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The Divine Heart Solution

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Jun 5, 2019


I'm Dr. Earl Mindell, best-selling author of The Vitamin Bible and I wanted you to hear this before the rest of the country.
I know you are very busy, but if you have a heart condition or know anyone who does I want you to stop for a moment and read the entirety of this email.
And what I am about to discuss many will consider highly controversial.
One quick point, the human body was originally designed to thrive and heal without a single pharmaceutical. We are amazing and complex.
I am going to introduce what I consider a "divine heart solution" that has been right in front of our eyes for years.
One that has had the ability to protect you and your family from every known heart condition that is posing a life-ending threat.
Now, when I say divine, most people immediately think "miracle from God" and let's be honest, companies use that ploy daily to sell goods that are not worthy.
This is not my use of "divine". I say it because you are learning about a natural compound that we all already possess.
One that has been given to each and every one of us by our Creator.
Now, allow me to explain...
In 2018, one of the top cardiac hospitals in the world identified a natural hormone (that our body produces) that has the ability to repair and renew aged and damaged cardiac tissue.
It very literally can heal your heart and save your life.
This is not an isolated occurrence; this is now proven clinical science after millions were spent on clinical testing.
But here is the drawback, and there is always one.
The natural compound is called calcifediol and it is produced when your body processes and converts vitamin D3 (absorbed from the sun).
Here is the problem with that.
Our population no longer spends hours in the sun like our ancestors, we do not get nearly enough sunlight exposure to get the required D3.
And if you simply buy D3 in the store, it will not contain enough pure calcifediol to actually heal the human heart.
And finally, if you try to buy it synthetically (which you can online), it would cost you $460 per day and yes people pay that on a daily basis to get its effects.
However, this is where the "divine heart solution" comes in.
There is a single US based company who has worked with the same researching cardiac hospital to office a natural extraction of this all important "heart-building" hormone.
It is now able to be consumed sublingually, offering natural cardiac restoration.
>>> You can read all about it here.
The human body is amazing, and we truly have the tools necessary to heal inside and out, we simply need natural ways to access these tools.
But now, I ask you, do not go another day without healing your heart. It is the number one reason we die in the United States.
Now there is no excuse, you could have a healthier heart in the matter of days.
>>> Here is everything you need to know.
Dr. Mindell
P.S. God never intended our bodies to be full of chemicals, the earth was created with everything we need to thrive.
This is simply another great example of that.

90 day money back guarantee.

For a list of ingredients for this product, click here.

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