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Dutch Sheets with Greg Hood:
"Arise! Release a Roar of Triumph and Victory!"

"From Sheep to Lions" – Prophetic Dream through Greg Hood

In a recent dream sent to me by my friend, Greg Hood, he and I were at a lake shaped like America, about to go fishing. An angel appeared and told us we could not fish just yet. He told us to travel to a certain place and partner on an important assignment with 2 leaders: a charismatic Baptist pastor and a Word of Faith teacher/prophet. (Greg is a prophet/apostle.) (Photo of Greg Hood)

In the dream, we traveled on Radah Airlines, out of Gate 12. When we arrived, one of the waiting leaders said to me, "This is serious. We have to hurry." We walked onto a field containing thousands of creatures that were lying down. They were unusual beings with bodies of sheep and the heads of lions! He informed us that they were a rare breed of sheep that were bred so that at a certain age, they would metamorphose into lions.

He said to me, "They have been stuck in this form since November, 2020. They should be lions by now. They are dying. We are going to lose them all if we can't get them through this process... (Read More)