Elijah list

Daily Word

Katie Barker:
"Trust in the Timing of God"

In this era of fulfilled prophetic promises, and this time of opening of new doors and paths, the Lord is cautioning His people to trust in His timing for the fulfillment of the promise and the opening of divine doors, and also to trust in the path He has prepared to the promise. There is a need to stay in step with the leading of His Spirit, and not make a way in your own strength, in order to reap the greater harvest He wishes to bring and to walk in advancement.

The Lord is looking for those who not only have faith He will bring the promise to pass, but those who trust in His timing. This is the hour of great change and advancement, and divine doors are about to open for many people! We are to stand in faith from a position of rest and allow Him to reveal the way.

I heard the Lord say, "Those who trust in Me, trust in My timing. Many people have faith to believe I will fulfill the promises I have spoken, but they are not in a place of trusting the path to the promise or trusting in My perfect timing. Those who truly trust Me are those who have faith to believe the promise and are surrendered to My timing, knowing My timing is perfect.

"Great change is at hand in the earth for individuals, ministries, regions and nations, and in this strategic time it is critical for My people to embrace My timing. As My people walk in step with My Spirit, they walk in My timing... (Read More)