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Daily Word

Betty King:
"Step Into Your Breakthrough - Through the Fires of God's Glory"

Dear Saints,

I want to highlight something that the Lord revealed to me, which is key to be aware of during this month of September. Apostle Chuck Pierce brought a word to our church recently in which he spoke about the importance of knowing the timing for things, and the importance of unblocking the flow of God's promises in our lives by addressing the hidden issues that have somehow managed to remain.

In this message I want to share keys for unblocking the issues that have hindered breakthrough. Now is the time to come into your promises! Many of the Lord's people have made an effort to pray consistently and have been disciplined in seeking breakthrough, yet they still feel like they are stuck. I want you to know that this does not mean that breakthrough is not coming. Rather, it is a sign that it is time to learn the patterns of breakthrough and what it looks like from beginning to end.

Understanding Resistance and Breakthrough

It is vital to recognize that whenever new ground and new territory are being taken, there will be a time of resistance. This may manifest as a moment in time when it feels like your strength is gone, and as though your power has been sapped by some sort of "kryptonite." It is in this very moment that you need to push through and aggressively pursue God and look for the stirring of a fire inside your spirit... (Read More)