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James W. Goll:
"Declare a 'No Competition Zone'!"

We're in the height of sports competition time, aren't we? In the United States we are getting all ramped up towards the Super Bowl. And then in the Basketball world, it's March Madness. Then somewhere along the way, it's the Master's Tournament, Hockey World Cup, the Soccer World Cup and don't forget Baseball.

But, unfortunately, the greatest competitive and comparison games are performed every Sunday around the globe in the Body of Christ. It's about who's got the hottest new worship team, the greatest new light show, or the largest social media following; who has the largest streaming of their sermon on YouTube, and now featured on Rumble...

Perhaps we need to declare a "No Competition Zone"! We really are for one another, right? At least the rest of the week we are.

Gifts Are Given for Something Good

There is only one Holy Spirit. He works in a multiplicity of ways. There are many different spiritual gifts, but there's only one Gift Giver. The Holy Spirit of God and the prophetic anointing manifest in diverse ways, but they derive from the same Spirit as Paul wrote to the Corinthians.

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