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Veronika West, Ireland:
"The Joker, the Queen, and the King's Stolen Crown"

A note from Veronica West: This prophetic word, originally released in 2021, is once again coming to the forefront, and Holy Spirit is bringing it to our attention. Please keep in mind friends, there is no reward in being mere spectators of the Word, but we must be partakers. We must war with the Word. Dreams and visions are portals to divine possibilities. They are an invitation to partner with Heaven to see the Word fulfilled. WATCH AND PRAY! The pictures are from Fox News, June 12, 2024. Thank you Robin Johnson for sharing.

"Joker Biden's Balancing Act with the Queen of Hearts, Kamala Harris, and the Stolen Crown of the King!"

Yes, the title is a mouthful, but it encapsulates the essence of the dream. Bare with me!

So, last night (January 16, 2021), I was woken up by a sudden jolt, and my heart was racing. As I sat up in bed, fully awake, I began to cry out to the LORD to reveal His heart to me concerning the nations.

As I prayed fervently, I heard the Father whisper, "If you ask Me for bread will I give you a stone? Or if you ask Me for a fish, will I give you a snake?" (see Matthew 7:9–10). As I heard the Father's question, I immediately answered, "No Father!" and a peace filled my heart... (Read More)