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Lyn Packer:
"Receive Your Freedom from Unrighteous Judgments!"

Living Under a False, Assumed Identity

During a worship time at church recently, the Lord began to talk to me about people living under false, assumed identities and that He wanted to set them free from those.

He explained that these false identities and false judgments came into being through things that either other people had spoken over someone's life, or what they had personally spoken over their own life. These things have become embedded in hearts and minds and accepted as true statements concerning identity and value...things like "You're stupid," "You're illegitimate (extended meaning: Nothing about your life is legitimate in any way)," "You're useless," "You're lazy," "You're a liar," "You are a waste of time"...or, "I'm stupid," "I'm illegitimate," "I'm lazy," etc.

The Lord declared that He is wanting to set people free from the unrighteous, false judgments that have been made over their lives, and the false identities that they have accepted as a result of the unrighteous judgments. (He wants to do that for you too – today!)

Statements like these can shape how we view our identity. This is often a subliminal, subconscious thing and happens when people we trust or love, in particular, pronounce something over us – often over a period of time, or in a time of vulnerability – and we accept it as truth... (Read More)