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"Our Prayers Can Turn a Nation"

Word released on March 16, 2023:

I am very passionate about helping you grow in your understanding of prayer and about all of us, together, praying for America. Over the past couple of weeks, I've been teaching about spiritual authority and power. Here are some summary statements:

• Where rule or control of the earth is concerned, power has never been the issue. God's power is immeasurable and insurmountable. Authority, the right to rule, is the issue.

• Adam, whose name means "man" or "human," was given authority over the earth. Through sin, he/we lost this authority to satan. Jesus, the last Adam, recaptured it. ALL authority is now His, both in Heaven AND on Earth.

• Christ has delegated His authority on Earth to the Church, His Ekklesia. With this authority, we petition the Father and release the power of Holy Spirit into the earth to 1) enforce Christ's victory and 2) possess our inheritance in Christ. As we do so, the amount of power needed for breakthrough is sometimes released all at once. Other times, we must release it incrementally until a sufficient amount has been released. This is why we must persevere in prayer.

• We release the power of Holy Spirit through prayer, speaking God's Word, preaching or declaring truth, touching someone for the purpose of prayer, Spirit-led decrees and more – all in Christ's name or authority... (Read More)