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Kathie Walters
May 3, 2002

Note from Steve Shultz:

Kathie Walters has followed and written books about some of the most famous Revivals, especially in Celtic Countries. You can find many of her books on the ELIJAH LIST store at:

------------------------------ THE FAMOUS "HEBRIDES REVIVAL" ------------------------------

By Kathie Walters

During the Hebrides revival of 1948-52 God's power fell upon whole towns, not merely the church buildings. Seven men and two old women prayed and got hold of God in a remarkable way.

This in an account and an encouragement to pray and believe God for the same kind of movement WHERE YOU ARE.

[By the way, you are invited to COME WITH US -on our Scotland prayer tour - 19th June - 26th. We will visit the Hebrides Islands and spend time with people who were in this awesome revival - this is wonderful opportunity to partake of these wells.]

------------------------------------------------- THE "HEBRIDES REVIVAL" -- WE WILL SEE THIS AGAIN! -------------------------------------------------

"The Hebrides revival 1948-1952 - was a powerful move of God in response to the prayers of 7 men and two elderly ladies who refused to let go of God and who wouldn't take "NO" for an answer - They believed He was a covenant-keeping God and that if they kept their part, God would be true to His promise to "Heal their land."

The power of God moved from town to town and the presence of God fell upon whole communities [This is taken from Kathie's book, "Bright and Shining Revival"]

"The little band of prayer warriors made their way to the farmhouse to plead the promises of God. Just after midnight Duncan Campbell asked John, the local blacksmith, to pray. John rose to his feet with his cap in hand and prayed a prayer that will never be forgotten by those who were present."

"In the middle of his prayer he stopped and raised his right hand to heaven and continued, 'Oh God, you made a promise to pour water on the dry ground, and Lord, itís not happening.' He paused again and then continued, 'Lord, I donít know how the others here stand in your Presence; I donít know how these ministers stand, but Lord, if I know anything about my own heart, I stand before you as an empty vessel, thirsting for thee and for a manifestation of Thy power.' He halted again and after a moment of tense silence cried, 'Oh God, your honor is at stake; and I now challenge you to fulfill your covenant engagement and do what you promised to do.'

-------------------- THE PRAYER OF FAITH --------------------

"Here is a man praying the prayer of faith that heaven must answer. There are those in Arnol today who will verify the fact that while the brother prayed, the dishes on the dresser rattled as God turned loose His mighty power. Then wave after wave of divine power swept throughout the room. Simultaneously the Spirit of God swept through the village . People could not sleep and houses were lit all night. People walked the streets in great conviction; others knelt by their bedsides crying for pardon. As the men left the prayer meeting the preacher walked into a house for a glass of milk and found the lady of the house with seven others down upon their knees, crying out for God."

"Within 48 hours the drinking house, usually crowded with drinking men of the village, was closed. 14 young men who had been drinking there were gloriously converted. Those same men afterwards could be found three times a week with others down upon their knees before God, praying for their old associates and for the spread of revival. It was in this village that within 48 hours, many young people had surrendered their lives to Christ, and could also be found in the prayer meetings!"

"Among those converted the following night was a young boy of 16, named Donald. Donald became an outstanding prayer warrior and was asked often to pray in the meetings. One day Duncan Campbell found him in the barn with his Bible open. When interrupted he quietly said, 'Excuse me a little Mr. Campbell, Iím having an audience with the King.'"

------------------------------ THE POWER OF PRAYER - BERNERA ------------------------------

"Some of the most vivid outpouring came when Donald was asked to pray. In the police station one night in Barvas, he simply stood up, clasped his hands together and uttered one word - "Father." Everyone melted into tears as the presence of God filled the station. In Callenish, he prayed until the power of God laid hold of those who were dead in sins, transforming them into the living stones in the temple of God."

"One of the most outstanding anointings of prayer happened when Donald was in Bernera, a small island off the coast of Lewis. Duncan Campbell was assisting at a communion service; the atmosphere was heavy and the preaching difficult, so he sent to Barvas for some men to come and assist in prayer."

"They prayed, but the spiritual bondage persisted, so much so that half-way through the sermon, Duncan stopped preaching. Just then he noticed Donald, visibly moved under a deep burden for souls. He thought, 'This boy is in touch with God, and living nearer to the Savior than I am.' He said, 'Donald, will you lead us in prayer?' The young lad rose to his feet and made reference to the fourth chapter of Revelation which he had been reading that morning. 'Oh God, I seem to be gazing through an open door. I see the Lamb in the midst of the Throne, with the keys of death and hell at His girdle.' He began to sob, then lifting his eyes toward heaven, cried, 'Oh God, there is power, let it loose!' The Spirit of God swept into the building and the heavens were opened. The church resembled a battlefield. On one side many were prostrated over the seats weeping and sighing; on the other side some were affected by throwing their arms up in the air in a rigid posture for an hour. God had come!"

------------------------------------------------- STARTLING THINGS TAKING PLACE OUTSIDE THE CHURCH -------------------------------------------------

"Outside, startling things were taking place. The Spirit of God was sweeping over the homes and area surrounding the village, and many people came under the convicting power of the Spirit. Fishermen out in their boats; men behind their looms; men at the pit bank; a merchant out in his truck; school teachers examining their papers were gripped by the power of God and by 10 -0-clock the roads were streaming with people from every direction, making their way to the church."

"As the preacher came out of the church the Holy Spirit swept in among the people in the road like a wind. They gripped each other in fear. In agony of soul they trembled; many wept and some fell to the ground under great conviction of sin. Several men were found laying by the side of the road in such distress that they could not even speak - yet they had not been anywhere near the church!"

"So great was the supernatural moving of God that most of the homes did not escape the conviction of the Spirit, and the routine of business was stopped, that the islanders might seek the face of God like Nineveh of Bible Days. The town was changed, lives and homes transformed and even the fishing fleet, as it sailed out into the bay took with it a Precentor (musical director), to lead them in prayer and worship singing."

--------------------------- YOU CAN'T GET AWAY FROM GOD ---------------------------

"Duncan Campbell, in his biography by Andrew Woolsey, describes the revival as "A community saturated with God." He goes on, "The presence of God was a universal, inescapable fact: at home, in the church and by the roadside. Many who visited Lewis during this time became vividly conscious of the spiritual atmosphere before they reached the island."

"The scripture, 'Wither shall I go from your Spirit, or wither shall I flee from your Presence?' took on a very real meaning. One night a man went to the manse in great concern of his soul. He was brought into the study and the minister asked him, 'What happened to you, I have not seen you in any of the services?' 'No,' he replied, 'But, I canít get away from the spirit.'"

"Another man was frightened by what his sister reported of the revival. He actually prayed that God would keep Duncan Campbell away from his village; he did not want to be converted. But Duncan arrived in his village. The man kept well away from the meetings at first, but eventually gave in. In the service Duncan Campbell made a reference to Ďthose who had made vows to God while they were in danger at sea.í 'Thatís me (his boat had been torpedoed during the war), my sister must have told him about me. Iíll settle with her when I get out of the meeting.'

"But conviction seized him and increased as the day went on. Duncan Campbell visited him and prayed with him. That night the burden was unbearable and when Duncan asked the seekers to come to the vestry for prayer - he rushed to the room to give his life to God. He had difficulty in understanding the message of salvation, but eventually broke through. He saw at his feet the chains and locks of sin which had bound him. It was so real that he leaped up in ecstasy, thinking he was leaping straight to heaven. Later he met one of the elders by the roadside and a circle of light seemed to envelope them. Looking up he found himself looking into the face of the Savior. Not everyone had that same spectacular experience but it was not uncommon."

by: Kathie Walters Books/tapes/articles

From the book, "BRIGHT AND SHINING REVIVAL" By Kathie Walters - Available by calling THE ELIJAH LIST 1-866-881-0477

--------------------------------------------- for further details of the Scotland prayer/tour email Kathie at Or email Sharon at Or call: 1-800-300-9630

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