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Mantles, Measures and Mandates Conference with Dr. Mark Chironna and More! March 17th ? 19th -- Orlando, FL

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We are at a major turning point in the move and the flow of the Holy Spirit globally. From almost every corridor there are words that are resounding regarding alignments, assignments, shifts, measures, mantles, manifestations, and the like. Our greatest need is to be strategically prepared, postured, and positioned because PORTALS are opening. This is an hour when we are transitioning into all the doors being opened. This new decade will be marked by rapid, accelerated, even unprecedented change. Those who seek to thrive in the meeting place and the marketplace will have to gain mastery in change cycles and transition as knowledge increases and people go to and fro (Daniel 12:4). It is imperative that we become awake and aware of fertile untapped regions of the deposit of God in our deep spirit. It isn’t until a cocoon has served its purpose that a butterfly emerges. This is a season of the emergence of a company that has been hidden by God and is now coming out of hiding. They are interested far more in what they can do together than what they can do individually. Companies and tribes are forming for the purpose of possessing their inheritance in this generation.

Bishop Tudor Bismark, Bishop Michael Pitts, and Dr. Mark Chironna have walked together for a number of years in rich fellowship and collaboration in the move of God, within apostolic and under prophetic mandates. They sense what is emerging and have been given a mandate to release and affirm fresh mantles, measures, and mandates for the marketplace and the meeting place. It is time for a generation of practitioners to possess the land and take the Kingdom by force. Mantles, Measures, and Mandates will be a powerful time of transformation initiated by preaching, teaching, mentoring, coaching, AND prophetic round-table dialogue. At the end of the three day event there will be anointing and the laying on of hands for impartation for all who come. Come to Orlando and be a part of this historic event. Register now for the day sessions so that you can drink deeply of the exchange in prophetic dialogue between these three servants of the Lord. This event will immerse you in a fresh atmosphere of awareness and opportunity, and you will experience a level of grace to release untapped and dormant resources within your measure and sphere that have yet to be manifested. A season has ended and the Body of Christ has been in a transition. Now a new chapter is beginning, and it's time to explore the world of the Spirit in a whole new way and dimension. Read the details below for registration. See you in Orlando!

Dr. Mark Chironna is the Senior Pastor of The Master’s Touch International Church in Orlando. He has spent much of his life on a journey of discovery in developing strategies and models for bringing a greater level of healing, empowerment and transformation to the lives of those he touches. His approach is powerful, motivational, intuitive, practical and humorous and the results are profound.
Bishop Tudor Bismark travels extensively functioning in the role of an Apostle, and is sounding a clear voice in this season that it is time for God's people to establish His kingdom in the earth. His teachings are changing the way that ministry is being done in the 21st century, and his wisdom concerning global trends is transforming the minds and hearts of countless pastors and leaders around the world.
Bishop Michael Pitts is an International Apostle based in Toledo, Ohio. He is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Cornerstone Church also located in Toledo. In addition, he is the Overseer of Cornerstone Global Network, Inc. with churches located across the United States and Mexico.

His apostolic ministry is most noted for order, government, revelation, spirit of excellence, breakthrough anointing, and praise and worship. His message is resulting in the rise of a new generation of gate possessors and Kingdom builders impacting every area of society, by demonstrating the power, excellence, and relevance of the Church to usher in the great end-time global harvest.
Worship with Higher Ground


Wednesday, March 17th: 7:00 pm

Thursday, March 18th: Day Session 10:00 am to 1:00 pm -- Evening Session 7:00 pm

Friday, March 19th: Day Session 10:00 am to 1:00 pm -- Evening Session 7:00 pm

*A registration fee of $39.00 grants you access to all day sessions. (includes a copy of Dr. Chironna’s new book Live Your Dream)

Evening Sessions Open to Public

The Master’s Touch International Church
555 Markham Woods Rd.
Longwood, FL 32779
321-304-4111 Phone
407-386-8116 Fax


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