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Katie Barker:
"Moving From Burden to Breakthrough - Now"

I heard the Lord say, "Many are moving from burden to breakthrough now and in the months to come. Where there has been great heaviness and opposition, My faithful ones will find they now walk in a lightness they have not known before; obstacles will be removed and divine doors of opportunity will open to them.

From Burden to Breakthrough for Pioneers

"My pioneering ones, the ones forging the path and showing the way to My heart, truth and ways in this era, have been under intense opposition from the enemy. But they will find their paths will open up in the coming months, as the demonic assignment against them is canceled and My angelic host is sent to clear the path for them.

"My pioneering ones have continued to take steps of faith and obedience on My leading, even in the face of opposition, disappointment and difficulty. They will see great a reward and harvest from the steps they have taken. Their burden is shifting to breakthrough, and the path will open wide before them... (Read More)