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The Amazing Miracles Of Israel

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Dec 2, 2019

American Friends of Magen David Adom

Dear Friend,

Miracles have been a part of Israel's DNA since the birth of a baby boy promised to Abraham and his 90-year-old wife Sarah over 3,500 years ago.

Over the years, the Land of Promise has been witness to countless miracles — seas were split, food came down from Heaven, water flowed from stones, giants fell, fire descended from the sky, iron axes floated, the sick recovered, and the dead were raised.

Miracles Still Happen In Israel!

Somewhere in Israel today or tomorrow, a dozen or more people are going to die — but they're not going to stay dead.

In a matter of moments, one or more of MAGEN DAVID ADOM's paramedics, EMTs or volunteer first responders will come alongside those people and use their determination, their training and state-of-art equipment to resuscitate them.

Every month approximately 500 people in Israel will receive this gift of life. They die and then they live again. Families receive back their fathers, their mothers, and their children to life.

MAGEN DAVID ADOM is Israel's Red Cross agency. It's 22,000 volunteer first responders mobilize a fleet of 1,700 ambulances, medicycles, helicopters, and other emergency vehicles to save every life possible. It is responsible for Israel's national blood supply and responds to all terrorist and mass casualty situations.


Every single day there are over 15,700 emergency calls for help in Israel. Those calls may include heart attacks, car accidents, stabbings, shootings, and worse... Each call must be answered and responded to within seconds. One missed call may mean one lost life.

There have NEVER been more emergency calls per week in Israel than there has been this year. The need has never been greater. Your help is needed right now.

Your generosity will provide Israel's first-responders with the medical supplies, trauma equipment, emergency blood reserves, and ambulances they must have to save lives.

When you give a gift of any amount to help save lives in Israel, we would like to send you our photo book ISRAEL: Land of Miracles. This stunning work shows you the actual sites where 20 of the Bible's best-known miracles took place.

These are sites where the impossible happened, where lives were saved, where destinies were changed. Each beautiful location is complete with the Scripture and a description of the miraculous events that transpired there.

This photo book is not only a beautiful reminder of where Biblical miracles took place, but modern-day miracles are still happening at many of these sites today.

Every gift counts. Every dollar matters. When you give your best gift to support MAGEN DAVID ADOM, you make everyday miracles possible.

You are literally giving the gift of life. Please donate right now.

American Friends of Magen David Adom

MAGEN DAVID ADOM, Israel's national Red Cross society, provides emergency medical care and ambulance services for victims of terror, natural disasters, automobile accidents, and other emergencies in Israel. It is also responsible for 97% of Israel's national blood supply. MAGEN DAVID ADOM is saving lives in Israel every day.

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