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Lyn Packer, Christchurch, New Zealand:
"How God Is Refining & Redefining Prophetic Ministry"


This prophetic word was given in March of 2024 at the NZ Council of Prophets gathering and Behold Conference in Christchurch.

God is currently purifying His prophetic ministers, calling them to purity, maturity, and a renewed sense of the fear of the Lord in their ministry. He is also restating and clarifying what a prophet's role is.

Knowing Our Covenant

There is a fresh call for prophets to know the covenant they operate under so they don't operate from an old-covenant mentality, thereby giving words that become a toxic mixture that brings people into fear and confusion, rather than strengthening their faith, building them up, comforting them, and empowering them.

He is calling prophets to understand the love, grace, and mercy of the Trinity in a greater way, both mentally and by experience.

Dismantling Ego

God is dismantling the place of working from ego in prophets' lives and bringing them to a fresh place of working from surrendered sight, hearing, emotion, and speech. There will be an increased laying down of our perspectives in order to gain His. In the days ahead, we will see many prophets surprised as God exposes their own hearts to them and reveals just how much of their ministry has been driven by a misunderstanding of God's heart and ways, wrong theologies, a desire for acceptance, a platform with recognition and fame, and more..... (Read More)