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Nate Johnston:
"Pick Up Your Mantle! The Years of 'Arise and Build' Are Upon Us!"

I was in worship recently when I heard the Lord say, "The years of 'arise and build' are upon us!" Then I began to see all these different tools laid out in front of me – hundreds of them. There were many different variations of building tools, inspection tools, surveying tools, groundbreaking tools, and everything that could be used to begin to build and construct what God is leading us into.

Picking Up the Tools That Were Hidden

I suddenly felt that this is a moment where the Lord was calling us to pick up something that we haven't picked up before, or that we had dropped in a season long ago. I also felt, for many of us, that this is a season of having to lay down old tools and pick up the new tools that God has given us. Many people are being shifted into new roles. It is actually the Lord shifting us into different offices, different capacities, new anointings and new mantles.

I felt a strong sense that people are needing to pick up old things; that the enemy has snatched many tools from the hands of God's people in this season, where he has locked them up in padlocks and thrown away the keys; that there are enemy tactics to stop the releasing of these tools. I felt this was significant for those who have stepped into an upgrade in their anointing and mantle... (Read More)