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Tom Hamon:
"This Is Your Key to Breakthrough in 2022"

A Jahaziel Generation

I believe this is a season where God is calling the Ekklesia to follow Him in a spirit of breakthrough in order to advance the Kingdom of God in this hour. An unholy, antichrist agenda has been loosed in the earth at this time in an unprecedented way. However, I believe that if we are facing unprecedented times of battle, then we can believe for unprecedented breakthrough!

I am reminded of Jehoshaphat's battle in 2 Chronicles 20. He woke up surrounded by his enemies and immediately feared. But after fighting off this spirit of panic, he began to set himself and the people into position to seek the Lord through prayer and fasting. In other words, he knew how to employ his spiritual weapons. He made an eloquent appeal to Heaven and created an atmosphere of faith for God to move – and God did move! He moved on the heart of a young man name Jahaziel to prophesy the strategy for victory!

I believe Jahaziel is the picture of the emerging prophetic movement in a younger generation arising in the earth today. Jahaziel prophesied about the Lord fighting for His people; I believe that is what we are going to see in this season. The king, Jehoshaphat, made a bold decree in the midst of this crisis in chapter 20, verse 20: "...Believe in the LORD your God, and you shall be established; believe His prophets, and you shall prosper... (Read More)