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Kim Clement: Pope Francis And A Word I Received

by Kim Clement
Apr 18, 2014

Pope Francis And A Word I Received
Pope Francis And A Word I Received
God's Warriors,

What an unusual and incredible season we are in!!!!! After our powerful prayer gatherings and the Prophetic Alert these past few weeks, on Monday I finally sat back, breathed a sigh of relief and thought, “Time to sit back and take a breath.” Within minutes I was in a state of an “ecstatic” perception, caught into a prophetic elevation, and during this moment I caught a glimpse of a variety of religious garments and oil being poured on them. Then I saw Pope Francis, a massive spiritual renewal, and a shaking in heaven and on earth. Over the next few hours and especially when I went to my Garden to pray the next morning, I realized how BIG this global event was going to be. A few days later I received a phone call confirming that what I had seen was already in the making. This Easter weekend, the prophetic utterance will be released when we gather together on Saturday.

On the very night/day of the blood moon, April 14/15, this all unfolded without us actually realizing it until later. Israel was affected by the blood moon in 1948-49 and in 1967-68, but this blood moon (April 15th) was the beginning of a global shaking that will affect the Roman Catholic Church.

There is MORE. Join me live this Saturday at THE DEN - 12 PM (Pacific time) only on

Hours after Pope Benedict shocked the world by unexpectedly resigning on February 11, 2013, a clear sign from the heavens struck the heart of the Vatican, a sign connected to a prophetic declaration uttered several years ago on the soil of Portland, Oregon on April 2, 2005. On
Codebreakers, we will investigate this prophecy and other prophetic utterances spoken years in advance, which are connected to the Catholic Church and this present Pope. What new and unusual manifestation has the Spirit planned for hundreds of millions around the world?

Do not miss.

Kim Clement
Saturday's broadcast (April 19th) will be LIVE online from 12:00PM PT/3:00PM ET/7:00PM GMT. You can join us at at the scheduled time. We will replay this event immediately following the LIVE broadcast.
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