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Daily Word

Sylvia Neusch:
"If You Want It, Here It Is! Come and Get It!"

The Invitation

Recently, in a time of prayer, I heard the Lord speak this phrase to me: "If you want it, here it is! Come and get it." I knew that this phrase was an invitation to step out of passivity and doubt and into a greater dimension of trust and obtaining our promises through faith. In order to explain the larger meaning of this phrase, I want to share an ancient story of two prophets and how their journey is speaking to us today.

Elisha's Persistent Pursuit

For several months now, the story of Elisha receiving Elijah's mantle in 2 Kings has been highlighted to me. I feel God has a current message for us in this exchange that took place between the two prophets, and the events that transpired afterwards.

We know that when Elisha and Elijah were traveling together, a company of prophets asked Elisha if he knew that the Lord was going to take Elijah away from him that day. Elisha's response (to me) was quite humorous: "Yes, I know, so be quiet" (see 2 Kings 2:3). Then, as if to test him, Elijah told Elisha to remain where he was while Elijah traveled to Jericho. Elisha's response again revealed an intensity, as he said: "...'As surely as the Lord lives and as you live, I will not leave you'..." (2 Kings 2:4).

This whole scenario happened again; this time Elijah was headed to the Jordan... (Read More)