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Christy Johnston:
"Whose Report Will You Believe?"

I have been so encouraged by the story of Jehoshaphat in the past couple of weeks, and I feel it is such a powerful story to stand on for those of us contending for the United States right now. What many perceive as nothing more than a political war, in reality, is a spiritual war for the soul of this nation.

I believe we are facing the demonic principality of Jezebel herself. She has set up alters upon the nation of America, and we must tear them down. Upon her alters are the sacrifice of the unborn, love of self, lawlessness, disunity, fear and the masking of God's prophets.

In recent months, we have witnessed how the spirit of lawlessness has increased, how censorship has become a god unto itself by censoring the voices of many prophets and those shining a light on darkness. We have witnessed the unrepentant celebration of murdering the child in the womb and the increase of disunity – even amongst the Church on social media. Fear has overtaken the hearts of many, and as a result, leaders are running like Elijah into caves for fear of what the masses might say, in the event they speak truth and call down the fire of the Lord upon this demonic principality.

This is a battle, my friends. Jehoshaphat chose to stand in the face of similar opposition, and his actions give us insight into this time of spiritual warfare... (Read More)