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Wanda Alger, Winchester, VA:
"What Is Covenant Prayer?"


If we're going to take back our nation for the Lord, it will have to be one territory at a time. It will require regional strongholds to be pulled down and Kingdom practices to take hold if we are to truly "possess the land" that God has given.

But what kind of authority does it take to disarm regional principalities and powers? Can any Believer in Christ take down territorial spirits as a son or daughter of the Most High? Based on the current fruit, or lack thereof, it is apparent that territorial spirits and regional principalities do not easily bow to someone's personal claim of spiritual ranking, or even our collective rebukes and declarations. And though we have understood the need for repentance and having clean hands and a pure heart, we have yet to see the tangible results we long for on a larger scale. Even as we persevere in corporate intercession, I believe there is a key element that has been sorely lacking. And I believe it's our spiritual adversaries who reveal a missing link.

In a recent YouTube video that went viral, ex-satanist James Kawalya shared some of the strategies that occultists have used in taking down churches, pastors, and prayer groups over regions. His own story of redemption is shocking, but is an eye-opening account of the enemy's tools in shutting down the power of prayer... (Read More)