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Alane Haynes:
"5783/2023: A Year of Convergence"

As I was seeking the Lord about 5783, He orchestrated a personal experience that brought revelation of what He will be bringing forth. I have found that God often has me experience firsthand what is about to come forth.

On August 28, 2022, God sovereignly moved in my family to orchestrate double water baptisms with the two oldest members of the family, and the two youngest members. They were in two different states, and none of them knew about the others' plans. Also, there were double sevens (the youngest was seven, and the oldest was in his seventies).

My finding out about it was also orchestrated divinely through a "happenstance" phone call with my nephew, where I mentioned that the youngest grandchildren had been baptized that day. Astonished, he said that his parents had also been baptized that same day! We only connect by phone a few times per year, at the most! I knew God was alerting me to the significance of His orchestration.

I was overwhelmed by the sovereignty and goodness of God as I tried to comprehend the magnitude and meaning of what He had done. As I sought Him, I heard, "I am converging for 'coalescing' to have My purposes established in the earth. I am bringing forth the destinies written in My Book to restore My purposes in the bloodlines of generations."

5783 is a year of converging for coalescence to bring forth God's purposes in the earth... (Read More)