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Gale Sheehan:
"How to Awaken the Strong Right Arm of the Lord"

The year 2020 was proven to be a time where the contour of spiritual territories was constantly changing. In the natural, this was depicted with the shifting of COVID-19 cases and directives. But now, as we've entered 2021, there is a great sense among prophetic Believers that it is time for war. However, it is not only a time for war, but a time for unprecedented victory as well!

Uprooting the Deep State

For many years there has been a "knowing" of the existence of a "Deep State" that is hostile to the God-given destiny of the United States. On every front there has been resistance from this hidden community toward implementing God-given goals. This "Deep State" has an anti-Christ agenda that operates in the realms of government, politics, media, and finance, etc. Large donors fund these ungodly causes, and many times with non-traceable money lines.

The year 2021 will be a time when the Lord will reverse the ungodly alliance and election of a false US government and establish a righteous one.

Now, however, in addition to this "Deep State," there is also an elusive, hidden influence referred to by some as the "Deeper State" that is coming into view across not only in the United States, but also across the nations of the earth. This "Deeper State" is masterminded by satan himself and attacks God's plans on every front... (Read More)