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Rick Joyner: "TAKING THE LAND--We Are Establishing Our Eternal Place And Position Here On Earth"

by Rick Joyner
Nov 29, 2005


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November 29, 2005

Rick Joyner:
 "TAKING THE LAND--We Are Establishing Our Eternal Place And Position Here On Earth"

Morningstar Ministries



Immediately after Joshua's encounter with the Captain of the hosts, he had to face the seemingly impossible, impregnable stronghold of Jericho. Of course, the Lord could have flicked Jericho with His little finger, and it would have ceased to exist. But He did not want it to be that easy. Though the defeat of Jericho was going to require His intervention, the Lord was requiring His people to be vitally engaged in the fight for their promises. This is because of an important basic principle: anything that comes too fast or too easily is usually insignificant.

There are many things that the Lord wants to do for us. There are gifts He wants to give simply because He loves us and wants us to have them. This is not to try to devalue these special gifts or things that the Lord does for us. Indeed, the greatest gift of all, our salvation, was a free gift that in no way can be earned. However, it is a symptom of a basic misunderstanding about our purposes here when Christians claim that because something has come so easily and fast that it was God. This may be true, but except for the special gifts and things that He likes to do for us as noted above, this is often either evidence of our immaturity or the insignificance of what we are involved in.

As we have addressed before, the Lord could have bound the devil and established His kingdom immediately after His resurrection, as He already purchased the world and all that is in it. This entire age, the Church age, is for the purpose of training for reigning for those who will reign with Him in the ages to come. He purposely did not bind the devil because He does not want it to be easy. Easy in this age usually equates to less maturity, less importance, or even less of a calling.


This will be an affront and perhaps a slap in the face to the immature or the insecure, but it is time that we grow up and begin to eat the meat. When the Lord said ". . . Woe to those who nurse babes in those days" (Matthew 24:19), I think this could be interpreted as, "Woe to those who keep their people in immaturity in these days."

Regardless of our own concepts or even what we have been taught, we will not all be the same in Heaven. Scripture is clear that there are levels and positions in Heaven, and we are establishing our eternal place and position right here. One of the most destructive deceptions in the church is that once you are saved, there is nothing else to work for.

I realize that those with the hunger and devotion to the things of the Lord, who will even give themselves to reading material such as this, at least already have a sense of this truth. We will later establish it further in the Scriptures, but for now, we must understand that difficulties do not come upon us as punishment, but as an opportunity.

The more difficult trials aren't because of something we have done wrong, but because of what we are doing right. It was because of Paul the apostle's high calling that he suffered so much. It was understanding this that caused the other apostles to rejoice after they had been beaten by the authorities because they had been considered worthy to suffer shame for His name's sake.


Easy does not always equate with the favor of God. In fact, your trials are probably a far greater evidence of His favor, as we are told in Hebrews 12:5-13:

"My son, do not regard lightly the discipline of the Lord, nor faint when you are reproved by Him; for those whom the Lord loves He disciplines, and He scourges every son whom He receives. It is for discipline that you endure; God deals with you as with sons; for what son is there whom his father does not discipline? But if you are without discipline, of which all have become partakers, then you are illegitimate children and not sons. Furthermore, we had earthly fathers to discipline us, and we respected them; shall we not much rather be subject to the Father of spirits, and live? For they disciplined us for a short time as seemed best to them, but He disciplines us for our good, that we may share His holiness. All discipline for the moment seems not to be joyful, but sorrowful; yet to those who have been trained by it, afterwards it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness.
Therefore, strengthen the hands that are weak and the knees that are feeble, and make straight paths for your feet, so that the limb which is lame may not be put out of joint, but rather be healed."

For the Israelites, the process of just getting to the place of entering their land was long and difficult. A whole generation had passed away because they did not have the faith that was required for taking and living in the promises. Now a great change was coming upon the routine of their existence. In the wilderness, everything had been provided for them. Now they were going to have to fight for their own inheritance, and the obstacles that stood in their way simply looked impossible.

Just crossing the Jordan and then enduring the circumcision had been very hard. The Lord did not let them wait until the floods subsided to let them cross, but He led them across at the most difficult time, even when the river was overflowing all of its banks. Then, they immediately had to endure the circumcision and were humiliated and made weak in the very presence of their enemies, while looking up at the seemingly impregnable walls of the fortress.

We are coming to the times when passive Christianity and passive Christians will cease to exist. There is a maturity, a discipline, and a divine militancy coming upon the people of God. Those who have succumbed to humanistic and idealistic theologies may have a hard time with this, but we must understand that God is a military God. The title that He uses ten times more than any other in Scripture is "the Lord of hosts," or "Lord of armies." There is a martial aspect to His character that we must understand and embrace for the times and the job to which we are now coming.


The Captain of the hosts of the Lord who has come to take over is indeed a great Captain. The greatest commanders will always be found as having laid a strong foundation for their victories by giving their soldiers the best training and having them in the best shape. As it was said of the Shulamite maid, who was a metaphor for the bride of Christ, the Church, "Who is this that grows like the dawn, as beautiful as the full moon, as pure as the sun, as awesome as an army with banners?" (Song of Solomon 6:10). That is what the church is about to become.

The captain would always lead the people to victory, and he would begin his campaign by facing what seemed to be an impossible stronghold. They would learn the way of victory from the beginning. However, to do so, they would have to learn to follow orders--even orders that they did not understand. That is the faith and the trust in God that would be required for walking in the promises.

There is another great change in our mentality that will come. It is often said that the people will not come into unity without persecution. The unity that is coming will not be from persecution. Persecution is being attacked, but what is coming is a unifying to do the attacking--the church rising up to attack the great strongholds of our times that have exalted themselves against the knowledge of God. We will not continue to be on the defensive. This mentality is going to radically change in the very near future. There will be no more retreat before the enemies of the cross.

Let us also keep in mind that this is all spiritual and the weapons of our warfare are not carnal. The armies of Christ are not armed with guns and bombs, but our sword is the truth. Our resolve is to love. Our conquest of the land is in order to set the people free, not to destroy them or take anything from them. The kingdom is coming. The earth and all it contains is the Lord's, and He will take it back, but far more valuable than all of the treasure and land are the people. The people are His inheritance. The people are going to be His, and they are going to love Him for conquering them.

The strongholds that are exalting themselves against the knowledge of God have been set up throughout the territory of humanity. The great battles are for the minds and hearts of people. There are strongholds in science, such as evolution, which may now seem to have an impregnable grip on the minds of men, but they will come down. However, the Lord is not going to destroy science--He is going to conquer and possess it.


All true science will lead to the Creator. As Jon Amos Comenius once said, as sort of a paraphrase of Paul's statement in the first chapter of the Book of Romans, "Nature is God's second book." Everything in creation speaks of Him. As Elisabeth Barrett Browning said, "Earth's crammed with Heaven, and every common bush afire with God. But only he who sees, takes off his shoes--the rest sit round it and pluck blackberries." Only those who see take off their shoes. But soon, all will have their eyes opened, and they will all take off their shoes in His presence.

The Lord is not coming to destroy the world, but to save it. The kingdom is coming to save the earth from all of the consequences of the Fall, and not only give the earth a future, but one more glorious than we can now comprehend. Every evil stronghold that exalts itself against the knowledge of God will come down.

There is a war to fight, but it is a spiritual war. The kingdom is coming to destroy war, child abuse, wife abuse, animal abuse, environmental abuse, disease, famine, and even death itself. The kingdom is coming to restore the earth and make it the paradise that God intended for it to be.

There is no greater hope for the future than the gospel of the kingdom. This is the gospel that must be preached before the end of this age can come. We cannot allow the New Age movements and other cults to continue to hold the high ground of hope for the future when that is our special domain. Our message is not only one of hope for the future, but of the greatest hope of all. No other religion, no philosophy of utopia, has a message of hope as great as the gospel of the kingdom.


But what about the great tribulation? What about the great time of trouble such as the world has never seen before? These will come. We need to understand them, and we need to be prepared for them. I once had a prophetic experience in which the Lord showed me very simply how to be prepared for them.

In this experience, I suddenly found myself standing in front of a radar screen on a warship, and the Lord Himself was standing right next to me. There was a blip on the screen that was straight ahead and coming closer at a fast speed. In this experience, I ordered the ship to turn 90 degrees to the right to avoid the impending collision, but after we turned, the blip on the screen remained dead ahead and kept coming straight at us.

I then ordered the ship to turn to the left to avoid the collision, but with the same result--it kept coming straight at us. I braced myself for the collision, but nothing happened. When I asked the Lord what that was, He simply said, "That was the great tribulation, the great time of trouble. You can't avoid it, but if you stay close to Me, you won't even feel it." Then the experience was over.

The great tribulation, or time of trouble, is but a tiny blip on the radar screen of all that is coming. It is coming, and it is unavoidable. But if we stay close to the Lord, we do not need to fear it. As we are told in Daniel 11, even when the "abomination of desolation" (Daniel 11:31) is being set up, "the people who know their God will display strength and take action" (Daniel 11:32). When this happens, the people who know their God will not be passive; they will not be hiding. They will take action!


There are many strongholds or deceptions that have exalted themselves against the knowledge of God that are firmly planted in the church. These will be removed, as the Lord promised in Matthew 13:40-43:

"Therefore just as the tares are gathered up and burned with fire, so shall it be at the end of the age. The Son of Man will send forth His angels, and they will gather out of His kingdom all stumbling blocks, and those who commit lawlessness, and will cast them into the furnace of fire; in that place there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Then the righteous will shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father. He who has ears, let him hear."

Just as many issues had to be dealt with in Israel before they could cross over and begin to posses their land, the Church has some issues that must be dealt with before we can go any further. Some of these issues will pass with the generation before God's people can cross over.

The emerging generation, the one that will cross over, is almost universally examining and challenging the doctrines that led to many of the problems suffered by the previous generations, doctrines which in many ways sowed unbelief and kept them from entering the Promised Land. This examination must be done, but it must be done without disrespecting those who may not have been able to enter the land. At least they left Egypt and got the emerging generation to the place where they could cross over.

You can examine teachings and beliefs in a way that does not dishonor the fathers and mothers for all that they accomplished by learning from the many mistakes they made instead of ridiculing them. As we will study, just as the generation that crossed over made plenty of their own mistakes, pray that those who cross over will not become arrogant. Pride always leads to a fall, and the Lord gives His grace to the humble.

By Rick Joyner
Morningstar Ministries



Rick's Upcoming Itinerary:

January 4-6, 2006
Morris Cerullo World Evangelism
Anaheim, CA

January 19-22, 2006
Miracle Channel
Alberta Canada

February 23-24, 2006
Passion & Fire Worship Center
Annual Prophetic Conference
West Chester, OH


"Journal of the Unknown Prophet"

A Visitation of Jesus Christ
by Wendy Alec


"We are riveted, (and riveted might be an understatement) by the contents . . . "
- John & Lisa Bevere

" . . . few books have touched me like the 'Journal of the Unknown Prophet.' I highly recommend this book."
- John Paul Jackson

" . . . God has truly anointed Wendy as a prophet in these last days."
- Rodney Howard Browne

"This Journal was life to me . . . "
- Rick Joyner

For as we enter the twenty-first century, there is a cry that would ring out from Jesus Christ of Nazareth, as He who neither slumbers nor sleeps, walks even today through the streets of London, Rome, New York, Beirut, Los Angeles, Delhi, His cheeks wet with tears for a lost and fatherless generation neither cognizant of His presence nor caring. But still He walks . . . unseen . . . and still He weeps.  Oh, and how long has He sought you, beloved?  How many nights has He stood listening silently waiting in the shadows unseen by you?  And as you lift up your tear-stained face to Him, half blinded by the radiance from that most beautiful of countenances, He reaches out His hand to you and His touch lingers on your cheek as He brushes away the tears that flow.  And He smiles that most wondrous of smiles.  You? you mouth soundlessly.  And you hear His tender whisper:  I have sought you all your life.  Through all the pain, through the loneliness, I have sought you.  Each time your heart broke soundlessly with the agony of not belonging, I sought you.  Through each rejection, through each hour of despair, I sought you.  I was there, loving you.  Reaching out to you.  It was Me all along.  And as your eyelids gently close, as you are engulfed in His tender embrace and the tears fall, somewhere through the sands of time in the netherland betwixt sleeping and waking, you recognize that familiar presence and you too know that He was there.  It was He all along.


During a ten day period in November of 1999, Wendy Alec received a visitation from the Lord Jesus Christ.  He spoke of mercy, He warned of judgment... on the world's trading systems, on the media...Upon the church.  He wept.
In two later separate visitations, He spoke in anguish of the last days assignments against the elect.  He warned of the great blinding, of seduction, lust and Jezebel and the great falling away...
This is the extraordinary record of His discourse.
He Speaks of Mercy

That where you have counted to no man, beloved, you are exceeding more value than rubies to Him.  That where no man takes you up He comes with His mighty arm of mercy and compassion.  For the Master Himself would whisper to your heart.  Dearly beloved you are not forgotten.
He Speaks of the Media

It is to you, television network magnates, it is to you Hollywood - you shall give account of your empire.  For you broadcast lust, you broadcast violence and millions of souls perished...
Journey into Heaven

Jesus took my hand in His and together we stepped through the entrance.  Immediately my senses were engulfed with the myriad sounds and sensations of Heaven.  Jesus and I kept walking, still miles away from the pulsating brilliance of my Father's throne...
The Unleashing of the End-Time Seducing Spirits

And suddenly it was as though a heavy, heavenly veil was drawn back in the Spirit realm and I saw the satanic princes in their battledress standing in their chariots directing the great mass of hellish battalions...

Volume One - MERCY

  • The Desert Place
  • On Being Passed Over
  • To Those Who Have Been Wronged
  • To Those Experiencing Weariness
  • To Those Ensnared By Sin
  • To Those Leading Desperate Lives
  • To Those In Times of Grief
  • Run to Me
  • To The Abandoned Ones
  • To Those Suffering Depression
  • To Those Who Have Been Betrayed
  • My Healing Touch
  • To Those Who Have Been Misjudged
  • To Those Who Are My Friends
  • To Those Who Have Been Forsaken
  • To Those Bound In A Homosexual Lifestyle
  • For Those On The Point Of Giving Up


  • To The Evangelists -- A Peculiar Grace
  • To The Teachers -- A Quickening
  • To The Pastors -- The Spirit of Faith And Revelation
  • The Prophets -- A Terrible Company
  • The Apostles --The Rising
  • The Intercessors
  • To The Pastors, Elders and Home Cell Leaders -- The Great Joining And New Power For Evangelism
  • Stadium Evangelism


  • Prepare For A Time Of Suffering
  • Prerequisites To Healing, Miracles And Power In The End-Time Age
  • The Harvest
  • End-Time Nations:
    • China---The End-Time Dynasty Of The Son
    • The Arab Nations---Visitation Of Jesus
    • Israel---Introduction
    • Israel---My Beloved---The Father Speaks
    • To Germany
    • Israel---Betrayal By Her Allies

Volume Four - JUDGMENT

  • My Father's House---A Place Of Whoredoms
  • Judgment Against The Shepherds
  • The Present-Day Leaders
  • To Those With Crooked Tongues
  • The Word---An Idol In Men's Hearts
  • Judgment On Those Who Serve Mammon
  • The Spirit Of Treachery

Volume Five - BABYLON

  • Judgment Upon The Media
  • Judgment Upon Politicians
  • Judgment Upon The World's Trading Systems
  • Judgment Upon The False Secular Church
  • To The Politicians, Lawyers, Media Moguls, Business Executives And All Who Have Forgotten

Volume Six - THE FATHER

  • Beyond The Veil
  • The Son's Yearning For The Father Revealed
  • The Voice Of The Father
  • The Vision
  • Journey Into Heaven


  • The Unleashing Of The End-Time Seducing Spirits
  • The Falling Away
  • The Great Blinding
  • Pride And Self-Righteousness
  • Discouragement And Strong Delusion
  • Seduction, Lust And Jezebel


  • The Coming East Coast Revival
  • The Entrance Of The King
  • Scripture References
  • Notes

Wendy Alec's calling to the Body of Christ to work in the area of Creative Evangelism in the media, has been integral in the pioneering and establishing of Europe's first Christian Television Network - GOD TV.  Wendy had originally intended to keep her identity as the Unknown Prophet anonymous -  hence the lack of an authors name on the front cover.  She explains:  "I sensed during the writing of the journal that I dare not touch His glory; that these are not my words - this is not my work."  That her identity is revealed here is for reasons of accountability alone.




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Pickling in God's Presence
by Todd Bentley





This CD, the latest in Todd Bentley's soaking series, is sure to take you into the glory and presence of God. Todd says he believes this is his best and most anointed CD project so far. In this recording you will hear Todd speaking powerful soaking prayers over inspiring instrumental sounds and sweet female vocals. Titles of some of the tracks include: 'Waiting on the Lord,' 'Intimacy, Fruitfulness & Anointing,' 'Drinking by Faith' and 'Marinating.' This CD is recorded for those who want to be saturated with the presence of the Holy Spirit and whose hearts long for deep intimacy with Jesus.

While recording this CD in Kelowna British Columbia, Todd experienced visions and visitations of the Supernatural Realms of Heaven.

Todd, his father Dave Bentley, as well as others present in the recording studio felt the tangible presence and anointing of the Lord in a new and exciting way. The tangible presence and anointing is transferable and is definitely captured on this very special recording.

Track Listing:

Drinking by Faith mp3 wma rm

The Esther Anointing mp3 wma rm

Waiting on the Lord

The Promise of His Presence

The Ark of His Presence

Praying in the Holy Ghost

Intimacy, Fruitfulness, & Anointing




"The Holy Spirit spoke to me a few years ago and said He was raising up a new, young champion named Todd. He would be a raw young man with fresh faith, anointing, power, fire and zeal -- the full-blown package. It's there; it's there." James Goll, Leading Prophetic Voice, Author of The Seer, Founder of Ministry to the Nations; "Todd is the real deal." - Dr. Che Ahn, Senior Pastor, Harvest Rock Church, Pasadena, CA., CEO of "The Call", author of Into the Fire


"It has been my delight to serve on the board of Todd Bentley's ministry advisors. I've been able to watch this young man from the early days of his ministry. God has placed an awesome anointing upon Todd's life. I believe he is a forerunner of a new breed that God is now raising up - part of a breed of believers with great grace and anointing." - Bobby Conner, Founder of Demonstration of God's Power Ministries

"I love Todd Bentley's ministry and everything about it. Rarely have I seen such a gift of faith in operation almost all the time. His faith is so contagious. When you're under Todd's ministry, you feel like you can go anywhere and do anything. No problem or obstacle is too big. He's so inclusive. He wants everyone to go with him all the time. To me, that's how Jesus would be." - Stacey Campbell, cofounder of New Life Church, Praying the Bible International and Revival Now Ministries

"Todd Bentley is a prophetic sign post of how in this end time hour, God is supernaturally raising up men and women who will literally change the course of history. Todd is not only a sovereign vessel, but he lives in a sovereign time. The supernatural grace and the amazing acceleration that mark his life are not only available to him, but also to you - if only you will grab hold of all that God desires to give you! - Jill Austin, Founder, Master Potter Ministries, Author of Master Potter and Master Potter and the Mountain of Fire

"I've known Todd for a number of years and he is the most radical, faith-filled young man I've known in the whole wide world. He's just out there going for it. He's true blue to the Word, the Spirit of God and to the body of Christ. I'm excited about Todd and Fresh Fire and about their global outreach to mobilize the body of Christ. I encourage you to stand with this ministry and be partners in the harvest." - Patricia King, Extreme Prophetic Television, cofounder of the War Room and Christian Services Association;


Todd Bentley, his wife, Shonnah and their three children, Lauralee, Esther and Elijah reside in Abbotsford, BC, Canada. In his late teens, Todd had a dramatic encounter with the saving power of God. This experience brought Todd out of a lifestyle of drug and alcohol addiction without cravings or withdrawal symptoms. Todd's miraculous conversion to Jesus was much like the Apostle Paul's on the Damascus road.

The passion of Todd's life and ministry is to see others set free through the anointing of the Holy Spirit and to see them come to the reality of an intimate relationship with Jesus. He also desires to see Christ's body healed, equipped and rising up in the power of the Holy Spirit to fulfill the great commission. Todd ministers prophetically, corporately and personally. God has released an increase of the healing anointing into Todd's life to the point where the blind can see and the deaf can hear. Jesus still heals every sickness and every disease.


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"The Torch and the Sword"
by Rick Joyner






The Torch and the Sword continues the message that began in The Final Quest and continued in The Call. It is a call to live the greatest adventure for the most noble purpose. It is not for the faint of heart, but for those who desire to live as true knights of the cross, refusing to retreat before the great darkness of our times. It is for those who will stand with courage and resolution for truth, righteousness, and justice, as messengers of the age to come. These are the ones who Enoch prophesied would come with power in the last days, and who are now awakening to their destiny.


Need a quick delivery? UPS and FedEx now available! We can UPS (or FedEx) overnight, in most cases.
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