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Daily Word

Katie Barker:
"We're Awakening to a Whole New World"

We are awakening to a whole new world, a new era. This is the time to look and see the new horizons the Lord has set before us. It is a time to look to Him and His Word; to look at our hearts and see that which needs to be brought into alignment; to look with a Kingdom mindset and to look outward to the harvest field in which the Lord has placed us.

The Lord is calling us to look for His blueprint and strategy for our families, ministries, regions and nations in this new era. He is also releasing a new handbook to the Church. May we awaken to the Lord's strategy and embrace His preparation so that we may be found ready.

In a recent time of prayer I kept hearing, "A whole new world, new horizons and a new view." The world has changed in this time of reset and the Lord is changing our view and showing us the new horizons that are opening up to us in this new era. We are not to see things in the same way. As we see things in a new way, His way, we will walk in His way and much will unfold before us.

New Handbook for the New Era

In a vision I saw a handbook released out of Heaven to the Church for this time. The title of the handbook was "Handbook for the New Era." As the handbook was received by people, I saw the outer cover open up and inside was labeled "Original Handbook." The new handbook is a return to God's original design and purpose for His Church... (Read More)