and many raised from the dead, out of these cataclysmic events.

Indication was given to me that places that now honored the ministry of the Holy Spirit's power will remain intact to become places of refuge during those events. Other places will, unfortunatly, be destroyed where there was a focus on keeping people happy, rather than making a resting place for God!

"Thus says the LORD, 'Heaven is My throne, and the earth is My footstool. Where then is a house you could build for Me? And where is a place that I may rest?'" --Isaiah 66:1


Over the past several decades, we have watched various trends and  movements emerge throughout the earth. In the early 1980's, there was a release of healing through many throughout the Church. In the late 1980's, there was a release of prophetic ministry. In 1994, there was a dramatic release in Toronto of renewal that has continued and evolved since that time.

Other releases occurred following that one, including the release of a glory movement and the enfolding of the renewal into the river movement. Each has had a dramatic part to play in the shape of where God has been leading His Church, but there is a greater movement that is emerging in the midst of each of these movements and is beginning to fulfill the cry of Jesus when He said, ". . . when the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?" --Luke 18:8

The release of faith will be the greatest of all the end-time movements on the earth; it's the one Jesus is looking for. Faith pleases God. It is in faith that God rests because His people are at rest in Him (Hebrews 11). It is the John 15 passage of abiding in Him and He in us, and the result is much fruit! 


In 1982, I had a dream about a giant that was asleep in a little white country church. The hand of the Lord came down, grabbed the shoulder of the giant, and woke him up from his slumber. The giant stood up, and as he did, the building was shredded to bits.

The Lord then spoke to me that there would be a day when the Church would stand, and there would be no structure (religious, organizational, denominational, or any other structure) that would be able to contain it.

We are headed into a reality of church life that goes far beyond what most of us have experienced. His presence will be made manifest, and His light will shine in the darkness. Arise, Church, arise! This is what you were born for (Isaiah 46:3-13)! 


By Danny Steyne
Mountain of Worship




Danny's Upcoming Itinerary:

January 16, 2006
It is Time!--The Fullness of Destiny!
Roseville House of Prayer
Roseville, CA

January 17-18, 2006
Marketplace Equipping
Recovering God--The restoration has begun!
Business Men's Fellowship
Co Co's Restaurant
Madison Ave and Sunrise Blvd
Sacramento, CA

January 19-21, 2006
mow regional conference--Let this Fire be Kindled!
The Greatest Awakening
Sacramento, CA



"Open Up the Earth"
by Jason Upton


2 Audio CDs & DVD




Christians often pray for an 'open heaven'. In connection with our ministry earlier this year in the US and in Holland, Jason sensed the Lord saying that the prayer that's needed today isn't "open up the heavens".......but rather, "open up the earth". (God has always been available to us; it is we who have not been open to Him.) All of us at Key of David felt strongly that significant portions of these "live" ministry times ought to be made available to the public.......and, in fact, that God had already given us the title: "Open Up the Earth". Little did any of us realize that in the ensuing months we would learn very personally what that title was all about.

We began enlisting help, traveling to Nashville and spending money in an effort to correct the obvious mistakes and begin the laborious mixing process. But as the weeks and months wore on there was a discontent amongst us with the results of that work. As we removed the mistakes and seemingly enhanced the recordings via mixing......the anointing seemed to be ebbing away. Eventually we concluded that we preferred the raw, off-the-board recordings much more so than the edited, mixed versions.

Then the Lord brought home the lesson. In the beginning when God first 'opened up the earth', it was raw: no trimmed trees, no dammed rivers, no tunnels and no levies. It was just creation in the had no hand in it......and it was beautiful! Without realizing it we had for months been working to 'close up the earth' when what God wanted was the raw, rough 'creation' that arose spontaneously during those ministry times.

Sometimes excellence results by correcting mistakes and doing what is needed to perfect the product. But that is not always the case! Striving for perfection......or making things relevant does not necessarily equate with excellence. At times what's needed is to just trust in what was done originally and allow it to stand. That is what we have now done.

As such, "Open Up the Earth" is now a collection of 2 track, off-the-board, mixed-on-site audio recordings. Then we've added a DVD (a first ever for Jason), which mirrors much of Disc 1 from Harrisburg, PA. Disc 2 is from Holland with certain other material added. We are not referring to this as a conventional "live" project. Rather, "Open Up the Earth" is a series of Holy Spirit-led messages and prayers, put to song, as caught on tape during these times of worship. We trust you will enjoy and be blessed by them.

CD 1 Tracks - Harrisburg

  1. Open up the Earth mp3 wma rm

  2. Till the Ground

  3. Samuel's Awakening

  4. In the Silence mp3 wma rm

  5. Apple of His Eye

  6. Secrets

CD 2 Tracks - Spontaneous 2005

  1. Follow

  2. Peace mp3 wma rm

  3. Healing

  4. A Better Way

  5. Stones mp3 wma rm

DVD Tracks

  1. Glory Come Down

  2. Open Up the Earth

  3. Till the Ground

  4. Samuel's Awakening

  5. In the Silence

  6. Apple of His Eye

  7. Into the Sky

  8. Secrets



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Pickling in God's Presence
by Todd Bentley








This CD, the latest in Todd Bentley's soaking series, is sure to take you into the glory and presence of God. Todd says he believes this is his best and most anointed CD project so far. In this recording you will hear Todd speaking powerful soaking prayers over inspiring instrumental sounds and sweet female vocals. Titles of some of the tracks include: 'Waiting on the Lord,' 'Intimacy, Fruitfulness & Anointing,' 'Drinking by Faith' and 'Marinating.' This CD is recorded for those who want to be saturated with the presence of the Holy Spirit and whose hearts long for deep intimacy with Jesus.

While recording this CD in Kelowna British Columbia, Todd experienced visions and visitations of the Supernatural Realms of Heaven.

Todd, his father Dave Bentley, as well as others present in the recording studio felt the tangible presence and anointing of the Lord in a new and exciting way. The tangible presence and anointing is transferable and is definitely captured on this very special recording.

Track Listing:

Drinking by Faith mp3 wma rm

The Esther Anointing mp3 wma rm

Waiting on the Lord

The Promise of His Presence

The Ark of His Presence

Praying in the Holy Ghost

Intimacy, Fruitfulness, & Anointing



"The Holy Spirit spoke to me a few years ago and said He was raising up a new, young champion named Todd. He would be a raw young man with fresh faith, anointing, power, fire and zeal -- the full-blown package. It's there; it's there." James Goll, Leading Prophetic Voice, Author of The Seer, Founder of Ministry to the Nations; "Todd is the real deal." - Dr. Che Ahn, Senior Pastor, Harvest Rock Church, Pasadena, CA., CEO of "The Call", author of Into the Fire  

"It has been my delight to serve on the board of Todd Bentley's ministry advisors. I've been able to watch this young man from the early days of his ministry. God has placed an awesome anointing upon Todd's life. I believe he is a forerunner of a new breed that God is now raising up - part of a breed of believers with great grace and anointing." - Bobby Conner, Founder of Demonstration of God's Power Ministries

"I love Todd Bentley's ministry and everything about it. Rarely have I seen such a gift of faith in operation almost all the time. His faith is so contagious. When you're under Todd's ministry, you feel like you can go anywhere and do anything. No problem or obstacle is too big. He's so inclusive. He wants everyone to go with him all the time. To me, that's how Jesus would be." - Stacey Campbell, cofounder of New Life Church, Praying the Bible International and Revival Now Ministries

"Todd Bentley is a prophetic sign post of how in this end time hour, God is supernaturally raising up men and women who will literally change the course of history. Todd is not only a sovereign vessel, but he lives in a sovereign time. The supernatural grace and the amazing acceleration that mark his life are not only available to him, but also to you - if only you will grab hold of all that God desires to give you! - Jill Austin, Founder, Master Potter Ministries, Author of Master Potter and Master Potter and the Mountain of Fire

"I've known Todd for a number of years and he is the most radical, faith-filled young man I've known in the whole wide world. He's just out there going for it. He's true blue to the Word, the Spirit of God and to the body of Christ. I'm excited about Todd and Fresh Fire and about their global outreach to mobilize the body of Christ. I encourage you to stand with this ministry and be partners in the harvest." - Patricia King, Extreme Prophetic Television, cofounder of the War Room and Christian Services Association;


Todd Bentley, his wife, Shonnah and their three children, Lauralee, Esther and Elijah reside in Abbotsford, BC, Canada. In his late teens, Todd had a dramatic encounter with the saving power of God. This experience brought Todd out of a lifestyle of drug and alcohol addiction without cravings or withdrawal symptoms. Todd's miraculous conversion to Jesus was much like the Apostle Paul's on the Damascus road.

The passion of Todd's life and ministry is to see others set free through the anointing of the Holy Spirit and to see them come to the reality of an intimate relationship with Jesus. He also desires to see Christ's body healed, equipped and rising up in the power of the Holy Spirit to fulfill the great commission. Todd ministers prophetically, corporately and personally. God has released an increase of the healing anointing into Todd's life to the point where the blind can see and the deaf can hear. Jesus still heals every sickness and every disease.



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"When Bruised Reeds Break"
by Danny Steyne







Chapter Listing

  1. The Process of Grace

  2. The Generation of Victory

  3. Restoration of a Life

  4. Restoration of a Heart

  5. Restoration of the Accused

  6. Get Back to the Jordan

  7. From Devastation to Restoration

  8. Epilogue to Leaders


"Danny Steyne's book, 'When Bruised Reeds Break,' is the best book for expressing the heart of God for broken people I have ever read...I was moved to tears as I read Danny's story...I highly recommend this book to every pastor, elder, deacon, and anyone else wondering about the heart of God and the issues pertaining to restoration." - From the Foreword by Randy Clark
"I write many endorsements, prefaces, and introductions and I do not recall many books to which I refer as a 'must-read.' But yours is one I would include in this short list of 'must reads'! ... I found a shallow and casual reading impossible...It is a story that, when read, touches all of us at some point of need, pain or fear." - From the Foreword by Jack Taylor "To say this book is timely is a gross understatement. I trust that Danny's experience and message will be a wake-up call for our generation to mobilize and become a healing and restoring community. This book is invaluable for all..." - Gary Oates, Author "Open My Eyes, Lord"

Danny Steyne
has functioned as a church planter, pastor, teacher, song writer, worship leader, and a conference speaker for the past twenty five years. He is currently establishing Mountain of Worship (, a ministry focused on explosive apostolic release of lifestyle worship and power ministry both regionally and beyond. He and Karen are parents to nine children and live in Columbia SC, USA. Their heart is to release ministry that is full of the power of God and demonstrated through authentic miraculous works of Jesus. They desire to reach the lost and bring a radical, revolutionary Christianity into the lives of those that they touch. They are involved in extensive ministry travel dedicated to bringing the lost to a place of worshipping Jesus and the found to a place of absolute adoration of the One known as King of Kings and Lord of Lords .... Jesus!



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