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Dutch Sheets and Jane Hamon:
"The Angel Shouted: Hold the Line!"

Dutch Sheets writes: My friend, Jane Hamon, a seasoned prophet and leader in the Body of Christ, recently had a stirring and encouraging dream regarding America.

Watch and Pray! Riots and Cities on Fire

Jane Hamon says: "We are now in a very important time of spiritual engagement, prayer and contending over God's destiny and purpose for the United States and other nations in the earth. Romans 13:11 exhorts us to know the time, 'that now it is high time to awake out of sleep...' The Spirit of God is awakening watchmen and intercessors to watch and pray as never before.

"On February 2, 2021, I awakened from a dream in which I saw American cities seemingly being overrun by violent rioters in a dark night. Cities were on fire, massive destruction and anarchy was taking place. The rioters were lawless and demonized; in fact, their actions were totally inspired by the demons. A strong, demonic force thought they were in control. (I do not believe this was a reference to the riots that occurred last year in some American cities, but was instead a glimpse into the spirit realm regarding demonic activity currently at work.)

"In the dream, there was a force present which I recognized as riot police. I knew this was actually the Ekklesia who had been assigned to restore order and peace in the nation... (Read More)