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Something so big, so powerful is about to burst forth

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Feb 25, 2021

Can you feel the clash between kingdoms right now? Something so big, so powerful is about to burst forth. Can't you just feel it in the spiritual air?

In the natural, there is chaos growing thorny like wild weeds.

But in the Spirit...in the Kingdom of God... It is pregnant with revival.

Yesssss...It is time for a revival like we have never seen. And it is happening now!

Don't you want to shout?! Can you feel the call?

It is time for:

      Millions of women coming together online, in person on the east coast, and in-person on the west coast- all together hearing the Word of the Lord.

      Women from hundreds of countries becoming the fire of God all at once.

      Your wholeness and your purpose being unveiled in a move of God that catapults you into what you have prayed for, longed for.

It. Is. Happening. And there is time for you to be a part of this.

A movement of God is sweeping the US and world March 5th-7th through the
World Women's Wholeness Summit.

But you must register to be "in." You can participate in our online simulcast for free or come in person to our LIVE event in Raleigh, NC or Modesto, CA.

These powerful ministers will speak directly into your life:

      Real Talk Kim

      James Goll

      Patricia King

      Lana Vawser

      Ana Werner

      Johnny Enlow

      Doug Addison

      Ana Werner

      Pastor Chuck Parry

      Pastor Dawna DeSilva

      Stefanny Gretzinger

      Darlene Zschech

     And 80 more powerful-fire-and-Jesus-filled speakers!!

These speakers have DONATED THEIR TIME because they believe in you and they believe in what God is doing in you at this event! They have invested in you- all you need to do is register.

If you would like to come in person at a small cost, you can be with our live studio audience of only 100 women and spend time with Pastor Chuck Parry, Dr. Candice Smithyman, Dawna DeSilva, Rosalinda Rivera, and 20 other top-notch speakers.

We can't wait to see you there!

Register Here!

Register Here to Join Our Exclusive Studio Audience In Person!

This is what we have all long prayed for...Revival!

I can't wait to see you there,

Dr. Barbara Lowe
Minister, Psychologist, and Host of the World Women's Wholeness Summit

For More Information:

919-741-4959 | info@drbarbaralowe.com