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Bernice Scheidler, Redmond, OR:
"When You Don't Have All the Answers - And Why It's OK!"

Dream of the Cookie-Cutter Men

In the evening of February 19th, I had been sitting in my prayer chair unable to go to sleep. I just sat there staring at an incomplete piece of art – a painting that I had been working on – deep in thought. My thoughts led me to these questions:

Why do people have to endure so much pain? Why do things seem so unfair sometimes? Why do things still go wrong, despite our best efforts to do everything right?

Somewhere in my deep wondering, I fell asleep, and in the early hours of the morning, on February 20th, I had a dream.

I dreamed I was sitting with the Lord and watching what He was doing. In front of Him were white sheets of paper with outlines of cookie-cutter men (cookies in the shape of gingerbread men). He had many sheets with outlines of cookie-cutter men in front of Him. I watched as He grabbed sheet after sheet and began to cut out the shape of each man; as He did, I was surprised that He wouldn't follow the lines. He just cut the men out however He wanted to. I watched as His hand moved the scissors high above the lines, and then sharply turned the scissors back down, cutting right through the lines and right into the shape of the men. It seemed like He was messing them up, ruining the whole picture.

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