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Jul 5, 2009

AUGUST 15, 2009 (all day)
It is not a concert, it is not a conference, it’s a CRY.


Every generation, every city and every nation has moments. Moments where everything changed. Moments where movements were sparked and propelled. Moments that determined cultural shifts and the moral DNA of the masses. The summer of 69 – exactly 40 years ago this summer - was one of those moments. On August 15th, 1969, thousands of young people gathered in the spirit of sexual immorality and rebellion in a time that came to be known as the sexual revolution. It marked a generation and changed the history of nations. Biblically 40 years marks the close of a season. With this in mind, we believe God is on the move across North America and wanting to bring an end to a season of immorality, perversion and rebellion by ushering in something totally new. We believe He wants – and already is – ushering in a movement that will baptize a generation with the spirit of holiness and passion for JESUS.

And there is more....

In a short time now VANCOUVER-Canada, will have a convergence - a moment. A moment where the nations of the earth will gather in the spirit of Olympic pride, "To touch the soul of the nation and inspire the world..." and create "... experience with lasting legacies." (Mission of the 2010 Winter Olympics). The Olympics can be an amazing time of dreams fulfilled, patriotism and development. It can also be a tremendous opportunity for the Church of Jesus Christ to impact the nations with the Gospel as the masses come to this doorstep. Unfortunately, the Olympics can also be a magnet for the kingdom of darkness: corruption, perversion (sex trafficking) and organized crime...perhaps even violence. Which prevails is up to the praying Church. It is time to take up the call of Amos 5:12 and "Love what is good, hate what is evil, establish justice in the gates!"

With both of these things in mind: the summer of ‘69 and the coming of the 2010 Olympics - we are calling the Church in North America to arise. Will you come and join with thousands of Believers for a full day of prayer, fasting and worship in Vancouver believing God to turn the tide in our generation and release His presence with a fresh new wave of purity and power?
Could this be a moment that will spark a movement of passion for God that will mark a generation and chart its course? If the truth be told, we have seen too much not to believe. We have nothing to lose and nations to gain.


Ramping into TheCRY will be a series of Canadian Oil meetings where generals of this movement of reformation and revival will be imparting the word of the Lord for this key window of time. Speakers at these meetings will be: Stacey Campbell, Patricia King, Charlie Robinson, Lou Engle, Faytene Kryskow and others. As ones who carry grace to discern the times and know what to do their words will be seasoned with revelation, impartation and activation that are key for the hour we are entering into. If you can get there, get there. If you think you can’t, we are believing with you for God to make a way where there seems to be no way. Some things only come once in a life time. The 40 year anniversary of Woodstock is one of those things.

It is time to TURN THE UNGODLY TIDE OF REBELLION on our knees.


Lou Engle is the visionary and co-founder of TheCall solemn assemblies, a movement of prayer gathering young adults to pray and fast for breakthrough and revival. TheCall began in Washington, DC in 2000 gathering over 400,000 people to pray and fast for the United States. Since 2000, TheCall has gathered hundreds of thousands of people to pray both national and internationally. After a few years of dormancy, TheCall was revived on 07.07.07 with over 70,000 people gathering for TheCall Nashville.

Lou Engle’s heart passion is to call young adults into a lifestyle of radical prayer, fasting, and holiness. In 2004, Lou planted the first Justice House of Prayer in Washington, DC to contend with the injustice of abortion and to pray for righteous leaders to be raised up in America. Since then, JHOPs have emerged in San Francisco, Boston, New York, and San Diego.

Currently, Lou Engle resides in Kansas City, MO where TheCall finds its headquarters. He is also a senior leader at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City with Mike Bickle.

Lou and his wife, Therese, have been married for over 26 years and together they have five sons and two daughters.

For almost three decades, Stacey and her husband, Wesley, have given themselves in service to the Body of Christ in a variety of capacities, including church planting, pastoring (for over 20 years), prophetic ministry and preaching in many different denominations around the world. They have started an organization called Be A Hero, whose purpose is to promote the cause of children at risk and alleviate the suffering of the poor. They founded and convene the Canadian Prophetic Council, and partner with many ministries to see the Kingdom of God advanced on the earth.

Patricia King is a passionate, prophetic personality who is the host of Extreme Prophetic Television. She has had over 25 years of background as a Christian minister in conference speaking, prophetic service, church leadership, and television, and radio appearances. Patricia is an author of books, booklets, and manuals and has produced many informative resources through the medias of tapes, videos, CDs, and DVDs. The missionary arm of her ministry is actively working around the globe. In India and Cambodia, her team is providing rescue and shelter for young girls who have been trafficked in prostitution.

Her reputation in the Christian community is world-renowned. You will find her to be sincere, genuine, generous, honest, real, and "cutting edge."

Charlie Robinson is a Canadian revivalist who releases the glory of God wherever he goes. Charlie ministers in a unique prophetic anointing and always brings fresh testimonies of the miracle working power of God in the earth today. He is president of Revival Canada Christian Ministries and hosts Canadian Oil Conferences across Canada. His life is a testimony to the mighty working of the Holy Spirit in the life of a Believer.

Faytene Kryskow, is the leader of TheCRY (Canada’s version of TheCall).  She is a revivalist reformer that is leading a charge impacting government, shifting her nation through prayer and stirring up the spirit of revival and reformation.  Her first mass published book, Stand On Guard, is a national best seller that has been accepted to the Parliament of Canada, she and her team are regularly given opportunity to influence the legislative trends of the nation and she regularly appears on national/international television as a spokesperson for godly values.  She is a tangible example of one who is effectively laboring to see her nation brought to the feet of Jesus and is an example to young and old alike of one who lives relentlessly for Christ.  Faytene has pioneered several ministries, recorded worship CDs, written 3 books, produced several art & media pieces and travel extensively preaching with a demonstration of the power of the Spirit.

Schedule and Location

Canadian Oil Ramp Up Meetings
Glad Tidings
3456 Fraser Street
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Saturday, August 15th
Stanley Park (Lumberman’s Arch)
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Event Schedule:
Wednesday August 12th
7:00 PM Session 1

Thursday August 13th
2:00 PM Session 2
7:00 PM Session 3

Friday August 14th
2:00 PM Session 4
7:00 PM Launch TheCRY meeting with Lou Engle

Saturday August 15th
9:00AM – 7PM – TheCRY @ Stanley Park Lumberman’s Arch
7:00PM – Mass City Prayer Walk

Sunday, August 16th
2:00 PM Arts Outreach to the City, Location TBA
7:00 PM Evening Evangelistic Rally, Location TBA


These are free events and do not require registration.
Free will offerings will be taken.

Contact Info

Canadian Oil Conference (Lead Up – August 12-14th):

TheCry: 613-422-4279

Canadian Oil Lead Up Meetings:


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