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Cindy Jacobs with James Goll and ACPE:
"THE STAND: Word from the APCE for 2021 & Beyond"

The Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders was convened 22 years ago under the leadership of C. Peter Wagner and steered by Cindy Jacobs of Generals International. For years, this council has met together to seek the face of God for a collective word of the Lord for the coming year(s), for the Body of Christ, the United States in particular, and the nations of the earth. This relationally-based council includes a wide diversity of prophetic giftings of mature prophets, seers, prophetic intercessors, men and women, diversity of ethnic backgrounds, the joining of the generations and several international delegates.

This word of the Lord for 2021 came out of our meeting in Dallas, TX in November of 2020. That was before the events we have recently begun to witness. This compilation of words that came out of that time together may not be for the year 2021, but may be for a season of time extending beyond the boundaries of our earthly calendar.

It is also possible that some were given for the purposes of intercession, so that we may pray to mitigate against the severity of them. We may even avert them as we pray. We are not to take any of these words as fate, but in humility, intercede so that they may be changed, subject to the response of God's people.

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