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Chuck D. Pierce:
"Understanding & Participating in Yom Kippur - the Great Day to Be Covered!"

Prophetic word released on September 15, 2021:

Dear Advancing Ones:

Last week, we began the season of 5782 with the "Blowing of the Trumpets." YOM T'RUAH – the FEAST OF TRUMPETS – begins the season each year. Ten days later, God ordained the day called YOM KIPPUR, the DAY OF ATONEMENT.

You might not be aware that Yom Kippur begins tonight (September 15) at sundown. Most of us reflect over past sins and things that would keep us from crossing over during Passover time, but the Lord chose this day to recognize His power of atonement for our sins. He came so you could be free. All of us need to understand the importance of this day.

We are not under the law of the Feasts. God's people operate in the fulfillment of these Feast times. We are a people that should move in forgiveness and release restoration throughout the entire year ahead. We should be a people filled with compassion.

Compassion leads us to miracles and healings. I think He chose this day since we are entering into a new year. He wants us to be totally free so that we can receive all of the blessings of the year ahead. Let's ask the Lord to set us in His perfect order as we enter into this year.

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