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The "Most Hated" Cancer Treatment in the USA Really Works?

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May 12, 2022

The "Most Hated" Natural Cancer
Treatment in America Really Works

In 1921, a British doctor discovered that members of a remote native tribe were almost totally cancer-free. But when members of this tribe move away from their native land and change their diet, they get cancer just like anyone else.

This discovery would eventually reveal the amazing truth of a little-known cancer-fighting food. It would also inspire numerous natural health pioneers to use this food to not only prevent cancer, but to treat cancer and heal it for hundreds, if not thousands, of people.

Along the way, the medical establishment vilified these health pioneers and deemed the treatment quackery. Here's the shocking story...

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Your future of healthier living awaits!

Yours in health,
John A. Richardson, Jr.

P.S. Here's what you'll find in this valuable Report...

In 1921, a British doctor discovered a remote tribe that was almost totally cancer-free. One key discovery was that their diet was high in vitamin B17.
The tribe was The Hunza People of the Himalayas who have lived to be 100-125 Years Old! Find out more why they live so long.
In 1950, vitamin B17 was "rediscovered" by Dr. Krebs, and subsequently he named it "Laetrile".
Dried Apricot Seeds contain some of the highest levels of Vitamin B17, made up into FOUR units (two of Glucose, one of Benzaldehyde and one of Cyanide).
Healthy Cells are protected because they normally have an abundance of 'Rhodanese'.
Cancer Cell molecules contain an abundance of an unlocking enzyme called Beta-Glucosidase. This enzyme unlocks both the cyanide molecule and the Benzaldehyde molecule which in turn poisons the cancer cells. Find out what this means for your health.
In the 1970s a California doctor, Dr. John A. Richardson, MD, began using vitamin B17 with his cancer patients. After much success, he was arrested for utilizing the this alternative treatment. Find out about this heroic doctor who cared so much about his patient's health that he would risk prison time.
In 1977, senior cancer researcher Dr. Kenematsu Sugiura found Laetrile (B17) to be highly effective against cancers of all types.
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(Click HERE to read the full Special Report)

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